Obama the Date Rapist

Victims of rape often go thru a gauntlet of emotions usually beginning with denial and then after going through the gauntlet of accompanying emotions usually end up with anger.

Well, Obamas followers right now it seems are stuck in the beginning stages of their reaction what is starting to look like they all got bent over after Boy Wonder went and slipped them all a little rohypnol, in Obamas case it would be better known as good line of shit that lasted almost two years.

Here’s how I got there.

Debates with the rabid miscreants on the left have taken an interesting change. Not they wont try, but lately its becoming more and more evident to them that its getting harder and harder for them to get their fix of BDS by blaming Bush  for everything due to the fact that in about a day George W Bush is no longer going to be in charge.    


That  leaves them with little choice but to actually have to defend the next Messiah on his own merits, which is becoming rather difficult now due to a few simple facts that they are either ignoring or too gutless to admit.

They got whined and dined and sixty nined and now they’re all standing on a curb at sunrise waiting for a cab that Obama called after getting what he needed.                                                                                                                              That’s right, you got screwed, there’s no free breakfast,and he wont be calling you again until the next election comes around.

The change that’s come about in these debates is twofold. The first change since the elections  is one  that they cant put their man up against Bush anymore. The irony is that he was never running in the first place, but then again, that was all part of  Obamas   hustle.                                                                    The second change I’ve noticed is that in the face of Obamas many broken campaign promises they are in complete denial or completely ignorant to whats happening. When presented with this growing reality the reactions have ranged from disproportionate anger with no real controverting point to the lamest justifications I’ve ever heard topped of with the obligatory and gratuitous insults to my intelligence.

One good example of this denial laced with lame justifications and rationalization would be the delusional Jersey McJones whom I’ve been encountering on a regular basis over the last year and a half or so.                   In the last few weeks I’ve been presenting the case of Obamas failed promises to many a moonbat along with Mr. McJones and have yet to get a decent answer out of any of them explaining this phenomenon, probably because they’re just going thru the initial shock of realizing they got hustled. Quite frankly Jersey is the only one so far that has actually attempted to controvert these facts but in the face of all that must be made evident instead of investing the time on his blog explaining it I decide it would be prudent to answer all his bullshit here since I have a feeling There will be much more to come and I’ll be doing this more and more often as the next few weeks go by.

So, lets begin, shall we ?

Cut and pasted from Jerseys blog are just a few of Obamas flips and lies.

After we deal with only whats on this thread at Jerseys we’ll move on to the others that I haven’t brought to him yet, but have elsewhere.

When presented with Obamas cabinet and staff choices that were supposed to be fresh faces and new blood and were instead mostly Clintonistas, this is the answer I got.

“What do you expect, genius. Where the fuck else is Obama goning to find executive experienced Democrats? Look that the Bush administration. It was full of people from his father’s and Reagan’s offices. Hell, there were even Nixon and Ford guys. What kind of stupid fuckin’ obvious observative is that?”

The fact of the matter is that there are people who are very well qualified that have graduated college since Clintons term and have never worked for any presidential candidate. There are many people whom Obama could of staffed his office with that have worked for senators, mayors, governors, a host of political organizations and down the line.  So, telling me that old Clintonistas was Obamas only pool to pick from is flat out bullshit. It appears that “the fukin’ obvious” has once again flown the moonbat coop. The fact is that Obama said he would be bringing in “fresh” faces, Obviously he did not.


When telling Jersey and many moonbats  that Obama was not going to leave Iraq on any of the 4 timetables he promised the answer from jersey was what most have sounded like.

“Obama never promised to turn tail in Iraq. He made it quite clear that he had goals for that fuckin’ mess the stupid sleazy cons made, but he never promised that could could immediately end the war. He only expressed his wishes and promised to try to fulfill them as best as possible. that’s a fuckin’ hell of a lot better than what we have now! Bush and Co had NO plan, NO exit strategy, NO peace strategy, NOTHING. You HAVE to be a fuckin’ idiot to think that was a good idea. ”

This of course is just a blatant lie. Obama has said on many occasions that he would “immediately” start pulling out of Iraq as soon as he was in office. And I never said that Obama said he would end the war, just that he said he would Immediately” pull out the troops. And it turns out I was right.

