Osama ! Time Out ! Go To Your Room !

Lets make one thing clear from the start. This post will more than likely end up just being a rant. I do alot of debating with moonbats. And have thought at numerous times I’ve heard it all when it comes to asinine remarks and flat out stupid statements. But once again, just when you thought you’ve heard it all.  http://www.thegayblackjew.com/images/moonbat.jpg  I’ve had this post on hold for a few days, debating if I should put it out there or not for fear of looking more goofy than I have been at some times. I run into the guy who is the subject of this blog on a daily basis and have decided at this point so far that what you’re about to read is going to be some the most incredible moonbat shit you have ever heard. You’re about to hear some of the best advice you’ll get from what I think is the poster child of the year for the loony left.

I eagerly engage in debates with moonbats. Actually to be more descriptive, I rip them new assholes. Half the time I don’t even care about debating an issue with them or finding a solution as much as I care about making them look stupid. Because it almost always gets to a point where they just cant process common thought. They will at one point always start to argue the sentiment and not the facts. And any hope of constructive debate gets unhinged from the top of the cave and lands in that pile of  guano. So I just end up slapping them around until they go away. The only purpose of course is to humiliate and  irritate them into a frenzy. I know it sounds cruel, but hey, its fun and PETA cant say shit.  And it lets them know that they’re being hunted and their crap wont go unchallenged. The purpose of this vindictive hunt is to make their pink and squeeky little assholes twitch with fear when they see my name on a thread.

I usually keep my rounds and spats with these assclowns ( see here)> http://www.strangecosmos.com/content/item/12342.html to myself because quite frankly I’m not too proud of the level and means I sink to sometimes when nailing these idiots, but this one I have to share with everyone. For the whole thread go to this link. But please, hold off until you read the rest of the post. http://blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com/2007/10/25/rjc-in-dc-rudy-giuliani/#comments

 You may say to yourself that these miscreants are so stupid that they are not a  threat or worth the effort. Unfortunately there is reason to be concerned. The concern is that these assholes actually have abundant opportunity and enough time on their hands to drop their twisted logic on younger and more impressionable minds. I have nightmares of these idiots sitting down with some 16 or 17 year old and actually convincing them that their ideas and perceptions are  rational and honorable. I am not looking forward to the first time my sons public school starts to try and shove some liberal propaganda down his throat. Lets put it this way, at least the prison guards are all my friends. And they will make my stay as comfortable as possible.

Anyway. Just when you think you’ve heard some of the dumbest apologistic shit you’ve ever heard in your life, an idiot statement like the one below pops up.

This assholes name is Jersey McJones. http://jerseymcjones.blogspot.com/

Mr McJones wrote;

“Please listen. Terrorism works in two ways, when it works at all. It frightens the hell out of people and it makes them mad as hell. Either one of those products contains a good dose of hell. You should neither be frightened of terrorists nor enraged at them. You should calmly and with calculation figure out a way to keep them from angering and frightening you. Sometimes parents have to deal with unruly children. Good parents do not beat the tar out of their kids. They figure out a more subtle way to get them to behave. Don’t fear terrorism, just find a way to stop it without making more of it.”


I have been mind fucking this dude for months now. Half the time I don’t even bother to engage him in substantial debate, especially since he once claimed he had screwed more women than I have. This wouldn’t be so bad in normal conversation between two guys at a bar who might know each other. But I’ve never met the guy or given him a number as to how many times I’ve gotten lucky. He just happens to know a lot of things that only God or I could know. The radical left is becoming very popular at doing this kind of thing. You know what I mean ?,  its the ole “it is because I say so ” thing. Or whats similar that we all have heard also is Al gore saying there is no debate on gerbil warming. Or they try to pass their concepts off as so intelligently conceived and brainstormed that no mortal mind could possibly understand or comprehend it. And as always a good dose of snide condescending remarks will usually come along with their warped epiphanies.

I thought I would share with the readers a good example if not a prime example of the lunacy and danger our countries more impressionable youth faces.

Would an unruly teenager who was just beginning to take an interest in the worlds problems construe the statement ” unruly children” as sympathetic to them and the gauntlet of insecurity that our teens go through also ? Would it be possible that a young adult/teen would say to himself  “Hey ! that’s right ! If we treated terrorist the same way I wish my parents should of treated me we might have less problems with these misunderstood people.” Theirs been alot of times in my youth I myself have felt like blowing the shit out of something too because the whole world just didn’t get it.

