Yesterdays little ceremony was a little too cutesy for me. Talk about “grin and bear it !”

Fill in the caption you think best applies.

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 26:    U.S. President George W. Bush (C) poses with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore (L) and Dr. Eric Maskin as Bush meets with recipients of the 2007 Nobel Awards in the Oval Office at the White House November 26, 2007 in Washington, DC. Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and Maskin in Economics. From Getty Images.

Bush looks guilty as hell.

Doesnt Gore look like he just got a whiff of some emissions ?


I just got done watching Fox air a segment advertising the special that VH1 is doing recently on hollywood celebrities and their addictions.

And I’m so fucking tired of these woosey ass goody two shoe wimps who fucking ran their Bently into a palm tree on Wilshire Blvd. and then start crying to the world ” I’m an addict ” as if its glamorous or some  shit like that.

So what does FOX do ? They bring in this idiot Bimbo Mary Carey to act as a spokesperson for the special because she was addicted to Xanax once.

Online Videos From ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Depict Stars Using Drugs

Monday, November 26, 2007


 Jessica Sierra’s mug shot ( I’m sorry, but she only looks like she just woke up)

Videos of celebrity has-beens using illegal drugs or simulating drug use are circulating on the Internet in clips apparently taken from a forthcoming VH1 show about fallen stars in rehab.In one segment, “Taxi” actor Jeff Conaway simulates snorting cocaine. Another shows a man “free-basing” cocaine — or pretending to.“By the way, this is pablum,” Conaway says as he inhales. “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.”Click here to see the free-basing video.Click here to see the Conaway video.“Celebrity Rehab,” scheduled to premiere Jan. 10, will track celebrities gone bad as they go through treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Among the nine former stars expected to be featured are “American Idol” finalist Jessica Sierra, porn star and onetime California governor hopeful Mary Carey,( had a little run in with some Xanax once) actor Daniel Baldwin, actress Brigitte Nielsen and former pro wrestler Chyna, according to The New York Post. ( How bad could it of gotten ? they still have bookoo bucks and made it to the studio)

A spokeswoman from VH1 refused to confirm the names of the participants, other than Sierra, the Post reported.

Dr. Drew Pinsky will host the show; filming is under way in Pasadena, Calif.

Sierra, a 2005 “Idol” finalist, was arrested in April for striking someone in a Tampa, Fla., bar with a glass. She pleaded no contest last week to battery and drug charges for cocaine possession at the time of the incident, and was sentenced to 12 months probation.

( I’ve done worse shit being sober, she need a few weeks in jail, not rehab. She had a problem, not an addiction)

So did this dipshit. Theres a big difference between a problem and an addiction. Some of these idiots just cant handle.

 How many of these poor beaten up , sleeping in the gutter, stealing there moms jewelry, puking up blood till they die and wandering around broke and lost for years so called addicts have done this ?

Or ended up looking like this ?

When you use to look like this.

Or gone from this,

To this ?

Or this !

(Even Pelosi had her problems)

These are the faces of REAL ADDICTION !

Not this word “addiction” that hollywood uses to get attention when their careers are taking a dive.

Its getting to a point where addiction cant be taken seriously if everytime you stub your toe on the curb at Rodeo drive you go in for treatment.

I’m all for intervention and  I’m not saying these folks don’t have problems. But there are folks out there that REALLY need help and dont have a dime to their name and have been addicted and trapped in bodies they hate for decades.

And these primadonna little asswipes with all the money in the world are pushing their careers pretending to have what is a serious problem.

I did it all for at least twenty years and know all too well this is not a dance in the park or some short stint in life.

The last squirrel that fucked with me

Now I guess he’ll need a slew of entitlement programs to get back on his feet.

Some welfare, rehab, foodstamps, permanent disability benefits.

He’ll probably find out that he screwed some rat last night and we will have to pay for the little fuckers that are on their way as well.


