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I lifted this from Tygrr Express since for some reason my comments wont stick there.

August Hate Mail
August Hate Mail

Today is just a small standard batch of hate mail from leftists. Being a leftist means getting as far into the gutter as possible. Like in the movie “Animal Farm,” one can look at the animals and the leftists and not be ale to tell which was which.

With that, here is a slice of August hate mail.


Absolutely fantastic piece, we were laughing our heads off! I have e-mailed this to everybody… Please keep these coming. Perhaps your new tagline should read "consummate oven-dodging baby-baby man Eric Golub will hiss and spit his way through his own feces" weeee…Please do not stop with the satire! Please please please please : ) this is funnier than anything I could've ever imagined … oh my I peed a little…”

Analysis: Oven-dodging? Nothing like a pro-Holocaust reference to start the day. The reference to bodily functions was a nice finishing touch, like a vinaigrette on a leftist salad. Keep it classy, Carl.

Hi, forgive me…. I don't live in America so don't know anything about you… I just read your piece /// Barack Obama and Harry Reid's broken liberal souls/// is what you wrote supposed to be some weird comedy piece? Truly you sound deluded and a total fruit loop.”

Analysis: This fellow got off to a good start when he admitted “I don’t live in America so don’t know anything.” I can forgive him for not being born in the greatest nation on Earth, but not for flapping his gums.”

I found your article on Obama's "Broken Soul" to be the most biased and ignorant piece I have ever had the misfortune of reading. I am not in support of him either, make no mistake, but you are almost on the caliber of Fox News with your hateful one sided commentary.”

Analysis: Fox News is the highest rated cable news network. I guess he thinks a majority of Americans are bigots. I am an opinion writer. I am supposed to be biased. So in my less than humble biased opinion, this fellow is an imbecile.

why are you such a twisted dick? Your childhood must have been awful.”

Analysis: I had a friend who had to drive himself to the hospital with a Twisted testicle. He voted Peace and Freedom, so I do not see any correlation between having one’s appendage out of whack and voting patterns. Now the brain is a different story, based on modern liberalism. Of course my childhood was awful. Have you ever been to Long Island?

Say it with me everyone. These are liberals. This is how they behave.


I gotta tell you Eric.
I did not own a computer 5-6 years ago.
The original intent was to help my sons studies because like many kids today they dont read books because the pages are to heavy to turn, he was regressing terribly.
Your blog,the first I ever visited 5-6 years ago after we got that computer was responsible for opening my eyes to just how much was wrong with politics, our country…


In these last few years I’ve visited hundreds if not thousands of blogs and venues that allow dialogue and will confess I can and have been at times very very nasty, personal and mean.
Although I’m in my 50s and you’re noticeably younger at first sight in person, you’ve been the inspiration thats made me back away from bad behavior and hit my restart button. (more often than not)
The point I’m getting at is that when myself and others have gone profane, vulgar, awry and personal at certain blogs and as a result traffic there decreased because because of meaningless content. Sometimes at one point I would apologize and ask everyone to cooperate in solution searching and reaching agreements if possible in a civil humane manner.
And I’m sorry, I try like hell not to be partisan on this issue because I’m no better when I get pi$$ed.
But I’ll be SOB if the majority of the time its not a moonbat that destroys the civil tempo my request created in no less than a couple days later at the most.
As and addict and liberal who recovered from both simultaneously I know for a fact this behavior comes from emotions unchecked that foster the idea ” if I can humiliate or hurt your feelings I’m right”.
Which is very convenient when in denial or fending off intervention only intended to help me.

Liberalism was a learned behavior for me.
Till this day my Mother (still is) and her new husband are die hard moonbats.
My last trip to the neighbor island to visit them was three days of hell as I had to keep listening to what f******* idiots Conservatives were and how Bush caused all our problems. (although theres an unwritten rule we dont talk politics among family)
Since I began blogging they both had no idea how much more informed I was than them about the political and global issues we face . I guess they thought I blogged to exchange recipes and just shoot the breeze.
Finally, after 3 days of name calling I snapped.
Without profanity or personal insults I downloaded a few points in history into their heads that are documented fact. The CRA, The New Deal, etc.
All of a sudden, according to my own family I’m some f-ing A hole who has nothing better to do than play on my computer all day.
They were astonished to hear that there are blogs that actually pay for my participation.
I showed them the marathon debate on this blog that you, Jersey, The Anti Socialist ,a couple others, and myself had on global warming/environmentalism a few years ago.
Neither mom nor hubby had any idea that the facts disclosed in that debate actually exist. (Too much John Stewart & MSNBC)
Its an excellent read if anyone wants to see civil debate and the standard on just how it should be done.

They dont talk politics around me anymore.
Which is a shame.
Because that only shows an exact example of why we cant get anything done in this country.
The difference, the way I see it, is this.
Liberals think more with the heart. Thats fine.
But unless theres a system in place that makes those heartfelt intentions possible….

…its all in vane, and becomes a very selfish endeavor.

Take care my friend