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14359099September 12, 2007 ·                                                          Obama;  “would continue to have U.S. troops who are able to strike at terrorist targets inside Iraq, although the troops themselves and the strike forces might not have to be deployed inside Iraq.”

That makes alot of sense. I dont even want to begin to appraoch just how impractical and useless such a strategy would be.

“Obama’splan for Iraq included ” immediate ”  withdrawal of one or two brigades every month and completing a full withdrawal by the end of 2008.”

Excuse me ? 2008 ?  I always wondered how he would pull this off since he actually would have no power until he was sworn in on Jan 20th 2009.

He also rejected the surge and til this day still wont acknowledge its success and the vast improvements that have and are taking place as a result.

First of all we have to pay attention to how moonbats seem to love changing the speech. No where did I say that Obama would be pulling out every single trooper on day one.  Also, we have to pay attention to how liberals love to change the message and take things to a convenient context. No where did I say that Obama committed to pulling out every single trooper on day one. The fact of the matter here is that sisnce Obama has been campaigning on this issue his withdrawal dates have changed from what we see here in an NPR story claiming we would be out 8 months from now to 12 months, to 16 months. Now since Obama has had his first “real security briefing” and had come to realization that we really are at war hes is saying that he will withdrawal based on the recommendation’s of those in the field and the generals. But even thatsnot worth a damn simply because Iraq just signed off on an agreement to keep US troops in Iraq until at least 2012. Three years is a far cry from his original 8 months from the time of his NPR statement


So, Jersey and the rest of you idiots, wake up ! Its time to admit that Obama simply either lied or did not have his act together on this one and as it became more and more evident to him as time went on that Iraq was not going to be as simple as he naively imagined it would be.  And quite possibly he made these dates only for the expedient purpose of drawing votes from the base at the time that was necessary. Its no big secret that in the beginning of his campaign he was clearly catering to far left radical who wanted to just pick and leave Iraq “yesterday”.   Basically the far left radicals that think pulling out of Iraq in a heartbeat was a good idea got told what they wanted hear, and got fucked.  It ain’t happening guys, were gonna be there forever. And not because of any half ass planning by Bush as these unimaginative fools would like to believe. Its because the whole thing was set up from the beginning as a means to gain an ally in the GWOT and to have US troops in the middle east for purposes that only have to be explained to retards or those who cry “blood for oil”,  “imperialism”  or whatever moonbat catch phrase was in that day.


When presented with the Geithner embarrassment this is what Jersey had to say;

“I agree, but he’s just as popular on the other side of the aisle. Expect him to sail through. You should be happy, from the sound of it, though – he’s another Milton Friedman laizzez faire sleazeball.”


So, are we going to justify ignorance,contempt for the IRS, or plain old thievery with”  hes just as popular on the other side “?  This guy has no business working with money period.  And yet we see the typical attitude from the left that other bad behavior justifies their bad behavior. If I were on the left I would be raising hell right now, saying that the way things are going for us right now with this economy, this  assclown Geithner is the last thing we need.  This is not the way you want to start a cabinet if you want to avoid any black clouds hanging over you. The reality is that every nickel that passes thru Geithners hands from now on is going to be so closely monitored that doing his job might be nearly impossible.                 But the question still remains. Why is Obama so insistent on trying to retain this man who thought he could slide on a “dont ask, dont tell” policy ?   Update,   1/21/09. Geithner is getting his ass grilled right now at this very moment.  The guy in charge of collecting taxes didn’t pay his own and Jersey says “expect him to sail through”?   I got news for you buddy, right now he aint doin no sailin. Thats for damn sure.



And then there’s Bill Richardson whom Obama knew damn well ahead of time had problems.


” It’s too bad he has this issue. He would have been an asset.”

“Yes. In fact, anyone who actually follows the news knew about Richardson’s little problem. We were hoping it wouldn’t pan out. So far it’s still up in the air.”


Its not about Richardson, its about Obamas willingness to seat someone whos in question for doing practically the same thing as Rod Blajogevich   while hoping no one would notice ?  That is a problem.



“Holder? Big bad bro, big bad on the pardons issue.”


“Eh. What do you expect. Do you think all the other pardons over years at the end of administrations were any better? You’d have to be one guillible moron to think so.”

Its not the pardon in itself Jersey. Its the guys ineptness and lack of accountability for how it all went down.  Holder  himself said it was a mistake on his part.  That’s very nice of him, but still leaves the question of whether or not hes qualified to make decisions that could effect our national security.