How many of our kids today would relate to feeling misunderstood and being demonized for their radical behavior ? This is all to reminiscent of the way any other organization would attract and then indoctrinate young recruits. White supremacists, gangs, cults. They often equate the potential members misery and hardships in life to those that they sympathize with or choose to/ and/or need to have an alliance with. It’s easy to establish this bond between our kids and radical Islam if you’ve ever had any sales experience. The pitch would go something like this. ” These poor Muslims are misunderstood just like you junior. They’re getting frustrated and angry because no one will just take the time to sit down and talk to them. I mean, you must know how they feel, right ?”

Lets dissect Mr. McJones statement in a little more detail to fully grasp the nature of this germ.

“Please listen. Terrorism works in two ways, when it works at all”

First of all, myself and most rational people can tell you that terrorism works in more than two ways. Fear, death, anger, submission of will. That would pertain to the victims. But it also works another way that most of us forget. It makes the terrorist happy. As far as “working at all” goes. This is a sublime way of saying its not as big a threat as its been cranked up to be. When has terrorism not worked ? Even if it was a failed attempt, it still freaks people out.

“It frightens the hell out of people and it makes them mad as hell. Either one of those products contains a good dose of hell. You should neither be frightened of terrorists nor enraged at them”

“Frightened” and ” makes them mad as “hell” is putting it lightly. It can literally scare the shit out of you and fuck your head up for life.  Just ask anyone who had loved ones that perished on 911 or had to watch all those people die, some jumping a little less than a 1/4 mile to their death. And also the firefighters who are battling with health problems today as a result of all the fallout, physically and mentally.

You should neither be frightened of terrorist nor enraged at them ?

Even if someone believes this, how on earth does anyone come to this conclusion ? Fear and caution is the one emotion and reaction we have that is most responsible for the bulk of decisions we make in life. I believe this jerks kind of thinking comes from a  false superiority complex that is derived of the need to be intuitive and insightful to a level that no mortal mind could conceive. That description itself is a clear example of someone trying to cover major insecurities within. Its a defense mechanism against the self loathing mindset. ( The fear of looking weak)  Its the intentionally projected condescending mindset that tells anyone who disagrees ” you don’t get it ” and you’re just to ignorant to see it in the vast depth that my superior mind sees it in. I am the av-ant garde` thinker above all the rest and you should just trust me and take my word for it.

As far as “shouldn’t be enraged at them” goes. This is just plain chicken shit apologetic pandering to the terrorist from someone who doesn’t have the balls to come out right away and smack the shit out of these guys and tell them “what the fuck is the matter with you ?” They would rather come out of the corner kissing ass rather than risk getting hurt and do something about it. When someone sneaks up behind you and cracks you one without warning, the first thing you don’t do is  ask him why he did it! It doesn’t matter why he did it! What matters is that he has already shown that he will do ANYTHING he can to hurt you. And so you must knock him on his ass immediately and make sure he cant do it again and then ask him why he did it. This passive moonbat thought process goes against the grain of any rational and normal human defense mechanisms.

“You should calmly and with calculation figure out a way to keep them from angering and frightening you.”

Yea, right. In the meantime they’re planning their next attack. What are you going to do ? Stand in front of your opponent a ask him to give you a few minutes to figure this out ? Were half way through Mr. McJones paragraph and each sentence just brings us closer and closer to a complete vision of the leftists inability to deal with evil. They think you can bargain with the devil. Obama  reinforced and made this clear when he said he would negotiate with Iran and bomb Pakistan

“Sometimes parents have to deal with unruly children”

Holy fucking shit ! This is where I snapped. I mean This statement is obviously cutting to the point of complete lunacy and delusion. Are we suppose to ask these rabid maniacs to take a time out ? But its at this point where I ask you to return to the concerns I have for our teens that I mentioned above and how easily they can be brought into the same sentiment by means of pandering to their emotional vulnerabilities by using a simple statement like this. This is a sublime way of getting kids to tell themselves “Wow, I have something in common with these terrorists, I’m unruly because nobody understands me. And Al Queda is unruly because no one understands them, poor guys, I know just how they feel. I need to connect with them and let them know that I understand. I feel their pain. Mom and Dad and all of America sucks ! Its not my fault I’m a miserable clusterfuck, its my country’s fault !” Sure we all wish it would be so easy and that all we had to do was sit down and have a heart to heart talk with these guys. That is the draw, the attraction, the ideal scenario that the moonbat thinks is possible. It is frightfully ignorant.

