What we need to know.

I was over at Blacktygrrr this morning and linked on to a new website ” Faultline USA”

This is a story that needs to be out. There are some questions that I think Obama should answer, check it out.


whats this shit ?

Saturday morning I got bored and decided to take the AOL news quiz.

The questions were asked pertaining to whats going on in Gaza, what new item is on Starbucks menu etc…

The 9th question was about the reasons Bush gave to go to war. If I’ve seen a blatant bias media attack , this was it.

The question asked;

” Two journalism organizations found that from 2001 to 2003, the Bush administration issued false statements about the security threat posed by Iraq. How many such statements did the study find  ?”

 Answer;  935

” The study by the Center for public integrity and the Fund for independence in journalism said the false statements  “were part of an orchestrated campaign” that ” led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses”

Orchestrated ? Really ?

It amazes me how many people think Bush is this Hick idiot, but at the same time accuse him of masterminding some of the most diabolical schemes in history.

AOL News could of at least threw in a little disclaimer to be fair. But as we all know fairness and honesty in journalism is like finding a 17 year old virgin these days. Something that said  maybe this was just an opinion and that the statements in  question were the subject of bad intelligence would of been a start. It pissed me off, yea, but I’ve grown used to the lib left media lying through omission and selective editing. So I moved to question #10. And low and behold , another piece of bullshit I was supposed to swallow !

The question was asked who is Oliver Stone  going to use to portray George Bush in his up and coming movie about the man ?

This would be Josh Brolin. Anybody who is aware of Mister Brolins political standing knows that he hates Bush. Sheeez, why not just use Chris Rock instead. At least the joke aspect would be out front right away.

And then Oliver Stone is quoted as saying ” it will be a fair and accurate portrait of president Bush” Yea right Olly. After all the other US bashing movies you’ve made you insult our fucking intelligence by running that line of shit in front of us. A good addition would of been to list the administration sliming movies that Olly has already made.

This was not a news article per say. But it was supposedly still was news in the form of a quiz.

AOL may not necessarily be in anyones pocket in particular. I dont think they care, as long its not Bushs.

Exposing a Fucking Idiot

 It must be known that within 2 weeks of writing this post Kevin has made an apology too me. (I will paste it into the comments below)
As spitefull and mean as I have been I want Kevin and all readers to know that the apology was very well recieved and appreciated.
I took a part of what was said personally to a large extent. But the real intention of this post was to try and make it clear to even if only to one person just how ugly our history has been and that we are in the fight our life to make sure it does not happen again.
Bless you Kevin.
 On Jan 11th I went to a blog I often visit for the sake of exercising my imagination and to have some fun doing it. I’m a 50 year old man who likes to get silly once in a while and have some fun. Ration Reality is the place to do it. The participants and myself usually engage in off beat topics and apply as much humor and twists to the subject as we can. All the while humiliating and poking fun at each other. At first glance anyone would think RR is just stupid. But after participating for a while you’ll find out that its very witty, intelligent and intriguing in many ways.
On Jan 11th things took a shit. One of the authors wrote a post referring to Hillarys little wet eye event which we have all heard enough about by now and some of the other asinine antics the candidates are pulling off. http://rationreality.com/2008/01/11/go-cry-emo-senator/

In the comments following one of the blogs contributing writers made a reference to Bush getting teary eyed at Auschwitz in comparison to Hillary’s crying last week. This writer would be Kevin.  kvn.blogspot.com

He placed a link in his comment that takes you to the Huffington Post where they have an article describing how Bush had to hold back tears while visiting a holocaust memorial. In my mind Bushs reaction was one out of genuine mourning and also grief and guilt that America had not done more to prevent the holocaust. I’ve seen Bush do this at Walter Reed while visiting our wounded,  at times when addressing their families also and also in his speech right after 911  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20080111/bush-israel-holocaust/

Kevins response to Bushs emotional display was as follows.


 Kevin said, on January 11th, 2008 at 2:24 pm

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for Bush, who went all Emo because we didn’t bomb Auschwitz.