And here’s the one just before that ! Thats me on the left and my good friend Keywork on the right.


Someone sell these guys some carbon credit’s

The poster child for the looney left

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Why they think or think that they think they look better

Osama ! Time Out ! Go To Your Room !

Lets make one thing clear from the start. This post will more than likely end up just being a rant. I do alot of debating with moonbats. And have thought at numerous times I’ve heard it all when it comes to asinine remarks and flat out stupid statements. But once again, just when you thought you’ve heard it all.  I’ve had this post on hold for a few days, debating if I should put it out there or not for fear of looking more goofy than I have been at some times. I run into the guy who is the subject of this blog on a daily basis and have decided at this point so far that what you’re about to read is going to be some the most incredible moonbat shit you have ever heard. You’re about to hear some of the best advice you’ll get from what I think is the poster child of the year for the loony left.

I eagerly engage in debates with moonbats. Actually to be more descriptive, I rip them new assholes. Half the time I don’t even care about debating an issue with them or finding a solution as much as I care about making them look stupid. Because it almost always gets to a point where they just cant process common thought. They will at one point always start to argue the sentiment and not the facts. And any hope of constructive debate gets unhinged from the top of the cave and lands in that pile of  guano. So I just end up slapping them around until they go away. The only purpose of course is to humiliate and  irritate them into a frenzy. I know it sounds cruel, but hey, its fun and PETA cant say shit.  And it lets them know that they’re being hunted and their crap wont go unchallenged. The purpose of this vindictive hunt is to make their pink and squeeky little assholes twitch with fear when they see my name on a thread.

I usually keep my rounds and spats with these assclowns ( see here)> to myself because quite frankly I’m not too proud of the level and means I sink to sometimes when nailing these idiots, but this one I have to share with everyone. For the whole thread go to this link. But please, hold off until you read the rest of the post.

 You may say to yourself that these miscreants are so stupid that they are not a  threat or worth the effort. Unfortunately there is reason to be concerned. The concern is that these assholes actually have abundant opportunity and enough time on their hands to drop their twisted logic on younger and more impressionable minds. I have nightmares of these idiots sitting down with some 16 or 17 year old and actually convincing them that their ideas and perceptions are  rational and honorable. I am not looking forward to the first time my sons public school starts to try and shove some liberal propaganda down his throat. Lets put it this way, at least the prison guards are all my friends. And they will make my stay as comfortable as possible.

Anyway. Just when you think you’ve heard some of the dumbest apologistic shit you’ve ever heard in your life, an idiot statement like the one below pops up.

This assholes name is Jersey McJones.

Mr McJones wrote;

“Please listen. Terrorism works in two ways, when it works at all. It frightens the hell out of people and it makes them mad as hell. Either one of those products contains a good dose of hell. You should neither be frightened of terrorists nor enraged at them. You should calmly and with calculation figure out a way to keep them from angering and frightening you. Sometimes parents have to deal with unruly children. Good parents do not beat the tar out of their kids. They figure out a more subtle way to get them to behave. Don’t fear terrorism, just find a way to stop it without making more of it.”


I have been mind fucking this dude for months now. Half the time I don’t even bother to engage him in substantial debate, especially since he once claimed he had screwed more women than I have. This wouldn’t be so bad in normal conversation between two guys at a bar who might know each other. But I’ve never met the guy or given him a number as to how many times I’ve gotten lucky. He just happens to know a lot of things that only God or I could know. The radical left is becoming very popular at doing this kind of thing. You know what I mean ?,  its the ole “it is because I say so ” thing. Or whats similar that we all have heard also is Al gore saying there is no debate on gerbil warming. Or they try to pass their concepts off as so intelligently conceived and brainstormed that no mortal mind could possibly understand or comprehend it. And as always a good dose of snide condescending remarks will usually come along with their warped epiphanies.

I thought I would share with the readers a good example if not a prime example of the lunacy and danger our countries more impressionable youth faces.