“Also, hes screwing his voters by not leaving Iraq when he said he was.”


“Also? You already said that. He can’t do anything about Iraq for another 2 days. Then we’ll see. He isn’t screwing anyone, though. The sleazy crooked cons did that by sending our troops over there in the first place.”

Two days ?  Try at least 4 years !

You cant blame anyone  “in the first place”,  its his ball game now and I hate to think of what Saddam would be doing right now had Bush not gone in.

Hes not bailing out of Iraq. That’s why he kept Gates.
When he finally became privy to secured intelligence he came out of his first briefing looking like a deer in the headlights that just crapped his pants and finally realized we were at war.
His withdrawal time periods went from “as soon as he gets in office” to 6 months, to 12 months, to 16 months, and now  all of a sudden after his first briefing he keeps Gates and says he’ll withdraw depending on what the men in the field say. None of the withdrawals plans that hes taking credit are really his either. All hes doing is parroting what the previous administration already had in place. When he went to Iraq a couple of months ago and came out saying that him and Maliky had agreed on a timetable all he was really saying was that him and Malikyhad agreed on the terms that Bush set with Maliky the day before that.   Bush called it a “foreseeable horizon” and plans for withdrawal terms were already confirmed with Bush and the Iraqi parliament to be in the neighborhoodof 2012. And even at that time we will still have troops and bases there for the foreseeable future with terms and limitations on the actions of our troops.
Also, the money used for the war that was going to be used for all the goodies he was giving away. Well, since were not leaving Iraq anytime til 2012 that means that the tuition’s, universal health care, refunds etc…
kiss it goodbye.



No tax relief for small businesses hiring new employees.


“Where the fuckin’ hell do you get that from? What, are you a liar?”


No, I’m not  liar.  As long as you’ve known me, you should know better. I heard from members of your own congress.  I’m surprised that you’re not aware of the fact that Obamas biggest foe in all his endeavors will be his own congress and not the republicans.


“WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama‘s proposed tax cuts ran into opposition Thursday from senators in his own party who said they wouldn’t do much to stimulate the economy or create jobs. Senators from both parties agreed that Congress should do something to stimulate the economy. But Democratic senators emerging from a private meeting of the Senate Finance Committeecriticized business and individual tax cuts in Obama’s stimulus plan.

They were especially critical of a proposed $3,000 tax credit for companies that hire or retrain workers.

“If I’m a business person, it’s unlikely if you give me a several-thousand-dollar credit that I’m going to hire people if I can’t sell the products they’re producing,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., a member of the committee.

“That to me is just misdirected,” Conrad said.

Sen John Kerry, D-Mass., said, “I’d rather spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion, on other kinds of things that much more directly, much more rapidly and much more certainly create a real job.”

Doesn’t look much like that ones going to make it thru, now does it ?



“Probably not gonna see universal health care or the tuitions.”

“Universal healthcare is a longshot, period. Americans are too stupid to demand it. As for tuitions, there’s only so much the federal gov’t can do about that.”

Your perception of peoples intelligence and what the fed is capable of are besides the point. The point is that these promises were a major part of his campaign and one of the main reasons he was elected. It was a huge issue before the economy took a dive. And even though Obama knew damn well that in the face of these escalating economic problems there was no way him or the fed could provide such a thing, yet he kept promising tuition’s and healthcare up until after he was elected when he started telling everyone that hes not going to be able to do all these things right away or at all. And as we all know from our experiences with government, they are not the most expeditious guys around, By the time he even starts getting ready to do any of this he’ll probably be starting on his next campaign, And at that point you can pretty mush count on none of it happening as it will be presented as different programs with much the same intent but under different titles and then we will probably see these smoke screen issues disappear much like Hillarys attempt at something we all know will never happen in the face of those who know a socialist trojan horse program when we see one.

At an October 2, 2008, campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Obama said: “Now, people have asked whether the size of the  plan that Congress is voting on, together with the weakening economy, means that the next President will have to scale back his agenda and some of his proposals. And there’s no doubt that some programs or policies that I’ve proposed on the campaign trail may require more time to achieve.

At an October 1, 2008, campaign event in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Obamasaid: “With less money flowing into the Treasury, some useful programs or policies that I’ve proposed on the campaign trail may need to be delayed.”