“Good parents do not beat the tar out of their kids”

I have no choice but to be cynical and sarcastic with this sentence.   

I can see it now.

      “Lets see junior. You stole 4 passenger jets. Sliced all the pilots throats. Then flew 3 of them into 3 of our countries most important buildings and crashed one into the ground and killed 3000 people in the process. You blew a hole in an American ship killing 17 sailors and took another shot at the Trade Towers in 93 and injured a 1000 people and killed six. I’m going to have to punish you, so you’ll probably lose some privileges. Do you understand ?  No X box, no TV and no phone. Now go to your room.

Not only should we beat the tar out of terrorists, we should kill them on sight after that. Death is glory for these guys , they want to die. So lets not give them what they want right away. They should have to spend one day absorbing the pain for each person they hurt. The 911 hi-jackers should of been tortured for 3000 days and then killed in front of each other. Their genitals should be cut off before they are killed so that they will be of no use to the 72 virgins waiting for them. I think that would send a better message than hanging out at Gitmo by the sea.

“Don’t fear terrorism, just find a way to stop it without making more of it”

I haven’t heard anything so stupid since Harry Reid called illegal aliens ” undocumented Americans ” http://hotair.com/archives/2007/06/05/video-reid-calls-illegals-12-million-undocumented-americans/ 

What really got my attention was how he used the word ” just “. He makes it sound as if the problem can be solved by some simple act like opening a door. I also know that Mr. McJones was on the other side of the river when he saw the towers burning on 911, he said so in one of his comments. And yet he says “dont fear terrorism”

The idea that the attacks on America were our fault has been gaining some strength in certain circles, mostly from Hollywood and even reaching as far as some our retards up on capitol hill. This belief falls on three categories. The young who don’t know any better, and the old timers who are tired of fighting and all the bleeding hearts who sit in the middle. We can start with Ron Paul. I believe he was always a myopic bleeding heart.  When a guy like Ron Paul who believes that America is at fault and can raise 4 million dollars on line in one day its time we all stood up and took a look around. It could be seen in a certain perspective that America is at fault. And when you have a country full of folks who are growing tired of Washington’s bullshit its easy to foster that kind of sentiment and let it fester. Its also about as believable as the accusation that 911 was an inside job. But like I said, when people are as disgruntled with government as they are , its no surprise that there are as many who do believe it.

The statement that Mr. McJones made, 911 conspiracy stories and those that sympathize with radical Islam are a dangerous bunch. You have to figure it this way. Americans are basically smart people. There’s the population that is married with kids and have futures besides their own to worry about. And that are more concerned with important issues to the point where they actually dig deeper than the others to get at the truth. Good old normal middle of the road average Americans who get it.  Kids 15 and younger are very persuadable and must be educated on the basics going on in this world by their parents and hope they dont come across morons like Jersey before parents get that chance. The public schools are just over flowing with teachers that have left agendas and are constantly offering versions and twists in history that are just flat out wrong. Until I was about 18 I thought that after the first Thanksgiving everything was peachy keen between settlers and American Indians.

Then there’s the population that is in the age bracket from 16 to 17 up to about 25 or 26.  These are the ones who are young enough to the point where they are still searching for their own identity, never mind figuring out someone Else’s. They don’t understand yet, and with that comes confusion. And with confusion comes unrest. People want answers so that they can reside in the comfort zone of confidence. Confidence that they know whats going on. When really most of them only “think” they know whats going on. But that’s O.K with them because they found an answer they can live with and is alot easier to digest and live with.

Recently students at NY university were polled. They were asked if they would give up their voting rights for a million dollars, and most of them said yes. One out of five said they would do it just for an I-pod.

Check out the story here>  http://www.foxnews.com/video2/player06.html?111507/111507_fr_ureport&FOX_Report_uReport&What%20Price%20Democracy%3F&acc&uReport&-1&Opinion&130.296&&&new

 Do you think that if these young adults knew what was going on they would trade that right ? I’m willing to bet that a large portion of them think that America is the bad guy and that they don’t want to be a part of as system they see as criminal or that they have become so disenfranchised that they dont care. Its exactly these kinds of people that I want to keep Jersey McJones, Rosie O’Donnell , Ron Paul and Charley Sheen away from. And any other deceptive, delusional , lying or ill informed moonbat.