Would an unruly teenager who was just beginning to take an interest in the worlds problems construe the statement ” unruly children” as sympathetic to them and the gauntlet of insecurity that our teens go through also ? Would it be possible that a young adult/teen would say to himself  “Hey ! that’s right ! If we treated terrorist the same way I wish my parents should of treated me we might have less problems with these misunderstood people.” Theirs been alot of times in my youth I myself have felt like blowing the shit out of something too because the whole world just didn’t get it.

How many of our kids today would relate to feeling misunderstood and being demonized for their radical behavior ? This is all to reminiscent of the way any other organization would attract and then indoctrinate young recruits. White supremacists, gangs, cults. They often equate the potential members misery and hardships in life to those that they sympathize with or choose to/ and/or need to have an alliance with. It’s easy to establish this bond between our kids and radical Islam if you’ve ever had any sales experience. The pitch would go something like this. ” These poor Muslims are misunderstood just like you junior. They’re getting frustrated and angry because no one will just take the time to sit down and talk to them. I mean, you must know how they feel, right ?”

Lets dissect Mr. McJones statement in a little more detail to fully grasp the nature of this germ.

“Please listen. Terrorism works in two ways, when it works at all”

First of all, myself and most rational people can tell you that terrorism works in more than two ways. Fear, death, anger, submission of will. That would pertain to the victims. But it also works another way that most of us forget. It makes the terrorist happy. As far as “working at all” goes. This is a sublime way of saying its not as big a threat as its been cranked up to be. When has terrorism not worked ? Even if it was a failed attempt, it still freaks people out.

“It frightens the hell out of people and it makes them mad as hell. Either one of those products contains a good dose of hell. You should neither be frightened of terrorists nor enraged at them”

“Frightened” and ” makes them mad as “hell” is putting it lightly. It can literally scare the shit out of you and fuck your head up for life.  Just ask anyone who had loved ones that perished on 911 or had to watch all those people die, some jumping a little less than a 1/4 mile to their death. And also the firefighters who are battling with health problems today as a result of all the fallout, physically and mentally.

You should neither be frightened of terrorist nor enraged at them ?

Even if someone believes this, how on earth does anyone come to this conclusion ? Fear and caution is the one emotion and reaction we have that is most responsible for the bulk of decisions we make in life. I believe this jerks kind of thinking comes from a  false superiority complex that is derived of the need to be intuitive and insightful to a level that no mortal mind could conceive. That description itself is a clear example of someone trying to cover major insecurities within. Its a defense mechanism against the self loathing mindset. ( The fear of looking weak)  Its the intentionally projected condescending mindset that tells anyone who disagrees ” you don’t get it ” and you’re just to ignorant to see it in the vast depth that my superior mind sees it in. I am the av-ant garde` thinker above all the rest and you should just trust me and take my word for it.

As far as “shouldn’t be enraged at them” goes. This is just plain chicken shit apologetic pandering to the terrorist from someone who doesn’t have the balls to come out right away and smack the shit out of these guys and tell them “what the fuck is the matter with you ?” They would rather come out of the corner kissing ass rather than risk getting hurt and do something about it. When someone sneaks up behind you and cracks you one without warning, the first thing you don’t do is  ask him why he did it! It doesn’t matter why he did it! What matters is that he has already shown that he will do ANYTHING he can to hurt you. And so you must knock him on his ass immediately and make sure he cant do it again and then ask him why he did it. This passive moonbat thought process goes against the grain of any rational and normal human defense mechanisms.

“You should calmly and with calculation figure out a way to keep them from angering and frightening you.”

