CNN Blatantly Hits McCain

For any of you out there that have denied media bias or think that those of us on the right are being hypersensative and percieving the media as a massive hit job on the right, this oughta put your denial to rest.

Its not so much that its true the media is slanted to the left. Whats shocking is how transparent “in your face” this example was.

I was watching CNN this morining do a story on the ratio of “robo calls” being sent to households acrosss America.

The report first focuses on the ratio being 10 to 4 McCain being the one issuing the majority. After that they go on to report that a mothers young daughter had recieved one of these calls and that the mother took the phone from the child only to hear the tail end of it.

The mother said she was offended by what she heard, and that the call was disgusting. The only problem is that the quote from the mother was from a comment thread at the KOS which CNN was proudly displaying on the monitor behind the reprter.

Since when does a legit news organization start using comments from the KOS to reafirm its stories ?

I went to the KOS looking for the comment that CNN had aired and this is what I found.


Disgusting Robo-Calls Slam Obama

Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 03:36:44 PM PDT

CNN is reporting live that the McCain campaign and the RNC has launched a series of ridiculous robo-calls into key swing states.

This is a brief diary, with additional content below the fold.

Via Huffington Post:

The call begins: “Hello. I’m calling for John McCain and the RNC,” before telling recipients that they “need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge’s home, and killed Americans.”

CNN reports that some of the states include Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.  They say that the McCain campaign does NOT disavow these tactics nor the call.  Here’s a YouTube audio of just ONE of the calls going out:



I want to know what is so “disgusting” about the message in this “robo call”.

Is anyone aware of Ayers background ?

Are  anyone of these people aware that what the call says about Ayers is very, very true ?

I had to get this off my chest as it was one of the most blatantly bias attacks on McCain by the liberal media I have ever seen. Yet

CNN putting out reports of people disgusted with McCains computer generated stump calls when the info in the call is absolutley correct. And then using comments from the Daily Kos as a means to reafirm that report.




  1. hey mick, haven’t heard from you, I hope all is well.

  2. Its all good.
    Just hasnt been much happeneing at anyones blog really.
    Getting ready for round two, gotta get that loser you voted for out of office.

    He’s gonna let ya down , watch.
    And I’ll be right here watchin yer back.
    Dudes gonna fuck us all, hes already started his shit with his victory speech saying it might take more than one term to get all the things done he said he was gonna do.
    Backtrakin already.

  3. Ya know, Mick, I like him and maybe he is what we really need, as long as he does what he’s suppose to. But, I don’t know, I was watching the news the other day and really not paying attention because I was on my computer and caught the last statement of the clip as he was walking out of the plane and the first thing that came to mind was, “we’re gonna be fucked.”

    I can’t tell you what the news clip was about or even what was said but I guess subconsciously I understood it and I had a really bad feeling. It was weird.

    I hope you’re wrong for our sake.

  4. But when that sixth sense kicks in you should really listen to it.

  5. What sixth sense ?
    The one that sees thousands of dead people ?

    Look, we all have to realize that any candidate makes a shit load of promises for expedient purposes, most of which they dont keep.
    I wasnt crazy about McCain either and Ive never seen an election where so many votes were actually cast against the opposition as opposed casting for the one you want.
    I’ve lived a pretty exposed life, exposed to coniving scandulous motherfuckers and I know a line of shit when I hear it and a snake when I see one.
    Its one thing to believe that a candidate means well and is just misguided, I can live with that, but I believe Obama has some ulterior motives that wont be in our best interest.
    Theres just too much questionable and unanswered crap in his past and his goals for me to be comfortable with him.
    At least I could look at McCains past and get a clearer picture of what to expect, not that I agreed with it all but at least there was not so much fear of the unknown present as there is with Obama who basically has not much of a record except for associating with all the wrong people who have collectivist, socialistic, anti semite, racist, semi communistic qualities

    “I hope you’re wrong for our sake.”