We cant let these nut jobs say these kind of things and go unchecked.

We cant let Rosie O`Donnell, Charley Sheen, Jersey McJones or even Ron Paul get away with this kind of speech. Yes , they do have the right to say and express what they feel. But they also have to be accountable for the impact of their words. Once you get too many people believing this bullshit it empowers our enemy. And the next thing you know the terrorists and his cause are being given sympathy and validation for their actions. We see this shit more and more in our society on a daily basis. The PC crowd will drive home every mitigating factor for the terrorists that they can as some kind of means to bridge a gap and be fair. These monsters don’t want to be fair. Its like trying to teach a hungry Great white to play chess while you’re bleeding.

So from now on if anyone sees me on a blog or thread  somewhere doing a well paced fandango on some moonbats ass , and you think I’m over reacting or getting out of hand you might want to think twice. Actually, I hope after explaining all this to you , you would take it upon yourself to throw in a few shots yourself.

So please, when some shithead says that we need to handle murderous and evil killers like unruly children. Or that its all our fault or that there is no threat from terrorism I would appreciate it if you would rip off their heads and shove it up there asses and unleash on them like there was no tomorrow. This shit has to stop. Its dangerous and its irresponsible.

 11/23/07 Update.

If anyone had a hard time believing that Mr. McJones actually knows that its fact that hes had more women than me(without knowing anything about me) And since its very tedious to go back and find the thread in which he claims this. I will provide you with the most recent example of his ability to know things only God could know.

He now claims that he is able to read my mind as stated in this most recent debate on how the right percieves minorities.


Jersey McJones said,

November 21, 2007 at 7:27 pm

(I said; “By the way, there are stupid minorities, just as there are stupid whites.”)

Micky. Think about that statement. Go eat some turkey. ;)

What you meant to say , I hope, is, “There are stupid people.” You didn’t need two clauses there.

( I didnt know that whites were a minoritiy in America, maybe soon when we are we can claim it as a disability)

He also knows what people are hearing.

jerseymcjones said,

November 20, 2007 at 4:22 pm

Micky, I’m telling you right now that when you say things like this, people are hearing “minorities are lazy dupes with their hands out to the Democratic party.

jerseymcjones said,

November 20, 2007 at 6:29 pm

Micky, follow me here, all I’m saying is that other people are hearing something you don’t want them to hear.

Meanwhile, you’re denying that you meant that. It doesn’t matter what you want other people to think about what you say, Micky. It only matters what they think you’ve said.

Mr McJones may take this portrait personally but lets all remember. They are like lemmings with their hair on fire and if you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all.



  1. Fucking ditto Micky. Love your blog.

  2. Web Reconnaissance for 11/19/2007

    A short recon of whats out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…

  3. I can’t believe that your misinterpretation of a comment I made would lead you to an entire post. If you read what I said, you’d note that I never said that we should literally handle terrorists like children, but rather I was employing a metaphor. The metaphor is simple and can be played out quite a few ways. For example, when a child decides to get “negative attention,” the smart parent ignores the child, or disiplines them in a way to make them realize that what they are doing is counterproductive. The smart parenmt does not reward the negative behavior with negative attention. And so on and so forthy. The point that I was making is that over-reacting to the misadventures of the unruly child will probably not have the desired effect. In this way, the comparison to our relationship with and understanding of terrorism is clear – do not overreact. Firstly, it plays right into the negative attention that the terrorists crave, and for seconds, it exaserbates the problem.

    I often hear the stupid expression “Post-9/11 World.” Really, though, the people that espouse that are living in a Pre-12/8 world – that’s Pre-12/8/91, when the USSR dissolved. The “War on Terror” is being waged like the Cold War all over again, but it is not the Cold War and the threats are vastly different. Muslim terrorists do not present nearly the existential threat that the USSR did. They have not nearly the wherewithall to pose such a threat. They don’t even have a state. I often phrase it like this (try to follow the metaphor this time…):

    If you fear that ululating hordes of religiously fanatical hasashsins, waving their scimitars in the air, mounted on their Arabian steeds,are going to come galloping accross the ocean and conquer America, then you are a paraniod idiot.

