Is It Just Me ?

Recently blogging for me has taken a turn. I don’t know if its me or if I’ve just given up trying to have constructive arguments that bring some agreement or consensus.

Dont get me wrong. I’m famous for week-long potty mouth pissing matches that are nothing more than a one-upmanship of whom is the bigger asshole and have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Used to be there was a regular basis where topics got discussed to a point where it was obvious that two people of different ideologies at least cared about reaching some agreement.  Today it seems there’s not much left to do but criticize, make jokes, mockery, and reflect on the most absurd administration I’ve ever seen.

Theres no point in explaining the failures of socialism, oversized government, it’s over reach into the private sector, lack of individualism, the perils of collectivism…  it’s all a waste of time. It seems non of that matters to any of my opposition. Where it used to be argued that these things were not taking place, now, instead, they’re being argued as the answer.

I’m tired of trying to fight while it seems the other side is just wringing their hands together waiting for utopia oblivious to any conversation being needed.

Is it just me or has it all boiled down to my purpose being nothing more than to make these people aware in the crudest terms just how fucking stupid they are and their choice was ?
I’ve often said that every so often there comes along a generation that thinks they can make socialism and/or communism work because everyone before them had it wrong. I believe were in the midst of one of these generations because it seems that no amount of education to the failures of the past matters to these people. Where did they come from ? Dont tell me Bush’s policies produced them because even with two very expensive but necessary wars and Katrina it still wasnt an eight years that was all that bad deserving this 180 degree turn in our country’s direction.
There is no hope in this presidents vision. There is no long-term ideal that guarantees us any stability be it financially or our national security.
Everything just seems to be reactionary to problems that are none of his making.
That in a sense is bullshit.
Things have only gotten worse halfway thru this mans run and I have a feeling his supporters are tired of hearing “I told ya so’ or are just victims of their own ignorant pride and are still clicking Birkenstocks and wishing for Kansas.
Which, if true, it seems has rendered conversations lately to be reduced on a more frequent level to that of nothing more than pointing out the flawed thinking behind ones beliefs instead of what we can do to stop what I see as total madness.
Have the masses gone melancholy with complacency or do these assholes actually believe the shit were watching will work ?
Is it just me or has the landscape of the discourse changed to where argument is just not necessary anymore ?