Waaaah, I’m wearing a Yarmulke, waaaah



What needs to work for Bush ? If Kevin had half a  brain instead of being so  hard up to make a joke or some point of irony and grab some attention he would realize that Bush has no reason or ulterior motives for his display. He is not up for re-election now is he ? He doesnt need photo ops any more than Eskimos need ice.

I thought this remark was pretty  insensitive. Comparing the tears of Hillary crying over her candidacy to the tears of a man mourning and grieving the slaughter of 6,000,000 holocaust victims is not only disgusting, it is about as cheap and low as I’ve seen anyone go.The last time I got this mad was when I saw a man beat his pregnant wife on the sidewalk. I returned the favor by kicking him down the same sidewalk until he fell in the gutter. The cops came, cuffed me, took me around the corner, let me go and gave me 10 bucks for lunch. Said it was the coolest thing they’ve ever seen.

I responded to Kevin with confrontational bewilderment  over him making light of what is a very serious episode in our history. Which by the way I’ll explain later how the holocaust is very relevant to todays war on terror. I asked him as follows;


micky2 said, on January 11th, 2008 at 3:14 pm

Hey kevin ! You got any relatives with concentration camp tattoos ?
I DO !


His reply was even more tasteless than his original comment.


Kevin said, on January 11th, 2008 at 3:20 pm 

No Micky, but I do have relatives with unsightly skin blemishes, and they are just as embarrassing.


This is where I snapped


micky2 said, on January 11th, 2008 at 3:48 pm

Hey you fucking punk !
Lets get one thing straight ! I come here to have fun.
But I will not tolerate some arrogant snot fuck punk belittling my relatives who were beaten, tattoed, and jailed by Nazis.
Go find some humor in something REALLY funny.
If anything is embarrassing its your pathetic insensitivity, stupidity, and lack of resourcefulness when it comes to finding things to joke about.
Grow up an realize there are just some things you should not say or do to the wrong people.
One of the most disgusting episodes in the history of man should never ever be used to get your cheap stupid ass a laugh.


Now, I am the one to bring family into this first. But it was “my” family.   And I did it only with the intent of explaining the reason for my position. At this point my mom and granmas humility, horror, evil abuse  had been brought down to the  level of a simple minded fuck who was embarrassed by his relatives bad complexion.  Kevin was asserting that I should suck it up and deal with it as relativly small problem such as zits. My mom and granmas tragedy had been trivialized just for some punks amusement. And his vain attempts to make people laugh.


Not if I could help it.

Bagel, who runs the blog tried to put some ice on the situation.And yes I’ve said some horrid things in humor, but not about anyones loved ones.


bagel of everything said, on January 11th, 2008 at 3:56 pm

“micky: back off, man. you’ve said some pretty horrid things around here yourself. When kevin told me about it earlier, privately, he said “if you bomb Auschwitz, aren’t you bombing the Jews inside too?”

So there”


At this point I thought maybe I should back off and let things come down, and that they would. I figured it was just a horrible joke gone even more horrible, and to just let it go.

But then came Kevins next statement.


Kevin said, on January 11th, 2008 at 4:00 pm

“I said that in a hopeful tone though bagel.”


I wasnt sure how to take that so I just played the high road and gave it the benefit of the doubt that his “hopefulness” was a good hopefulness, and apologized on the belief that Kevin was backing off a little.


The next few comments really had no context to the matter so I’ll skip down to the next most important parts.


micky2 said, on January 11th, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Yea , I read the part kevin referenced and a little more. Where it mentions the 1.5 million innocent kids killed.
Whats offensive about Bush being remorseful that we didnt do more ?

  • bagel of everything said, on January 11th, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    micky: if you still have some anger towards kevin, we have a thread devoted to it:


  • ================================================
  • As soon as Kevin said this( below next comment) , we were back to square one. And I snapped with a vengeance
  • ================================================
  • Kevin said, on January 11th, 2008 at 4:30 pm  
  • Its offensive because the holocaust never happened. Duh!
  • micky2 said, on January 11th, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Kevin !
    Are you out of your fucking mind ?
    What are you ? Trying to be funny again ?
    Or Achmed Amamdingdongs conjoined twin ?

  • Kevin said, on January 11th, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Who knew Jewish holocaust survivors were so touchy? Jesus Chris

  • Kevin said, on January 11th, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Just crucify why don’t ya!?