Yea, right. In the meantime they’re planning their next attack. What are you going to do ? Stand in front of your opponent a ask him to give you a few minutes to figure this out ? Were half way through Mr. McJones paragraph and each sentence just brings us closer and closer to a complete vision of the leftists inability to deal with evil. They think you can bargain with the devil. Obama  reinforced and made this clear when he said he would negotiate with Iran and bomb Pakistan

“Sometimes parents have to deal with unruly children”

Holy fucking shit ! This is where I snapped. I mean This statement is obviously cutting to the point of complete lunacy and delusion. Are we suppose to ask these rabid maniacs to take a time out ? But its at this point where I ask you to return to the concerns I have for our teens that I mentioned above and how easily they can be brought into the same sentiment by means of pandering to their emotional vulnerabilities by using a simple statement like this. This is a sublime way of getting kids to tell themselves “Wow, I have something in common with these terrorists, I’m unruly because nobody understands me. And Al Queda is unruly because no one understands them, poor guys, I know just how they feel. I need to connect with them and let them know that I understand. I feel their pain. Mom and Dad and all of America sucks ! Its not my fault I’m a miserable clusterfuck, its my country’s fault !” Sure we all wish it would be so easy and that all we had to do was sit down and have a heart to heart talk with these guys. That is the draw, the attraction, the ideal scenario that the moonbat thinks is possible. It is frightfully ignorant.

“Good parents do not beat the tar out of their kids”

I have no choice but to be cynical and sarcastic with this sentence.   

I can see it now.

      “Lets see junior. You stole 4 passenger jets. Sliced all the pilots throats. Then flew 3 of them into 3 of our countries most important buildings and crashed one into the ground and killed 3000 people in the process. You blew a hole in an American ship killing 17 sailors and took another shot at the Trade Towers in 93 and injured a 1000 people and killed six. I’m going to have to punish you, so you’ll probably lose some privileges. Do you understand ?  No X box, no TV and no phone. Now go to your room.

Not only should we beat the tar out of terrorists, we should kill them on sight after that. Death is glory for these guys , they want to die. So lets not give them what they want right away. They should have to spend one day absorbing the pain for each person they hurt. The 911 hi-jackers should of been tortured for 3000 days and then killed in front of each other. Their genitals should be cut off before they are killed so that they will be of no use to the 72 virgins waiting for them. I think that would send a better message than hanging out at Gitmo by the sea.

“Don’t fear terrorism, just find a way to stop it without making more of it”

I haven’t heard anything so stupid since Harry Reid called illegal aliens ” undocumented Americans ” 

What really got my attention was how he used the word ” just “. He makes it sound as if the problem can be solved by some simple act like opening a door. I also know that Mr. McJones was on the other side of the river when he saw the towers burning on 911, he said so in one of his comments. And yet he says “dont fear terrorism”

The idea that the attacks on America were our fault has been gaining some strength in certain circles, mostly from Hollywood and even reaching as far as some our retards up on capitol hill. This belief falls on three categories. The young who don’t know any better, and the old timers who are tired of fighting and all the bleeding hearts who sit in the middle. We can start with Ron Paul. I believe he was always a myopic bleeding heart.  When a guy like Ron Paul who believes that America is at fault and can raise 4 million dollars on line in one day its time we all stood up and took a look around. It could be seen in a certain perspective that America is at fault. And when you have a country full of folks who are growing tired of Washington’s bullshit its easy to foster that kind of sentiment and let it fester. Its also about as believable as the accusation that 911 was an inside job. But like I said, when people are as disgruntled with government as they are , its no surprise that there are as many who do believe it.

The statement that Mr. McJones made, 911 conspiracy stories and those that sympathize with radical Islam are a dangerous bunch. You have to figure it this way. Americans are basically smart people. There’s the population that is married with kids and have futures besides their own to worry about. And that are more concerned with important issues to the point where they actually dig deeper than the others to get at the truth. Good old normal middle of the road average Americans who get it.  Kids 15 and younger are very persuadable and must be educated on the basics going on in this world by their parents and hope they dont come across morons like Jersey before parents get that chance. The public schools are just over flowing with teachers that have left agendas and are constantly offering versions and twists in history that are just flat out wrong. Until I was about 18 I thought that after the first Thanksgiving everything was peachy keen between settlers and American Indians.

