Smiles That make You Go Hmm…


I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

People that smile in the face of anything have always made me suspicious.

Yeah, by now we all know what the deal is with this woman. I think the more important and relevant question is why are we not putting as much energy into convicting those that truly do mean us harm ?

Has it occured to anyone that the left has put more energy into convicting those that tried (and have more than likely succeeded) to save American lives than the ones who actually killed 3000 of us ?

I think we all need to wake up to just how out of control all this shit has gotten. Were allowed to stand for what we believe is our patriotic duty but I think the priorities are little mixed up at this point in our history when were applying more energy into the rights and care for those that mean us harm than we are those who are trying to save American lives.

When the hatred of one man has led a party to go as far as this woman has gone we have reached a point in our society where we need to tell our government to stop where its at and don’t sign or do a damn thing until we get this kind of mindset out from our leadership.

Murtha and his slander of our troops kinda got to me, Kerry and his idiotic representations of the war got to me, code pink and that whole scene along with the lefts hypocrisy (we hate all you’re doing, but support you) has been troubling but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Pelosi is the straw that broke the camels back, enough already.











Lately,  liberals across the blogs don’t seem to want to talk to me  about Obama as much as they used to.  Some have told me its my demeanor, the way I carry my conversation, my tone, the way I write, and a host of reasons that carry away from the topic, the most famous being, I’m a bully. 

 I’m a bully to the point that even supposedly big strong men have placed this label on me.  Its kinda sickening to hear a grown man cry to me like some whiny little bitch that I’m being a bully.

Yea well I guess I should say thanks ?   Its quite a compliment for me to be accused of bullying people thru their monitors. Recently more and more often I’m being accused as the reason for a few liberals to either be banned from certain blogs or the reason they packed it and left on their own.  Wow, that’s a lot of power for one man to have from his keyboard 3000 miles away on a rock in the middle of the Pacific, dontcha think ?

Or could it be that since January Obama has actually had to make some decisions resulting in outcomes that he can no longer blame on Bush  ?  Could that be the reason the arguments/debates aren’t working for liberals like they used to ? Could it be the reason that its become increasingly too easy to corner these moonbats in any debate regarding this idiot president ? I believe so, I mean really, think about it. All during his campaign it was easy for liberals to defend him because basically all they were defending were platitudes, slogans and promises. For almost 2 years there was no substantial accomplishments, nothing in his history that had any concrete results attached to him, no real red meat that us conservatives could sink our teethin to only because there was nothing but his inexperience to use against him. Of course we had all the pleasure of the insight into his personal life, his pastor, Ayers and all that good stuff but nothing on policy that could reflect how he would make decisions in an executiveve position.

Now, three months later, the Big “O”  has given every conservative blogger out there more than enough examples that enable us to say “we told ya so”. Add to this the shift happening on the hill that they dont want to talk about either and were seeing less and less moonbats willing to engage in substantial fact finding or honest debate.  Sure, Obamas personality still enjoys great ratings but if we take a look around at all the polls we’ll see that the majority of the country is becoming less and less enthusiastic about this guys policies.  Then theres 111th congress that has always sucked to the point that since a year before Bush left office they’ve always enjoyed the lowest approval numbers of any congress this country has ever had. Almost 60% of the country thinks were headed in the wrong direction and even many middle of the road moderates that no longer have any faith in Obama along with these numbers here make it pretty clear that some serious changes on the hill will happen in 2011.

” Democrats are a bit less unhappy than other voters. Seventy-four percent (74%) of Republicans would vote to throw out the entire Congress as would 62% of unaffiliated voters. Only 43% of Democrats go along. Still, just 25% of those in Barack Obama’s party would vote to keep the entire Congress even though it’s controlled by Democrats. ”