    Keywork is a decent guy whos blog I visit for recreational blogging just as I do at RR. I’ve even had the pleasure of speaking to him in person . https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=4198600931710684031&postID=7866101986026659937  I only request live conversations from bloggers I meet whom I think are truly good people.

    At this point I was genuinely upset. I doubt anyone could tell just how much by looking at a monitor and some print. For decorum sake I think Bagel moved this fight over to another thread.


  • ================================================
  • At this point I’m going to spare you as much cut and paste comments as I can. I just wanted to let the readers get a feel for whats happening. At this point things got even worse. Somewhere along the line it was assumed by Bagel that I was homophobic. To which I replied with instances and examples in my life that proved the contrary.
  • I think a relative comment got deleted, I’m not sure. But kevins gayness was not an issue in my mind until it had been brought up. And I was also nailed for bringing family into it. But why ? It was my family, no one elses. Only after Kevin wished the camp had starved my mother to death did I wish for his mother to of fallen down a flight of stairs and miscarry him. At this point Keywork was trying to defuse this mess with some humor and had offerd me  few tools to help clean up the virtual mess. I told him all I would need is a bucket and a toothpick because this “fag” had no teeth. Implying that crapping him out my ass would be easy. The toothpick was to pull the spam out from between my teeth. This is where I guess Kevin got offended as it was brought to my attention by those on the staff. And I was frowned upon for my choice of words by the staff and Key.
  • Cut to chase.
  • A day or two later after pondering my actions and receiving criticism from my wife I decided to issue an apology to Kevin. As follows.==================================================
  • micky2 said, on January 12th, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    In the interest of walking my talk my conscience has made me realize that I should apologize for the “fag” comment. For me to get indignant over what I perceived as an insensitive remark, I myself was insensitive. I have a temper and like all of us it got the best of me yesterday. The lessons from the holocaust should be that tolerance and acceptance of all regardless of race creed or sexual orientation is the order of the day.
    I went against my own principles based on that and I apologize.
    Have a good weekend and I hope we can get together on better terms sometime in the near future.
    We know each other a little better now, and that is the key ingredient needed in order for people to get along.
    Once again, sorry dude.  :-).

  • Shortly after that to my pleasure a note of forgiveness was written to me by bagel. There was one point of interest in that note that caught my attention, but I figured things were cool now, so just let it be. That point of interest was mentioned by Bagel, she wrote; ”arguing which is worse: Holocaust denial or calling someone a fag.” and then this additional statement caused me to ask myself the same question even more, Bagel wrote; I’ve heard “fag” used in ways that made me laugh, and while I’ve yet to hear a knee-slapper of a holocaust joke.
  • A couple of days later while reading over the whole fucking spat again I decided to go to kevins blog just to get a glimpse of this guy. I guess I was hoping to see something that would redeem him and maybe there was some humanizing qualities going on there. As a matter of fact the only thing I found was more of the same. A childish punk who knows only how to be abusive and dishonest in humorous attempts that only an  bored psycho anarchist would think is funny.
  • The real point behind this post is that Kevin is an extreme example of everything thats wrong with a good portion of Americas youth.
  • First of all, make no mistake about it. I am attacking Kevin if with anything the intent to hurt him into some kind of awakening. And I personally want him to know what a piece of shit I think he is.
  • Kevin and alot of young fucks today are under the impression that Bush is somehow the Antichrist. Wait, most of them are secularist or atheist so that wont work. Anyway, I remember when I was between 18 and 25 nobody in government could do anything right. They were “the establishment” as we called them. They were “corporate pigs” And we would protest violence by throwing rocks and bottles at cops.
  • Cuba and Russia wanted us dead, but we wanted to get rid of the military. Drugs were O.K. because they came from the earth, so that made them natural. If you were a millionaire you were a thief, unless you were Mick Jagger or some rock star.
  • I understand the idealistic mentality of our younger Americans.  Imagine by John Lennon pretty much sums up the mindset.
  • ================================================
  • Imagine there’s no Heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for todayImagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peaceYou may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as oneImagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the worldYou may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one
  • Hmmm…  Wouldnt it be nice ? Yea  I think this puts it all in perspective. Real nice , but hardly dealing with things the way they are. I swear , that has to be one of the dumbest songs ever. The moonbat anthem
  • The Huffington post clip that Kevin linked to his comment was the used to point out Kevins opinion that Bushs tears were fake. What kevin obviously does not realize is that what the Nazis did is exactly what Radical Islam wants today. So I think its safe to say that Bush is and was reflecting on the fact that the war we are fighting today is a repeat of history, but with different players. If Kevin and his butthole surfing mousketeers were aware of how the Nazi doctrine is identical to that of Muslim extremists they to might crack a tear when seeing the reminder of 6 million dead people.
  • As a matter of fact radical Islam got its floor plan and doctrine directly from the Nazis.
  • ================================================
  • http://www.moralgroup.com/NewsItems/Islam/p20.htm
  • Yet the victor wasn’t any of these Cold War combatants. Instead, it was a movement with an equally powerful ideology: the Muslim Brotherhood. Founded in 1920s Egypt as a social-reform movement, the Brotherhood became the fountainhead of political Islam, which calls for the Muslim religion to dominate all aspects of life. A powerful force for political change throughout the Muslim world, the Brotherhood also inspired some of the deadliest terrorist movements of the past quarter century, including Hamas and al Qaeda.”