Then there’s the population that is in the age bracket from 16 to 17 up to about 25 or 26.  These are the ones who are young enough to the point where they are still searching for their own identity, never mind figuring out someone Else’s. They don’t understand yet, and with that comes confusion. And with confusion comes unrest. People want answers so that they can reside in the comfort zone of confidence. Confidence that they know whats going on. When really most of them only “think” they know whats going on. But that’s O.K with them because they found an answer they can live with and is alot easier to digest and live with.

Recently students at NY university were polled. They were asked if they would give up their voting rights for a million dollars, and most of them said yes. One out of five said they would do it just for an I-pod.

Check out the story here>

 Do you think that if these young adults knew what was going on they would trade that right ? I’m willing to bet that a large portion of them think that America is the bad guy and that they don’t want to be a part of as system they see as criminal or that they have become so disenfranchised that they dont care. Its exactly these kinds of people that I want to keep Jersey McJones, Rosie O’Donnell , Ron Paul and Charley Sheen away from. And any other deceptive, delusional , lying or ill informed moonbat.

We cant let these nut jobs say these kind of things and go unchecked.

We cant let Rosie O`Donnell, Charley Sheen, Jersey McJones or even Ron Paul get away with this kind of speech. Yes , they do have the right to say and express what they feel. But they also have to be accountable for the impact of their words. Once you get too many people believing this bullshit it empowers our enemy. And the next thing you know the terrorists and his cause are being given sympathy and validation for their actions. We see this shit more and more in our society on a daily basis. The PC crowd will drive home every mitigating factor for the terrorists that they can as some kind of means to bridge a gap and be fair. These monsters don’t want to be fair. Its like trying to teach a hungry Great white to play chess while you’re bleeding.

So from now on if anyone sees me on a blog or thread  somewhere doing a well paced fandango on some moonbats ass , and you think I’m over reacting or getting out of hand you might want to think twice. Actually, I hope after explaining all this to you , you would take it upon yourself to throw in a few shots yourself.

So please, when some shithead says that we need to handle murderous and evil killers like unruly children. Or that its all our fault or that there is no threat from terrorism I would appreciate it if you would rip off their heads and shove it up there asses and unleash on them like there was no tomorrow. This shit has to stop. Its dangerous and its irresponsible.

 11/23/07 Update.

If anyone had a hard time believing that Mr. McJones actually knows that its fact that hes had more women than me(without knowing anything about me) And since its very tedious to go back and find the thread in which he claims this. I will provide you with the most recent example of his ability to know things only God could know.

He now claims that he is able to read my mind as stated in this most recent debate on how the right percieves minorities.

Jersey McJones said,

November 21, 2007 at 7:27 pm

(I said; “By the way, there are stupid minorities, just as there are stupid whites.”)

Micky. Think about that statement. Go eat some turkey. ;)

What you meant to say , I hope, is, “There are stupid people.” You didn’t need two clauses there.

( I didnt know that whites were a minoritiy in America, maybe soon when we are we can claim it as a disability)

He also knows what people are hearing.

jerseymcjones said,

November 20, 2007 at 4:22 pm

Micky, I’m telling you right now that when you say things like this, people are hearing “minorities are lazy dupes with their hands out to the Democratic party.

jerseymcjones said,

November 20, 2007 at 6:29 pm

Micky, follow me here, all I’m saying is that other people are hearing something you don’t want them to hear.

Meanwhile, you’re denying that you meant that. It doesn’t matter what you want other people to think about what you say, Micky. It only matters what they think you’ve said.

Mr McJones may take this portrait personally but lets all remember. They are like lemmings with their hair on fire and if you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

The Man With His Finger In The Hole

” I’ve finally seen the light. It was a bulb in the shape of a guano turd dangling from a moonbats ass.”