Another reason these liberals have found themselves even more literally dysfunctional than before is the simple fact that Obama and crew hasn’t just been making the expected traditional little errors that we usually see in any new administration. THEY’VE BEEN SOME WHOPPERS!! If it weren’t for conservative blogs the MSM would probably not air any of those screw ups we’ve seen lately. Seriously, 9 times out of 10  I find out about Obamas screw ups thru a conservative blog before I ever see it on the news. I have no doubt the liberal MSM sits back after every one his screw ups and waits to see just how much attention the internet gives it before they decide to air the story. Only if its something so huge nothing could hide it will they air it. Flying a fucking 747 Air Force one over lower Manhattan with two F-16s  chasing it is kinda hard to sweep under the rug.  Its so ridiculously stupid I still find myself dropping my jaw  everytime think about it. If some advertising executive was behind something like this doing a shoot for some commercial airliner it would be considered stupid but to havethe president do this with his own private vessel for his own advertisement ? Someones been huffin the office supplies. The most recent flip I’ve heard so far only on FOX is that Obama may be flipping on military tribunals for detainees at Gitmo. Yup, that’s right, after reviewing some of these guys folders its been said that hes begging to have second thoughts about giving these guys trials in our federal judiciary. One by one his broken campaign promises are stacking up to where its going be almost impossible for any liberal to defend him.

When the NYTs starts printing stories pointing out his deceptions I think its afe to say the downhil spiral has begun.


But in recent days a variety of officials involved in the deliberations say that after administration lawyers examined many of the cases, the mood shifted toward using military commissions to prosecute some detainees, perhaps including those charged with coordinating the Sept. 11 attacks.

“The more they look at it,” said one official, “the more commissions don’t look as bad as they did on Jan. 20.”


Yup, its safe to say that with the number of screw ups under Obamas belt its not my debating skills that have sent these moonbats obfuscating off into every subject under the sun besides the topic itself.  The topics are simply not in their favor anymore. Its almost  sheer fact that a 10 year old could pick up any newspaper today and find enough material to shut down the most avid Obama supporter.  So instead of us having substantial productive debates/discussions like we used to have over the Messiahs actions what we end up hearing now more than before are the generic insults liberals are famous for, your grammar sucks, learn how to spell, and personal attacks because they know they got less ammo available for a winning argument.  These quotes below are from my most recent encounter which brought out some perfect examples  of the point I’m making. In discussing Obamas first 100 days it was all to easy to point out enough failures and controvert the run of the mill examples being presented to shut these guys down and leave them with little alternative but to come after me instead on a personal basis. Most popular of course has been the “bully” Label

“Clearly you want to bully your way into having people agree with you.”


“I like jerking your ridiculous chain that you wave around, like some pathetic attention seeking moron, so someone can grab.”


“Instead of whining all the time that no one debates you, why don’t you learn HOW to debate and then maybe somebody might actually take you up on it, but I doubt it.”


One moonbat in particular kept ranting and raving about Obama by tossing all these glorious but vague compliments to him was finally asked by me to please give me a little more descript definition of what exactly he’d done recently that was so damn fantastic. She decided that her only course of rebutal would be to copy and paste a list which I found out was from the from the KOS which even a retard could counter in his sleep. Go to the link and you’ll see the proof that these people cant think for themselves. Its sad, the only way she could argue on the messiahs behalf was to copy this generated list that with some minimal insight applied actually works against the man.

On top of that the moonbat never even gave credit to the source leaving everyone to think this was the work of her superior sluething skills. Later she denied it saying that the list had been circulated at all the liberal  blogs for the last two weeks. Only problem with that was that the topic was Obamas first 100 days, so how could the list be two weeks old ? A list on his first hundred days that was put out two weeks ago ?  Do the math, shes lying.


Me; What is the “BIG SCOPE” Jane ? HUH ? I’ll bet you cant even begin to tell me.”

Jane; Micky here is the Big Scope. Now, never address me again you white trash woman-hating violent loser.”


” Micky you have ran almost all of the regular liberals away from this blogandthe ones that still come here refuse to talk with you at all because of your ugliness. I have been a regular on this blog since it opened. Your like a child Micky, the bully on the playground.”


” Poor Micky. This whole thing has been hard on you, hasn’t it? ”


“You and Ted and Mikey have sown a crop of repression, ignorance, and hypocrisy. Well, the grain is ripe. Go, now, and reap your reward!

Reap it, damn you! Reap it!”