  • Gerhard von Mende’s interest in Muslims originated in 1919, when his father was murdered. The family had lived in Riga, part of a once-large German minority in Latvia. When the tiny land was invaded by the Red Army at the end of World War I, members of the bourgeoisie were rounded up and sent on a forced march. Mr. von Mende’s father, a banker, was pulled out of the line and shot dead.”



  • Mr. Namangani had come from a long line of imams in his native land, modern-day Uzbekistan. But his religious service had mostly been in an unholy organization: Hitler’s infamous SS. According to an autobiographical sketch he gave German authorities, he had been arrested by Stalin’s security forces in 1941 and soon after liberated by the invading German army. He served as imam in various capacities, ending as imam for an SS division. He won some of Germany’s highest commendations, including the Iron Cross.”




  • ================================================

  • http://www.mideastnewswire.com/archive/me_nc_islamists.html


    Islam’s Nazi Connections
    By Serge Trifkovic
    FrontPageMagazine.com | December 5, 2002

    An essay adapted by Robert Locke from Dr. Serge Trifkovic’s new book
    The Sword of the Prophet: A Politically-Incorrect Guide to Islam

    One of the good things one can truthfully say about Islam is that there has never been any love lost between Moslems and Marxists.

    Sadly, the opposite end of the totalitarian political spectrum is quite another matter. SS chief Heinrich Himmler was known to remark that he regretted that Germany had adopted Christianity, rather than “warlike” Islam, as its religion, and there is a disturbing amount of twisted but very real logic in his remark.

