I just got done watching Fox air a segment advertising the special that VH1 is doing recently on hollywood celebrities and their addictions.

And I’m so fucking tired of these woosey ass goody two shoe wimps who fucking ran their Bently into a palm tree on Wilshire Blvd. and then start crying to the world ” I’m an addict ” as if its glamorous or some  shit like that.

So what does FOX do ? They bring in this idiot Bimbo Mary Carey to act as a spokesperson for the special because she was addicted to Xanax once.

Online Videos From ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Depict Stars Using Drugs

Monday, November 26, 2007


 Jessica Sierra’s mug shot ( I’m sorry, but she only looks like she just woke up)

Videos of celebrity has-beens using illegal drugs or simulating drug use are circulating on the Internet in clips apparently taken from a forthcoming VH1 show about fallen stars in rehab.In one segment, “Taxi” actor Jeff Conaway simulates snorting cocaine. Another shows a man “free-basing” cocaine — or pretending to.“By the way, this is pablum,” Conaway says as he inhales. “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.”Click here to see the free-basing video.Click here to see the Conaway video.“Celebrity Rehab,” scheduled to premiere Jan. 10, will track celebrities gone bad as they go through treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Among the nine former stars expected to be featured are “American Idol” finalist Jessica Sierra, porn star and onetime California governor hopeful Mary Carey,( had a little run in with some Xanax once) actor Daniel Baldwin, actress Brigitte Nielsen and former pro wrestler Chyna, according to The New York Post. ( How bad could it of gotten ? they still have bookoo bucks and made it to the studio)

A spokeswoman from VH1 refused to confirm the names of the participants, other than Sierra, the Post reported.

Dr. Drew Pinsky will host the show; filming is under way in Pasadena, Calif.

Sierra, a 2005 “Idol” finalist, was arrested in April for striking someone in a Tampa, Fla., bar with a glass. She pleaded no contest last week to battery and drug charges for cocaine possession at the time of the incident, and was sentenced to 12 months probation.

( I’ve done worse shit being sober, she need a few weeks in jail, not rehab. She had a problem, not an addiction)

So did this dipshit. Theres a big difference between a problem and an addiction. Some of these idiots just cant handle.

 How many of these poor beaten up , sleeping in the gutter, stealing there moms jewelry, puking up blood till they die and wandering around broke and lost for years so called addicts have done this ?

Or ended up looking like this ?

When you use to look like this.

Or gone from this,

To this ?

Or this !

(Even Pelosi had her problems)

These are the faces of REAL ADDICTION !

Not this word “addiction” that hollywood uses to get attention when their careers are taking a dive.

Its getting to a point where addiction cant be taken seriously if everytime you stub your toe on the curb at Rodeo drive you go in for treatment.

I’m all for intervention and  I’m not saying these folks don’t have problems. But there are folks out there that REALLY need help and dont have a dime to their name and have been addicted and trapped in bodies they hate for decades.

And these primadonna little asswipes with all the money in the world are pushing their careers pretending to have what is a serious problem.

I did it all for at least twenty years and know all too well this is not a dance in the park or some short stint in life.



The last squirrel that fucked with me

Now I guess he’ll need a slew of entitlement programs to get back on his feet.

Some welfare, rehab, foodstamps, permanent disability benefits.

He’ll probably find out that he screwed some rat last night and we will have to pay for the little fuckers that are on their way as well.


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