I live in hawaii with my 12 year old son and wife.

I am a professional chef /waiter/rest.manager with an assoc. science in Rest. Mngmnt and culinary arts.

I’m 50 years old and a recovering addict.I’ve been sober for most of the last 15 years with a couple of small slips.

I have studied Chinese kempo for seven years. and apply the philosophy to my politics and life

I eat moonbats on a daily basis because they are wrong and dangerous to our country.

My main purpose for blogging would be to expose the lie, (especially the ones about Bush) the absurd and chew it up and spit it out.

I do this with extreme prejudice and lack of concern for political correctness or consideration for Jersey McJones feelings.


  1. Ok. I’m using the space to clear something up….
    I meant the no. 2 on the bottom of plastic bottles! You kill me. I know I’ve neglected reading…trying to catch up on everyone…

  2. Hey , I just play on words and try to have a little fun sometimes. 🙂 I get the impression you’re enough of a class act not to dump a bag of shit in your work place.
    Got any idea what happened to Anti ?
    Its kinda weird.

  3. Oh shit…I guess you didn’t like that REHAB IS FOR QUITTERS slogan, huh?

  4. Micky2, I have been reading your blog, and just want you to know your views make sense to me, common sense which seems to be sadly lacking in our world today.
    Keep up the good work. I am in process of relocation but will be back here to read more as soon as I can.
    Thanks for great posts.

  5. You’re welcome Angie, and thanks for your appreciation.
    It always makes my day when I get a new reader.

  6. Muy interesante. Looking forward to more here.

  7. Thanks for dropping by bro. I’m honored.

    Click on “uncategorized” and what little I’ve written in the last year will show.
    Just want you to know that mostly everything you;ve seen of me at RR and Keys is all for fun and foolishness.

  8. I wouldn’t expect anything else but fun and foolishness

  9. Great comeback line! Thought Soy was gonna crap a cinderblock.

  10. Dont give my wit any credit. You set youself up on that one.

  11. I don’t have to pretend to be the straight man – it’s natural

  12. We can change themes of sublime insults if you like .
    Or just go grab a beer and some pussy

  13. Beer and pussy is good. Hell, pussy is good or beer is good.

    I’ll start scanning the Pacific Northwest totem art and suitable mugs of those you mentioned.

    Glad to see you in my neighborhood, as long as you’re not prtending to be Al Pacino in ‘Cruising’ . . . .

  14. No worries. I never saw cruising.
    Should I ?
    Or are you setting me up for ther killing joke ?
    Yea, the totem pole thing would be for keys blog. Dont know if I mentioned that or made it clear. I tghink he would get a kick out of it.
    Do you know Jenice ?
    Sometimes she drops by RR. She used to go by Armjerker.
    With your english skills and wit I was wondering if you wanted to have some fun and slap around this shithead around that was picking on her.
    See here > http://awriterdodgingbullets.com/2008/02/15/oh-no-im-not-pc/

    I already went after this snotty arrogant prick amd he blocked me like some chicken shit as he posted his last word. In his last comment he threatend to humiliate my blog. I dont see how. But oh well. Guys a retired english professor. Got all tweaked because I said a bad word.
    Anyway, up to you.
    I’m sick like that. I like to sic members of the gang on assholes and just gang up on them. But of course no favor goes unreturned. People ask me to lambast a shmuck once in a while and i havnt turned down a request yet.
    Its like therapy for me.

  15. slips? you drank or drugged = restart the clock; 15 years my ass.

    could you and you gay lover jersey mcjerkoff stop your fucking rants on the blacktygrrrr site please ?!?!?

    I notice you rant and rave on his site after every post – could you keep in in your own shit strewn sandbox?

  16. You gotta fucking problem with me at tygrrr ?
    Obviously you’re not even smart enough to realize that we are welcome by the blog owner. Jersey and I have been their for almost a year. Figure it out asshole.
    You dont like it ?
    Dont fucking go there Einstein.

  17. Comment by jerseymickyjerkoffs = you can kiss my ass. By the way, that is a fucking donkey your riding, no high horse under you there, so go get off somewhere else. Get it ?!?! God, that must take talent!

    Oh, mk2, thanks. I like being here!

    lil bit shorty

  18. Micky, did you leave a comment under the Post article about the Beltway Madam’s demise?

    Someone posted as Micky2.

  19. Hey, big guy. I wanted to tell you I was thinking of you. My friend delivered her baby stillborn last week and I’ve been hanging with her in the Twilight Zone. Funeral tomorrow. Very drained. Hope all is well…

  20. Hey, glad to see you’re alright.
    I’ll drop a note in Gods box for your friend.
    All the BS in the world wont get her through this. Only time and a good friend at her side will really help.

    Dont be a stranger. Kay ?

  21. Hey, Mickey! Here’s hoping you and your family have a great Christmas/Hanukkah and Happy New Year!!

  22. Right back atcha man.

    What the fuck dude !? How ya doin ?
    I was just thinking about you guys, actually , I think about you all almost every day.
    Everything cool? Everyone O.K. ?
    Seriously good to hear from you.
    Theres no place to go anymore where shit doesn’t go right over peoples heads. Miss you guys

    You and Bagel be well and have happiness, love ya both.