  • ============================================================
  • I think that if Kevin had some of this knowlegde instead of the crap he picks up from the Kos and other hate blogs he might be a little better of a decision maker in the public arena. And he certainly would not be the delusional misguided freak that he is, as displayed on his blog. Which brings me to the personal part.
  • Kevin is a liar of the worst kind. and a hypocrite.
  • I’m not going to pretend that I dont have my levels of hypocrisy and when I see me conflicting with myself I apologize for it or at least attempt to rectify it, but Kevin loves to oooze his ass around in it as if its something to be proud of.
  • Heres some examples , straight from this self indulgent narcissistic juvenile peice of shit blog. And I will be placing inserts of my own to set this bitch straight
  • ============================================================
  • I learned a horrible lesson this weekend, the media really IS owned by Jews!
  • (His friends own this blog that he insulted me on, and so what if they are Jewish ?)
  • =================================================
  • I’ve written for Ration Reality, an offensive but funny comedy site that regularly makes fun of such things as, AIDS, Jesus Christ, road kill, and Shirley Templewho on that page is naked but wearing a Nazi hat and boots, and masturbating with a whip.In their comments section I posted a funny article of born again Bushy going to Auchwitz, wearing a Yarmulke, and pretend-sobbing over the Jewish people who had died there,
  • (It was a well written article. I was surprised that the Huffington post did an honest story about Bush, scroll to the top for the link.)
  •  it was all an obvious photo-op in a long line of photo ops in an administrating proven to be slightly less criminal than the system by which bonobo monkeys use to govern each other, and I thought the article was inherently funny.
  • ( Of course we all know that whats obvious to Kevin is that its his perception. Whats not obvious to Kevin is that its not everyones perception, he should of at least had the decency to make it apparent that this was his opinion. And since when would Bush ask for or need a photo op ? Its not like hes running for president.)
  • Unfortunately one of the commenters, who I had pegged as a slightly homophobic conservative, found me insulting for even having linked to the story.
  • (This is a lie, a fabrication. What I found insulting was the comment posted at RR where Kevin said; “Unfortunately it doesn’t work for Bush, who went all Emo because we didn’t bomb Auschwitz. Linking to storys does not piss me off”)
  •  Naturally, while being egged on by head mod and gal pal Bagel, I teased the guy, as I tease all perceived douchebags.And in the process of teasing him I said the Bush article is funny because THE HOLOCAUST DIDN’T HAPPEN, DUH!Apparently denying that the holocaust ever happened, even in clear antagonizing jest, was the only thing considered offensive on the site since the thread was moved to an old article I had written. I felt a little disturbed because no one had told me I was writing for a Zionist site!Yikes.
  • ( Clear antagonizing jest ? After everything he had already said this idiot expects anyone to believe he is joking.)Its like writing a couple of Atheist jokes for a site that turns out to be a front for Militant Christians.I then received messages on the site about the importance and severity of the Jewish holocaust, which to my understanding was worse than the Armenian Genocide, but nobody gives a shit about the Armenians and all their websites are crap anyway.I was then surprised to see that I had been called a fag by my antagonist, an offense that went unnoticed for a while, and when it was noticed, it was dismissed because…well because gay people call each other fag, so the insult really doesn’t carry the severity of denying the holocaust. 
  • ( once again, kevin is decieving and not telling what I was really pissed about. Only and idiot would assume by now that no one will read the original text, it was the attack on my family that pissed me off the most.) ( And by now , if you noticed, he has already left out major portions of the original thread)I call bullshit on this because all of my Jewish friends deny the holocaust happened every time they see me. “Hey Kevin, sup? The holocaust didn’t happen. Hey Kevin! What Holocaust? You down for drinks tonight Kevin? Fuck da holocaust!” Therefore, denying the holocaust is perfectly reasonable!
  • (If kevin and his buddies can joke about denying the holocaust as much as it hurts others, then I can call him a fag, as much as it hurts others, Right ? I shouldnt of done it, but hey ! with his logic, what the difference ? The difference is that I apologized. Kevin did not.I feel insulted and degraded because of this incident, and let me tell you why. My antagonist did not have enough gay points to call me a fag, when I clearly have enough Jew points to deny that not only did the Holocaust not happen, but that Jews themselves don’t even exist, and if they did, then they obviously did 9-11.
  • ( Heres another fucking brilliant piece of logic. Gay points ? What ? The more times I’ve taken it up the ass and sucked dicks allows me to be that much more vulgar and careless with other peoples feelings ?)
  • Here are my antagonist’s reasons for even saying the word fag:“I’ve had two gay friends for the last 38 years, but they’re gay, not fags. And I go to gay clubs because the music is better and no one hits on my wife. I dont give a fuck if you gargle donkey dicks, leave my mother and grandmother alone. Been in the rest. business my whole life and I’ve probably hired more gays than you’ll ever meet.”Nope, not enough gay points.
  • ( More fucking lies. This comment was meant to dismantle the assertion that I was homphobic. I see no explanation in this comment for me using the word “fag”)
  • You see, you need a great number of black points or CRED in order to use the word “nigger,” if you don’t have the points, then you can’t use the word. I grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles in Inglewood with gang-bangers, my coming of age occurred during the L.A. Riots, I’m Latino so I’m practically black, therefore I have enough points to say nigger without flinching.
  • ( I’m 50 years old. I ran the streets for 15 years while Kevin was getting his first fisting. I know the rules. And punk gay bitches do not make the rules on the streets or in gangs. As a matter of fact they get chased down to Venice , Hollywood or up to San Fransisco)You, more likely than not, don’t even have enough points to READ THE WORD nigger (which is why you’re sweating right about now), much less say it, but you might just have enough points to listen to the word on rap albums provided you haven’t killed a black person.I want to make it clear to everyone reading this and people who read Ration Reality, that I have enough Jewish points to deny the holocaust ever happened.Allow me to show you my points.10) I lived with a Jewish girl for a good year! And she was Super Jewish, complete with neon menorahs and money lending abilities, also horns.9) Some of my favorite movies are Woody Allen movies, I just hate that whiney obnoxious old guy who stars in most of them.8) I kvetch 7) I own and proudly display my rainbow Star of David, given to me by a Jewish coke fiend.6) I am blogging buddies with Matthew the Well Dressed Librarian. He wants me.5) I live in New York. Jew capital of the states.4) I eat bagels with cream cheese every other morning before going to work…for a French Jew.