    They simply do not pose that sort of threat. They are International Organized Criminals and need to be dealt with as such. If you want proof, look at how the rest of the world deals with them and loook at the way we do. For all our efforts there are now more terrorists, less reliable allies in the fight, more Americans dead, and the money to pay for all this failure is projected to go as high as 2.5 trillion dollars. If the choice was truly “fight them over there or fight them over here,” it seems blatantly apparent to me that the latter would have been preferable.


  4. The way its being and been dealt with in the past only lead up to 9-11.
    Didnt work too well, did it ?
    I take this all a little more seriously. I wouldnt narrow it down to such insignificance as to use a metaphor that relates it to child rearing.
    Spain went an buckled after their trains were bombed. The terrorists got exactly what they wanted. Thats what Spain got for treating them like gangsters.
    Not having a base or country is exactly what makes them so much more dangerous. Just look at the common cockroach, know what I mean ?

  5. You have a perfectly valid point about what led to 9/11. In fact, I agree. But i think that the status quo we see today is that same as we saw then. We need to change the way we look at the world and it seems to me that we see it the same way as we did a generation ago.

    I also completely agree with the cockroach metaphor, but you don’t need an army to step on a cockroach. What you need is a specialized pest controller. 😉


  6. Theres more than one roach, come on dude, you’re slipping.
    As a matter of fact , there the numbers dude !

    THERES ALOT !!!!!!