After mocking the green revolution by always referring to Global warming as “Gerbil Warming” And always thinking that Richard Gere had cornered the market on this activity I have stumbled upon the fact that Gerbil Warming is real and widespread, and happening now, as we speak.

April 23, 2007

Gerbil Warming

Environmentalist alarms were supported by a scientific paper released by renowned Professor Isador Gogol of the Icelandic Oceanographic and Net Fishing Institute. The newly published scientific document concludes that the mean body temperature of the earth’s gerbils are rising at an alarming rate, all because of the planet’s greenhouse effect.

Funded by environmentally concerned actor Richard Gere and vice-President Al Gore, the study has already reached CSKC status – Concerned Scientist Koolaid Consensus. It wasn’t long before the Gere Gore Gogol greenhouse global gerbil warming consensus facts were in. Gerbil owners testified that their little pets were sweating profusely. Others jumped into open refrigerators or spent hours in front of house fans. Many were demanding air conditioned cages, while many others simply started the trek northward to colder climes. It’s as if gerbils were on a griddle. Continued…

The Earth needs us, so I have come up with some ideas.

Since the methane our animal agriculture and wildlife is giving off depletes our ozone it must be contained before escaping to the atmosphere. Each animal should have a receptacle on its ass in the shape of Al Gores face with a tube attached. All tubes will lead to the international space station for storage in case of war with the scientologist mothership. The space station will rotate in sync with the earth. This also will prevent the movement of all animals. Lack of mobility will result in lower muscular friction, less friction less heat, subsequently reducing earths temperature.

Humans however will have the tubes lead to refineries storage tanks and processors in their own houses. mask001_0 All automobiles will run on methane , I highly recommend everyone buy some stock in red beans, pork and cabbage. Rendering the development of the  flux capacitor a useless endeavor.

 Automobiles in the future will be powered by the drivers methane output.  While driving humans will have a choice of receptacles which they place on their asses ranging from the simple Frisbee design to the Jennifer Lopez model. The Al Gore model will come with a bonus carbon credit. The best selection of receptacles will be at Walgreens drugstores, the Walmart of all your green shopping needs. In case your ass receptacle should fall off or for some reason you have no receptacle you must inhale your own farts before they escape to the atmosphere, consequently shoving your head up your ass. This would be the Utopian of ultimate recycling , other than eating your own shit. Us liberals will love the new law, we like the smell of our own shit. And along with the measure there’s an inexpensive perfectly clean organic high involved also. Jenkem.  The whole process will enable us to rid society of illegal drugs and their abuse. Part of this idea actually came to me and my liberal brothers when I stumbled across this earth saving and ingenuous new way of enjoying a recreational high.

See here.

Jenkem originated in Africa and other third world countries by fermenting raw sewage to create a gas which is inhaled to achieve a high. Jenkem is now a popular drug in American schools.     Jenkem is a homemade substance which consists of fecal matter and urine. The fecal matter and urine are placed in a bottle or jar and covered most commonly with a balloon. The container is then placed in a sunny area for several hours or days until fermented.     Slang terms: Winnie, Shit, Runners, Fruit from Crack Pipe, Leroy Jenkems, Might, Butthash, and Waste.
Click to Enlarge

Its also suspected that over population has contributed to excessive weight in the western hemisphere, thus tilting the earth off its axis enough to change temperatures in all regions. Half of us will be required to dig a hole to china and relocate there to counter balance the weight. The conspiracy will be the hope that the hole will collapse in mid process. Burying the transferees. This will be the ultimate compost giving off its own natural gas. This humongous pack of compost of course will require its own receptacle. From the space station it will look as if the earth will have its own ass receptacle, hopefully the international government will opt for the Al Gore design. This way it will appear from the international space station as if our fearless leader “Al Gore” will be sucking the carbons right off the earths ass himself. With a tube coming out the back of his head, leading straight to the I.S.S.