  23. Well Mick, your night is just starting and mine is ending, for this old lady anyway. It 9 pm here and I spent Christmas eve with my husbands sister in jersey and this is the first time in 23 years his parents weren’t here. they have been in Florida for the past 8 years and had a couple of unexpected visits north and they just couldn’t make it. so anyway it was actually really nice maybe even more relaxing.

    I always make that artichoke sauce and always think of you when I do.

    I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas

    love you too, mick

  24. Left the last church at about 4 after all the dinners were made and charged on over to my sisters.
    As much as Christmas is about family being together that just doesnt apply in all cases.
    We didnt all come out of a Norman Rockwell painting.
    It was for me a V E R Y relaxing time cuz no one had to worry about being scorned, frowned upon, critisized, or terrorized by my mother.
    She always want every fuckin christmas to be scripted according to old Danish tradition but her herself always ended getting so blasted she’d fuck it up, Sis and I would end up having to finish things off.
    We stopped letting her make the dinner a few years ago.

    So yea, it was great.
    Not to ignore the fact that my sis married well and their fucking house is huge and gorgeous on the beach.
    Prople were enjoting themselves and for the first time that old familiar tension was gone.

    Have yourself a great one today and tell all you love I wish the same for them .

    Tell the ones you dont love I said they should get fucked.

  25. Happy New Year, Mick. Give you family my best wishes.

    go read my post i wrote.

    Happy anniversary. Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday was out doing a lot of errands.

  26. Hey buddy, Merry (belated) Christams and happy new year! What a year it’s been, eh? I think that times will get tough in this new year, but we will weather through and be stronger when we come out the end.

    I hope that things are well for you and yours. Keep the faith, my friend!

  27. HELLO!!!! It’s me….lil bit…..had no other way to say hello!!!! Hope all is well…….shit…..where ya been???

    love ya
    lil bit

  28. Same ole same ole, hanging at keys or mosttly doing political debate.
    Theres a ton o shit to argue about.

    Hows the kids,horses and ex’s and shit ?

    Try to get in at Keys ?

  29. sorry didnt check in on my “about” comments for so long.
    Didnt even realize that I had to approve you, damn things been there forever.
    As you can tell I dont write much, spend most of my time being a watch dog for conservative blogs.
    If ya ever need me ya can find me around one of these joints




  30. Shorty, give me a link to your blog

  31. What’s up Micky, your buddy here from the legalization thread (that one was a doozy).

    Just checking out your blog. You need a moonbat or two around here to keep you straight. Or maybe to keep you from being straight, rather.

    Anyway looks like a cool site, I’ll be checking in from time to time. Do you have an RSS feed available?

  32. Nah, no RSS, Like to keep it as simple as possible, maybe cuz I’m so tech ignorant. When I first got my computer I went nuts for a day looking for the smiley keys, besides I dont write much on my blog anymore I just more or less run around squashing arguments so RSS wouldn’t help much..
    I’m not that great a writer and by the time I’m half way done writing a post the topic is up somewhere else already.
    Heres a post I wrote a while back on addiction, my views have changed slightly since then but its still worth it for anyone suffering from addcition or if you need some minor statistics.


  33. Hi, Mick. I wanted to let you know you’re always in my prayers. I’ve recently been telling your cancer to fuck off, so I hope that’s working. If not, I can come kick its ass. I will come kick your ass cancer’s ass is what I’m saying. Don’t think I won’t.

    Get some of those donut pillows. Hang out on the beach some. And if your beach gets boring, come hang by mine. Because fuck you. And love to you, my friend.

  34. Gosh Heather, ya damn near had me in tears.
    Good news. I guess the man heard you.
    Cat scan, bone scan, colonoscopy all showed no spread other than the original spot, no bigger than a dime. Soooo…
    I’ll start my radio and chemo next week. Docs all tell me not to sweat it , this sucker is a piece of cake.
    I took my bike off the wall and started getting it ready to ride again.
    Its a jewel I put together from all titanium and aluminun parts, custom, one of a kind, people want to buy it everywhere I take it. Weighs about 10 lbs. Ever seen a mountain bike that looks like its been completely chromed ? Yup, cept its not chrome, its all hand polished aluminum and titanium. Cant get a bike like that anywhere.
    Reason I’m not riding is cuz it feels like I’m always sitting on a fucking lemon. When you weigh in at 240 thats a problem, specially the bumps.
    Thought I had roids so I went and checked and whopeeee ! Found out it was cancer. Mr invicible here freaked the fuck out for a couple days. Sober as ever but they do have me on a nice dose of morphine everyday. So when this all over I’m gonna have to kick that shit. But the docs knows the scoop with my past and promises me we’ll go on a withdrawal protocol when were done so that I dont go falling off any cliffs, or terrorize the island.
    Your words mean alot, its good to here shit like yours when all the crazy shit starts goin thru my head upon this kind of news. Now that all the test results are in I can think and breath a little better.

    Fuck you too babe,

  35. Tim V from RP here Mick. shoot me an email. 🙂

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