    Country Population Muslim (%) Muslim Shia to Muslim (%) Shia Population Sunni to Muslim (%) Sunni Population
    Saudi Arabia 24,600,000 94.12% 24,600,000 11.12% 2,460,000 88.88% 22,140,000
    Turkey 72,900,000 99% 72,750,000 20% 14,550,000 80% 58,200,000
    Algeria 32,800,000 99.34% 32,472,000 0.01% 32,80 99.99% 32,796,720
    Morocco 30,700,000 99% 30,393,000 0.02% 607,860 99.98% 29,785,140
    Afghanistan 29,900,000 99% 29,601,000 18% 5,328,180 82% 24,272,820
    Yemen 20,700,000 99% 20,680,000 30% 8,685,600 70% 11,994,400
    Somalia 8,600,000 99% 8,600,000 0.02% 86,000 99.98% 8,514,000
    Mauritania 3,100,000 99% 3,100,000 0% 31,000 100% 3,069,000
    Kuwait 2,600,000 81.17% 2,600,000 35.87% 910,000 64.13% 1,690,000
    Oman 2,400,000 91.81% 2,376,000 2.77% 118,800 44.22% 1,306,800
    Bahrain 700,000 99% 700,000 70% 490,000 30% 210,000
    Maldives 300,000 99% 300,000 5% 15,000 95% 285,000
    Western Sahara 300,000 99% 300,000 0% 9,000 100% 291,000
    Iran 69,500,000 98% 68,805,000 85% 61,924,500 15% 6,880,500
    Tunisia 10,000,000 99.21% 9,800,000 0.73% 196,000 99.17% 9,604,000
    Comoros 700,000 98% 686,000 1% 6,860 99% 679,140
    Pakistan 165,803,560 98% 160,829,450 20% 33,160,712 80% 127,668,738
    Iraq 28,800,000 97% 27,936,000 47% 18,158,400 53% 9,777,600
    Niger 14,000,000 97% 13,580,000 0.5% 407,400 99.5% 13,172,600
    Libya 5,800,000 97% 5,626,000 0.02% 56,260 99.98% 5,569,740
    Azerbaijan 8,587,000 88.12% 8,329,390 80.44% 7,329,863 19.56% 999,526
    UAE 4,600,000 82.74% 4,416,000 15% 662,400 85% 3,753,600
    Gambia 1,600,000 95% 1,520,000 1% 30,400 99% 1,489,600
    Qatar 800,000 95% 760,000 10% 76,000 90% 684,000
    Egypt 74,000,000 94% 69,560,000 0.04% 695,600 99.96% 68,864,400
    Senegal 11,700,000 94% 10,998,000 1.5% 549,900 98.5% 10,448,100
    Jordan 5,800,000 94% 5,452,000 0.6% 109,040 99.4% 5,342,960
    Djibouti 800,000 94% 752,000 0.05% 7,520 99.95% 744,480
    Syria 18,400,000 90% 16,560,000 15% 2,484,000 85% 14,076,000
    Tajikistan 6,800,000 90% 6,120,000 5% 306,000 95% 5,814,000
    Turkmenistan 5,200,000 89% 4,628,000 4% 185,120 96% 4,442,880
    Indonesia 221,900,000 88% 195,272,000 1% 1,952,720 99% 193,319,280
    Bangladesh 147,365,000 88% 129,681,509 5% 6,484,075 95% 123,197,434
    Uzbekistan 26,400,000 88% 23,232,000 6% 1,393,920 94% 21,838,080
    Guinea 9,500,000 85% 8,075,000 1% 242,250 99% 7,832,750
    Kyrgyzstan 5,200,000 75% 3,900,000 3% 117,000 97% 3,783,000
    Sudan 40,200,000 73% 29,346,000 1% 586,920 99% 28,759,080
    Bosnia & Herzegovina 4,500,000 60% 2,700,000 2% 189,000 98% 2,511,000
    Ivory Coast 18,200,000 60% 10,920,000 1% 436,800 99% 10,483,200
    Lebanon 3,800,000 62.76% 2,104,310 53.35% 1,200,000 46.65% 850,000
    Nigeria 131,500,000 46.56% 65,750,000 4.77% 3,287,500 95.23% 62,462,500
    Tanzania 36,500,000 50% 18,250,000 6% 1,095,000 94% 17,155,000
    Burkina Faso 13,900,000 50% 6,950,000 1% 208,500 99% 6,741,500
    Eritrea 4,700,000 50% 2,350,000 1% 23,500 99% 2,326,500
    Kazakhstan 15,100,000 47% 7,097,000 5% 354,850 95% 6,742,150
    Ghana 22,000,000 20.36% 9,900,000 12.72% 1,118,000 87.28% 8,712,000
    Ethiopia 75,067,000 41.18% 24,471,842 0.9% 387,000 99.1% 23,135,000
    Macedonia 2,000,000 32% 630,000 1% 6,300 99% 623,700
    Kenya 33,800,000 24% 8,000,000 7% 560,000 93% 7,440,000
    Benin 8,400,000 20% 1,680,000 1% 50,400 99% 1,629,600
    Russia 143,000,000 13.09% 15,250,000 8% 1,212,000 92% 13,488,000
    Serbia/Montenegro & Kosovo 10,700,000 19% 2,030,000 15% 304,500 85% 1,725,500
    Uganda 26,900,000 16% 4,304,000 7% 301,280 93% 4,002,720
    Israel & Occupied Territories 10,800,000 46% 5,000,000 2% 21,760 98% 1,066,240
    India 1,103,060,000 14% 154,500,000 10% 30,900,000 90% 123,600,000
    Malaysia 23,000,000 61% 14,030,000 2% 280,600 98% 13,749,400
    Bulgaria 7,700,000 12% 890,000 10% 89,000 90% 801,000
    France 60,700,000 8.5% 5,980,000 6% 358,800 94% 5,621,200
    Albania 3,200,000 63% 2,120,000 25% 540,000 75% 1,580,000
    Mongolia 2,600,000 6% 160,000 5% 8,000 95% 152,000
    Germany 82,500,000 4% 3,060,000 10% 306,000 90% 2,754,000
    China 1,303,700,000 3% 39,111,000 8% 3,128,880 92% 35,982,120
    United Kingdom 59,668,000 3% 1,600,000 10% 160,000 90% 1,440,000
    United States 296,500,000 2% 2,960,000 15% 450,000 85% 2,550,000
    South Africa 46,900,000 2% 938,000 10% 93,800 90% 844,200
    Canada 32,200,000 2% 620,000 10% 62,000 90% 558,000
    Brazil 184,200,000 1% 921,000 30% 276,300 70% 644,700
    Argentina 38,600,000 1% 500,000 10% 50,000 90% 450,000
    Australia 20,400,000 1% 280,000 10% 28,000 90% 252,000
    Italy 58,700,000 0.51% 50,000 5% 2,500 95% 47,500


    Table sorted by country names: Demographics of Islam – Data by Country Name

    10% think suicide bombing is cool.
    Not all of them want to be suicide bombers, so lets be fair and take just 1 % of the 10%
    That 6,000,000 motherfuckers that want a piece of youre ass, literally !
    Gangters, criminals, treating them like a crime sydicate wont work.
    #1 reason being the FBI and CIA handle that, and the numbers just arent there.
    National Gaurd would be the next force in line and we still gotta keep some of them home. Your only choice really is the Marines and Army..
    Getting the whole world to change the way they look at the world is a very envious and noble idea. So is world peace.