 Chemicals and materials normally used in contraception will be outlawed since they could harm our planet. Oral contraception will be the only rational choice women are left with. The demand for qualified oral surgeons and dentist will be greater than that of any profession on earth, rectal re-constructionists and proctologist will have the second highest demand. Fudge packers, rump rustlers, fanny packers and fanny phantoms union dues are payable with carbon credits.

 How it all started. I use to be doorman at an exotic club that celebrated the beauty of the female anatomy, so I thought. Since then I’ve seen the wrongs involved in this business and come to realize it is wrong to see women as anything other than puppy mills and how incredibly disgusting they are for bringing so many carbon producing vermin like you and I into this world.Every night as stood in front of this carnage full of these vile creatures I would see this vagrant looking creature always squatting on the sidewalk with his finger in a hole the size of a dime. After watching this stranger I finally approached him to ask what he was doing. I asked him ; ” Why are you always squatting right here with your finger in this hole ?” He looked up at me with a concerned look on his face and he said; If I take my finger out of the hole the gases inside the earth will escape. If that happens the earth will shrink like an old ballon and we’ll all fall off the planet and into space. ” And then it dawned on me, volcano’s ! geysers ! The earth had also realized that it was its own eco terrorist and all along, all this time it, was doing the noble thing of trying to kill itself ! As I came to the realization that the earth was a thinking living being with feelings of its own, I could not take another step. Another step would be like walking all over a wounded soul. I was a disease rambling through mother earth like a cancer. And even Mother earth had taken it upon her own conscience that she was a cancer to her self and the universe.It was around this time in my life when that sense of awakening hit me. I took off my shoes and asked mother earth to forgive me as I tip toed away from it all. My job, my wife and kids, the dogs, chickens, even the geckos. They were evil carbon producing murderers.I couldnt take it. And I still hadnt gatherd the nerve to euthanise myself as my friends at the Church of euthanasia said was the only hope for the world.

Save the Planet, Kill Yourself

We are not of this planet.
We do not understand
Your strange customs.
Your planet’s ecosystem
Is failing.
Your leaders deny this.
Explain.Your leaders deny this.
Your leaders deny this.
Your leaders deny this.
Your leaders deny this.Why
Do your leaders lie to you?
Do so many of you believe these lies?
Your strange customs.
Believe these lies?Save the planet.
Kill yourself.
Save the planet!
Kill yourself.
MP3From the album Six Billion
Humans Can’t Be Wrong


I felt like I was working at Ahbu Garaib.  Everytime I hit one of the keys on this keyboard I feel like dying. I felt like a monster shooting little bolts of carbon into mother earths air supply at every stroke of my fingers . Air Supply ! Thats it !

In my rage and furry I somehow found myself  in a cave on the other side of the island. Feeling right at home in the cave , I decided to make it my tomb. I went back to my house to fetch a few of the bare essentials. Candles, Bicycle, and  my lap top.( my pic of nanacy and boxer ) After two trips I manged to get everything in the cave which is where I am writing you from as you read my last words.

After I did a google search on the bat hanging right above I discoverd it was a moonbat.

I was able to place its description by the curly cue turd hanging out of its ass that looked exactly like a CFO lightbulb.

That was the sign ! It was mother earth talking to me by proxy through a moonbats ass ! It was so moving I cold not contain myself.  I knew mother earth could feel my joy and pain because as I wiped the tears from my eyes I could see the turd and the moonbats ass begin to give off a garish white light. A good friend of mine spoke of this light once. Shortly after that he was gone. I never heard from him again.

The time is here, I can feel it. I’ve decided that the best form of euthanasia and most respectful method would be to stick my head so far up my ass that no gases will escape.I will suck my bowles dry untill I pass out, smothering myself to death on my own earth killing poisons.

In parting I will play air supplys “I’m all out of love” as I peform my last right of justice for mother earth. Please join me in the most important thing I’ve ever done with my life.

 Goodbye cool world.  ( 

Would someone turn it up please ?  I cant hear a thing up in here.