Smiles That make You Go Hmm…


I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

People that smile in the face of anything have always made me suspicious.

Yeah, by now we all know what the deal is with this woman. I think the more important and relevant question is why are we not putting as much energy into convicting those that truly do mean us harm ?

Has it occured to anyone that the left has put more energy into convicting those that tried (and have more than likely succeeded) to save American lives than the ones who actually killed 3000 of us ?

I think we all need to wake up to just how out of control all this shit has gotten. Were allowed to stand for what we believe is our patriotic duty but I think the priorities are little mixed up at this point in our history when were applying more energy into the rights and care for those that mean us harm than we are those who are trying to save American lives.

When the hatred of one man has led a party to go as far as this woman has gone we have reached a point in our society where we need to tell our government to stop where its at and don’t sign or do a damn thing until we get this kind of mindset out from our leadership.

Murtha and his slander of our troops kinda got to me, Kerry and his idiotic representations of the war got to me, code pink and that whole scene along with the lefts hypocrisy (we hate all you’re doing, but support you) has been troubling but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Pelosi is the straw that broke the camels back, enough already.



  1. I missed your birthday. I’m sorry. I haven’t been around. I went back to work and have been so busy that I haven’t had time for anything. Anyway, happy birthday. I left you a gift at Key’s. I hope you had a nice day. I do love ya, big guy. I hope all is well.

  2. Thanks, dont worry bout it. Good to hear you’re back at work, guess thats a good thing ?

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