  • During the September 26, 2008, presidential debate at the University of Mississippi, Obama said: “Well, there are a range of things that are probably going to have to be delayed. We don’t yet know what our tax revenues are going to be. The economy is slowing down, so it’s hard to anticipate right now what the budget is going to look like next year. But there’s no doubt that we’re not going to be able to do everything that I think needs to be done.”
  • Micky;

    He wont give up the executive powers he said he was going to.


    “Like what? Are you just making shit up here?”


    I never make shit up, its simply a fact that rarely have we ever seen any new administration give up accretion of powers from a previous administration. obama’s seeming backpedaling on closing down gitmo. he originally stated it would be done in his first 100 days. Remember that ?  recently, he said that may not be possible. then just a couple days later, someone on his staff backpedalled again, saying it would be “among his first acts” as president. To top it off with his promise to close Guantánamo and the Holder nomination, he has made the right noises rhetorically but the fact is that closing Gitmo is a colossal undertaking that could take years., period.  No one wants these guys and he wont simply let them go.  Even the transference to our fed judiciary is going take years on a case by case issue.


    He aint gonna reverse it! Hell, he voted for it in the first place!”


    “He’ll get rid of it. I can almost promise that.”

    Late last year he opposed legal immunity for telecommunications companies that worked with the government in terrorist surveillance. He promised to fillibuster any bill that included it.

    Now he says that he will support legislation that includes immunity for the telecoms.

    Gates, McConnell and Hayden have already expressed a willingness to stay on for some period of time and all three of these guys are seriously defendeding  Bush administration policies-such as the warrantless-wiretapping program. This tool is part of the arsenel these men have been using  and I hardly see Obama holding these guys over from the Bush administration and then taking away one of their most important weapons.  Second of all Obama only told his followers that he would dismantle this policy out of expediency and for votes. After all, he did vote for the bill himself and was in favor of warrantless wire tapping. Something that never got mentioned the whole two years he was stumping.  At least I never heard anything about it.


    Were at war(he finally realized), he aing givin up nothing.


    “Look, I have no confidence you’re powers of prognostication. HE hasn’t been president for one day yet. We’ll see what he does when he gets the chance. You idiots talk about “BDS” and Bush Bashing and all that stupid crap. Well, Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet and you’re already critiquing his presidency. I call ODS.”

    Regardless of whether or not hes taken the oath hes been all over everything like white on rice making plans withcongress and telling them what he wants done and ready for him to deal with as soon as he walks into his office.  Hes been in the background doing everything he can without actually being the president. And I actually admire that kind of work ethic instead of sitting on his hands and waiting untill hes actaully the POTUS. But along with that work ethic comes the critisism he’ll get for whatever hes doing at that time.

    There’s no derangementsyndrome here buddy, were just watching the guy as any citizen who gives a crap would. Have you heard me blame him for anything the way you morons have been going after Bush for 8 years now ?

    I could actually bring up a list of things that he is actually guilty of screwing up in the past but that is not the topic here.


    “I have little problem with his plans so far. And his spending plans included. If the country slips into a real depression, all bets are off, and Obama can do pretty much anything to get us out, and in doing so, drastically change the direction this countries been heading for the past generation.”


    Only because as I just proved you’re clueless on what hes doing, or like the rest of the Obamanites you’re walking around like a zombie thats been hynotized by the hopechangery rhetoric and given this guy more faith than Christians have in God


    “Believe me, no one I know is sorry except you cons. Everything you believe in has been proven wrong. Everything you’ve done has failed. Everyone you trusted was a crook or a moron.”


    This is just another one of your typical childish totally overblown statements that is just some form of mental masturbation. Nothing could be further from the truth but regardless of the facts and in spite of them you cant help yourself from stopping and saying the most absurdly ridiculous things anyone could say just so you can cop your cranial orgasm.


    Aside from the flips and broken promises I mentioned on Jersey McJones blog here’s the rest of the list.

    First there’s Obama saying that taking out Osama was our higest priority.

    “And if we have Osama bin Laden in our sights and the Pakistani government is unable or unwilling to take them out, then I think we have to act & will take them out. We will kill Bin Laden; we will crush Al Queda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.”

    (that’s about the same time he was saying he would sit down and negotiate with terrorists he would attack Pakistani positions without that government’s permission. )

                  and is now saying something completely different.