Me; “If some guy told you he knew exactly when and where your mother was going to be raped and killed would you torture him to find out when and where ?”

Moonbat; Micky I’ve read your blog. I really don’t want to encourage your rape fantasy whatsoever.”


” Micky you really need attention don’t you? It’s really pathetic. I’ve answered you. Others answered you. No one copies what you say. I am just finished talking with you. Please do not address me ever again. ”

( for the record, she never answered me)


” Mickey. What a sanctimonious SOB you are. As if you as a conservative havethe corner on compassion, life or death, and right from wrong? What a freak you are. What a phoney, arrogant, jerk you are.”


” Mickey. Where did you steal that from? It’s a complete charicature of the left and you know it. Liar. Do you actually think we don’t care about those kids over there? Do NOT accuse me of that. God you are ridiculous, a joke, and a real nut job. ”


” Micky. Can you say anything without activating your chronic blowhard syndrome?So, I think you all get the point without me having to go to every blog this has happened at and pull up the examples for you. They’re there, trust me, and if you dont i’ll glady show them to you.”


Micky the condescension you show to me and anyone else on this blogwho disagrees with you is remarkable. It is you alone who destroys any possible discourse here. It is you alone who destroys any engagement of issues. You browbeat, intimidate, and use bully tactics to get people to shut down or stay silent. Minds are not changed if that is what you think is happening.

If you really think you are “exposing” people here you are sadly mistaken. The only one you expose is yourself and that’s pathetic.”


” I know Micky you are not saying you went to a Teabagging party? I mean how could you? You obviously are on some sort of tax payer assistance to be able to sit all day on your A$$ bloggingand fighting behind the safety of a computer screen. You are a fraud. You sit all day long waiting for a liberal to breath your same air. You get called on sh!t all the time. You bluster your way out of it by bully tactics. ”


” Micky your arrogance is nauseating. You declare yourself right over everyone else. Do you actually think that’s how you influence anyone? Wrong. Beating people over the head only got them sore heads. Well continue on, that’s fine be right. I, like several others here, have now stopped reading your drool.

“ What gives you special priviledgesto run everyone off who disagrees here? Your pissing match with Kevin every day got him banned. You both should have been banned. Asia left because you were harrassing her. I even saw a couple of the conservatives in here defending her to you. Who’s the next target me or Jared? Maybe Pat or even Jane? Dade?


“It wasn’t even a thoughtful answer. And you got my answer. Don’t try to be a bully. ”


This is what we’ll start to see more of in the future as Obamas little eutopia begins to crumble around him. Its happening as we speak. The people are getting hip. Liberals who supported him are now saying that they expected some spending but nothing like what weve seen lately. Code Pink and assorted anti war groups are increasingly upset as they watch him maintain and even bolster securtiy policies and plans that were the genius of the man that played the biggest part of his campaign.  Hes reneging on his promised tax breaks, flipped on withdrawal dates, bringing in lobbyists, leaking intel to enemies, going back on 5 day bill review policies ( Lily Ledbetter), and the real killer is that all these trillions being spent are beginning to look like one big crock of shit as even the staunchest liberal realizes that his great grandchildren wont even begin to be able to pay off the interest never mind the principle. Yup, throw in some inflation and the dollar losing its value and the projected deficit of almost 10 trillion bucks in 9 years and everyone, not just conservatives are beginning to get a little upset, to say the least. 

History is repeating itself.  Take the Carter era, the last party the  that held the majority on the hill, the judiciary and congress was the democratic party. Under Jimmy Carter where we saw unemployment and spending worse than now which as we all know cost him his chance of any re election because the people quickly realized they needed Ronald Reagan , a fiscally responsible capitalistic conserative to come in and fix a mess that looked much like the one Obama is putting together today.  Almost exactly the same.

With absolute power comes absolute ownership. The dems cant keep blaming Bush anymore, they’re running out of excuses and finding more and more blame landing in their lap. Soon they will own anything and everything that happens in the next 3 1/2 years, good or bad. Mostly bad.

Makes the debates hard for them. Really easy for me.


Buckle up dudes.