  7. Oh c’mon. There aren’t nearly that mant terrorists out there. I’m sure there are millions of people who would love kick millions of people’s asses, but then reality kicks in and they think better of it. The whole muslim world is not out to get us, Micky. Yes, some do, but they haven’t nearly the capacity to do much about it. They got lucky on 9/11 by finding a rather huge chink in our armor. If we’re careful, we can avoid another 9/11. It’s not worth friggin’ World War III. There are many otehr problems that are a lot scarier then a few thousand deranged religious fanatics.

    I’m sorry, but no matter what you say, I’m just not all that scared of the big bad Muslim bogeyman.


  8. Oh c’mon. There aren’t nearly that mant terrorists out there. I’m sure there are millions of people who would love kick millions of people’s asses, but then reality kicks in and they think better of it. The whole muslim world is not out to get us, Micky. Yes, some do, but they haven’t nearly the capacity to do much about it. They got lucky on 9/11 by finding a rather huge chink in our armor. If we’re careful, we can avoid another 9/11. It’s not worth friggin’ World War III. There are many otehr problems that are a lot scarier then a few thousand deranged religious fanatics.

    I’m sorry, but no matter what you say, I’m just not all that scared of the big bad Muslim bogeyman.


  9. You sound just like everyone in the Clinton era.
    I’m not going to go through the whole fucking war debate with you again.
    I present facts to you and thats the best I can do. Probably more than some of your friends would do for you.
    Trade center got nailed once, nobody did shit. The Cole got nailed and Clinton busted out his slingshot. And we were still complacent, And look what happened.
    The numbers above are the totall muslims in the world. What I am presenting is the fact that 10 % of those say its O.K. to practice suicide bombings. Not all of them are actually willing to do it. So to be fair I was saying lets just say that 1% of that 10% would actually perform a suicide mission.
    By the way the survey was done on American Muslims, now that is fucking scary !
    Guys like you and the rest of the country just sat back while these guys planned away.
    They are patient as has been proven by the gaps in between attacks.
    Its not just a few thousand religious fanatics Jersey. This shit is global. We probably have thousands right in the good old USA.
    Do some research and find out for yourself. Not that I wouldnt do it for you . but it seems like you dont believe me, and rightfully so since we both have different perspectives. But you have to believe your own reserch , dont you ?
    And then of course theres the question if you’re actually going to do an honest investigation.
    And lets get one thing out for understanding. I dont run around looking over my shoulder constantly. I do not live totall paranoid fear.
    My concern is that the radical movement doesnt grow to a point of infestation.
    And nobody, and I mean nobody can say that all these loyalists and splinter movements arent getting larger, more complex and advanced.
    Now go listen to your music and leave me alone for a while.

  10. Even if it is only a few thousand, it only took a few to kill 3000 Americans

  11. Micky, great post. You hit it right out of the park and really did an outstanding job of proving just how these guys operate. The fact that JMJ came over here to try to back peddle and defend himself just proves once against that they have no spines so to speak of. If he had any seeds at all he would have come over here and said “yeah, I said it, what re you gunna do about it?!”

    The problem with trying to debate the moonbat left is that they don’t debate. Facts and reality usually go right out the window because they feel that they are fighting with their hearts. Of course, their heads are usually nowhere to be found (presumably because they’re shoved up their own asses), which just complicates things to no end. You can’t expect to have a civil debate with these guys when they believe that they are righteous in their fight. As you said, the best you can hope to do is make them look like asses or put them into such a position that they have to contradict themselves to get out – and then you can call them on it and make them look like confused idiots.

    I think that is why so many refuse to even acknowledge us or they just pass us off as the proverbial “trolls” and dismiss us as such. I have been trying to engage the losers at the “Smoke Free Wisconsin” blog for a while now, and they simply don’t approve my comments or acknowledge me at all. Why? Probably because they don’t want to answer my questions or challenges. Like so many others on the left, they just want their way and don’t want to have to debate the real issues. Just look at Al “the debate is over” Gore. He won’t debate the issue because he knows there are too many holes and he would look like an ass. So instead he takes his righteous stand and pushes what he wants on people – without question.

  12. JMJ said;
    ” The whole muslim world is not out to get us, Micky. Yes, some do, but they haven’t nearly the capacity to do much about it. They got lucky on 9/11 by finding a rather huge chink in our armor.”