    3) I am personal friends and blogging buddies with David P. Militant gay Jew and lover of Sondheim musicals. Loves action movies.

    2) I’m personal friends and blogging buddies with Scott. Who is a fun gay jew….Hmm I’m just now realizing that I only know gay jews, but they’re the best jews anyway.

    1) The Holocaust? I don’t think JESUS CHRIST existed! You can’t get more Jewy than that now can you?

  • Here’s what I know,Some insults are worse than others, and some groups should be protected over others, because insults can be measured by outcry, and we should protect the people who can’t take the insults no matter how much they love insulting other groups. Of course this only works as long as most people don’t complain, because then everyone becomes irritated and they usually start yelling at ME like I can do anything about their lives!
  • Life lessons are good
  • Sorry Kevin. You have not learned enough yet obviously.
  • You are so fucking full of your self that you think because you met some jews in your life you have the right to say what you want. My father who died in my arms Christmas eve was Jewish. He married my Christain mother in Denmark and moved us to America when I was three. I spent 44 years with him, a Jew and his family.
  • I have much more qualifications than you to decide if denying the holocaust is offensive or not. For I lived with these people until I was 18 and I’ve known them my whole life. My father didnt even know who his parents were.
  • You are worse than a fag or whatever generic phrase bugs you the most. You’re a punk with no sense of responsabilty for others. Had you not been made aware of my feelings about the holocaust maybe I would of been more patient. But after discovering how I felt you continued your sick little tirade anyway.
  • You’re an arrogant self centerd piece of shit if you actually want to debate whether its worse to deny the holocaust to someone it has hurt very much , or be called a fag. You have minimized and discounted the pain and grieving of millions of families who still see the pain of mans worst moment ever on the faces of their parents, grandparents and loved ones. And you mock and joke about millions who innocently lost their lives for nothing more than what they are. Take your fucking PC descriptions that dictate what you can and cant call someone and shove them up your next  lovers ass.  Homosexuals are not happy all the time , so they cannot be gay all the time. In my apology I stressed how the holocaust should teach us to be tolerant and forgiving. I will forgive you for your ignorance and stupidity. But I do not want an apology from you. I dont see how anyone could want anything from you. You’re a liar and a hypocrite.  And even if you tried, it would be worthless until you grew up and learned just how disgusting you are right now.
  • I thought I would quote Bin Laden from his “Letter to America”Just so no one would think I pulled all this out of my ass.


     Reading the whole letter is a must in order for anyone to have a clear perspective as to exactly what we are fighting. But I thought I would toss in quotes as bait

    OBL:” The creation of Israel is a crime which must be erased. Each and every person whose hands have become polluted in the contribution towards this crime must pay its*price, and pay for it heavily. “

    He wants to convert the whole world to Islam !

    OBL:”(Q2) As for the second question that we want to answer: What are we calling you to, and what do we want from you?

    (1) The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam.

    (a) The religion of the Unification of God; of freedom from associating partners with Him, and rejection of this; of complete love of Him, the Exalted; of complete submission to His Laws; and of the discarding of all the opinions, orders, theories and religions which contradict with the religion He sent down to His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Islam is the religion of all the prophets, and makes no distinction between them – peace be upon them all.