    “My preference obviously would be to capture or kill him,” he said. “But if we have so tightened the noose that he’s in a cave somewhere and can’t even communicate with his operatives then we will meet our goal of protecting America.”


    Then theres the campaign financing lie.

    A little more than a year ago Obama “signed a piece of paper” vowing a fund raising truce with McCain.  “I committed to public financing. He committed to public financing. It is not any more complicated than that,” McCain said. “I hope he will keep his commitment to the American people.”  

    We now know that was a plain ole lie simply because as soon as Obama won the primary the cash started flowing in from the Internet and Obamadiscovered that he would be able to raise more than twice, maybe three times as much money without public financing and its spending limits.  He did the exact opposite with the lame excuse “I changed my mind”   How convenient.  He now will be the first nominee of either party since Watergate to reject campaign-finance limits.


    He flopped on handguns.

    When he started the race he was a strong supporter of gun control including the private handgun ban in DC .  The Supreme Court struck down the D.C. law declaring  people have a right to own a firearm.

     Obama flipped later, announcing that his position was essentially the same as the high court’s, and that he, too, believes in an individual’s right to own a handgun.


    Gay marriage ?  He flipped on that too.

    First he said he supports civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, he still believed that marriage should be legally preserved between one man and one woman.

    After that he wrote a letter to a gay-rights organization, telling them that he opposed a California ballot measure that would overturn a recent court decree allowing gay marriage. Obama called the initiative “discriminatory and divisive.” Was Barack Obama “discriminatory and divisive” until last week?

    Here’s a good comparison that explains whats in store for the poor sucker that voted for this guy. Obama has now changed his position on at least as many issues as Romney. Romney’s campaign positions were compared to those he had taken up to 14 years ago while Obama’s flip-flops all pretty much took place in one year.

    Another problem on the same scale and that reaks with hypocrisy is this persistent cry we kept hearing from Obama about how Bushs failed economic policies/deficit were going to saddle our kids and generations to come with finacial debt.

    First of all much of that deficit was not all Bushs fault and has a lot to do with legislation that was before his time and it took 8 years.  Second of all and what points to the hypocrisy on Obamas part is that before he was even in office he had already commited us to another trillion.

    Bush had 8 years to run up a 10 trillion dollar debt. Obama just stepeed into the oval office holding a trillion dollar debt while working on the next couple trillion. We are looking at deficit spending unimaginable in the past.  We are, after all, just like Manesseh- more concerned about what happens in ‘our own day’.  Obviously  the message from Obama is “who cares what legacy we leave our kids…. and theirs?


    UPDATED  02/02/09


    As it urns out the reactions I’ve been getting out there are pretty much what I predicted.

    The numbers are in, people are talking, Obama is fuckin up. Big time.
    His leadership and judgement are failing and being questioned much more than the delusional fool thought which is being made evident mostly by the stmulus he thinks he can run past us without anyone noticing how full of shit it is
    Which is another reason we see him veering further and further from his campaign commitments.
    Deep down the left is getting really pi$$ed but just dont want it to show.
    If I were a dem and had voted for him on all the premise and promises made during the campaign I would have some serious reservations and second thoughts about this a$$hole.
    Thats the only reason I can muster up as to why we see so many sore loosers running around still venting and frothing at the mouth like rabid gerbils and lemmings as if Bush were still in charge.
    Well, you guys cant go that route anymore, and you’re sure as hell not going to blame boy wonder for anything, are you ?
    Its not the right the left is mad at. Its their own party.
    We know they wont tell, thats how libs are, more worried about outward appearances and what everyone and the world thinks other than substantial accomplishment.

    That jerk actually had the nerve to criticize Wall street execs who are raking in huge bonuses on tax payer monies. While I agree with him that its the height of criminality he has no business throwing stones at them when in the same sequence he is pushing a spending bill that is the largest government rip off in the history of this country.
    During his campaign he continuously blasted Bush for our deficit when now after hes in office he is moving on to saddle us with a deficit that the history books have never seen and that will not achieve even half of its intended purpose if him and Pelosi get their way.
    Are you a concerned citizen whos going to call your great leader on his BS ?
    Of course not.
    All you’re going to do is type up the kind of mindless crap that makes us wish he would spend some more of that money on looney bins for people the likes of you.