    I pointed out the percentage that does want to “get us” But you choose to say it as if I said they are all out to get us.
    As far as capacity goes, they’ve proven they have it. On multiple occasions. Where the fuck were you ? What other evidence would you like to see ?
    They did not ” GET LUCKY” on 911 asshole ! It took 5 years to plan that attack.
    If they had just wanderd on to that plane and decided to do what they did , it would of been luck.
    Once again jersey , you try to down play it so Bush and Co. look bad, thats the only reason you do this.
    It took years of flight lessons , assimilation to our society, fake visa and passports.
    LUCK MY ASS !!
    So by saying ” Oh they just got lucky ” you think it gives you valid reason to say everyone is over reacting, or as you called it “hysteria”
    This was awell concieved and worked out plan that had absolutly nothing at all to do with any kind of luck.
    God ! doesnt your ass hurt from pulling something that big out of it ?
    That statement was as fucking ridiculous as wanting to treat them like unruly children.
    The more you succeed in downplaying it the worse you think you can make Bush look. The worse Bush looks the better your party looks.
    Thats fucking disgusting and backasswards !
    Why cant your party just build itself on its own merits instead of having to make the other guy appear shorter to make yourselves look taller ?
    At the expense of human life might I add.

  13. I am not a democrat. I did not backpeddle. All I’m saying is that the great American Empire is not facing an existential threat from the Islamist Middle East. That’s it. If you guys want to live like paranoid, frightened little children, then fine. I want to see America act like the big boy in the room and not overreact to the little children. Get it yet? Or is this too metaphorical for you guys?


  14. JMJ said;
    “All I’m saying is that the great American Empire is not facing an existential threat from the Islamist Middle East.’

    No asshole ! Thats not ALL you are saying. As a matter of fact you’ve changed your explanation around so many times its not even funny.
    And its not “the middle east ”
    As far as the word ” existential ” goes the word relates to existence.
    And the threat exists simply because the threat has attacked us numerous times and said it will again. THESE ARE FACTS JERSEY NOT OPINION !
    I deal in facts ! When you come to my blog and argue a position you must support it with some research or documentation to be taken seriously , or you will be mistreated and laughed at . I dont fuck around !
    You can get away with that pathetic bullshit line of reasoning and crap at Erics but not here !
    We do not act like children by attacking our enemies.
    So that was another stupid fucking statement.
    You said something really fucking stupid !
    And by saying it you only further the fact that you and whatever freaking piece of shit party you belong to are nothing but a bunch of wimps.
    Hah ! the left calling the right wimps. Someone forget his meds ?

    Wimpy warmongers ? That makes about as much sense as ” Jumbo shrimp ” or “Hot water heater”

  15. Micky, if you are capable of understanding me then you’d know that all of points have been consistent. It amazes me that this is beyond you. You don’t deal in “facts.” You deal in paranoid dellusions. You are a dupe of the fear machine. I am not.


  16. You are a laughing stock and a whimp ass bitch because, I as a matter of fact have presented FACTS ! As much as you say I dont deal in them I consistantly kick your ass with them.
    So what your doing right now is obvious to any one as a last ditch effort of desparation.
    You are a fantasizer and a liar because anyone who can read can go back and see how you have changed your explanation of what you meant quite a few times now.

    You are delusional and fucking nuts to think that you can always just say shit and somehow magically it becomes true and applicable, you’re fucking nuts to expect anyone to believe it is because you say it is.
    Where do you get off thinking we are always just supposed to accept your shit with nothing to back it up ? EVER !

    Capable of understanding you ?
    Thats a joke !
    Dont flatter yourself Jersey, you’re not as dynamic and complex as you think you are or would like us to think you are.
    As a matter of fact you’re one of the most simple minded motherfuckers I’ve ever known, and about as predictable as the sun.
    You are whats called a one dimensional thinker.
    Which is why you cant afford the mental taxation of actually validating a point or opinion with anything more than asking everyone to believe it because you “say so”

    Your last comment says absolutly nothing in the realm of convincing context.
    Just a bunch of shit that YOU THINK sounds cool and convincing and intelligent.
    When closely examined its on the same level as PeeWee Herman saying ” I know you are, but what amI?” Another pathetically weak return with really nothing in it but some more bullshit escape technique.

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