    I want to be right and have people listen to me for our sake.
    And its urgent that message be out before its too late.
    Our national security trumps everything. Obama wants to see if we can be friends with our enemies. He is out to improve our world image by reaching agreements that have failed before in the hands of Carter and Clinton. The arrogant concieded schmuck thinks he can reverse the description of insanity by doing the same thing over and over and getting different results.
    Health care, jobs, stable economy are useless when we are being attacked again as we were on 911. And since history reflects that no one man, the president, has ever really been able to do anything about any of those issues on his own,with the exception of national security I would of picked even Joe Lieberman before Obama or McCain if he were on the ticket.
    Just look at the gay marriage prop 8 thinh in Ca.
    First the ones that voted gay marriage down were Obama supporters, a position in which Obama has fell on both sids of the fence first saying he was for it, against it, and now for it.
    The party is already tearing itself apart from the inside out as its protesting against its own self. There are white christins on the left, a majority of which voted yeas on 8.
    The real majority that pushed the vote thru was the black/minority population in Ca.
    You wont see the gays going after them because that would be protesting against there own just a little too close to home. The are all the same majority, blacks, asians, latinos, that voted for Obama.
    This is just the beggining of the infighting we will see in the dem party as they ran on an unclear message of what “hope and change “really are.

    Get ready for the most disorganized self conflicting clusterfuck of government we’ve ever seen.

    Thats just my opinion.
    Sorry, I know you hate long posts.

  6. Most people are worried about an unknown past but that really doesn’t bother me. I don’t why. I’m just worried that he’s not up to par to making decisions and making the right ones. I know he doesn’t make them alone but you know what I mean. I can’t explain it but you did a pretty good job at it.

    We’ll see mick, we’ll see. As long as I know you’ll protect me, I’ll be fine.

  7. Lets put it this way.
    Obama wouldnt even qualify to be his own security.

    I dont wory about an unknown past catching up per say,I worry about what it represents his future actions might look like.
    I dont think hes a closet terrorist, but I do worry thathe’ll be to sympathetic to them.
    I dont think hes as radical as Ayers, but why the song and dance when it came to acknowledging the relationship ?
    I dont think he’s a commited racist, but whats the hell was Rev. Wright showing us ?
    He lied on campaign financing.

    Kepp your eyes on him, hold his feet to the fire if he fucks up.
    In two years if hes fuckin up big time we can let him know by voting a conservative majority into congress, there by limiting his power.
    In two months we will have a one party state where the dems run every dept. in our government.
    That is just scary, no one party, dems or cons should have that much power.

  8. You’re right. I know what you mean.

  9. You’re lucky I like you.
    I pride myself on mellowing as I aged, but this shit has got me as pissed as when I misplaced that quarter ounce of coke one day.
    I want him out of office, saying this has people coming after me for not wanting to do the kumbaya thing and do our best as Americans to just bend over and work with an idealistic prick I didnt like for the last two years. Calling me a hater, sore loser, whatever.
    Obama is probably a nice enough guy, so is my drycleaner, neither is qualified to be president.

    Just think about the worst case scenario which is all to easy to come by in todays environment.
    We have an economy in turmoil, radical Islam has vowed to attack again, history shows every president gets tested whithin months of his inauguration.
    Look at what 911 did to our economy for about a year.
    It was a dem administration that let our enemy threat grow during the 90s
    We are engaged in two wars right now.
    And then think about what would happen if we suffered another attack with this economy in about 4 months.
    It would create devastation like we’ve never seen.
    The 30s will look like a picnic.
    My boy is 13, know what I mean ?

  10. 😦

  11. I hope you and your family had a nice thanksgiving. I cooked and it was nice.

  12. It was great.
    We had to go to two dinners, my sis and the inlaws.

    Long story, has to do with my mothers drinking mostly and how she ruins every holiday cuz we have Danish traditions where the kids open presents last on the eve starting with the oldest, we dont open on Xmas morn like evryone else.
    Anyway, its beena fuckin fiasco cuz she terrorizes the kids who are miserable cuz they have to wait.
    Well, the kida are all old enough now except for my boy, hes 13 , and we decided not to do any gifts this year during christmas eve and just worry about the kids.
    The adults are noyt going to exchange.
    Instead we are going to pool all the money we normally spend on gifts for the adults and buy food for the homeless and drive around Xmas day and pass it all out.
    Yours truly will be cooking it all.
    For decades I’ve been procrastinating how just once I would like to celebrate the holiday for its true meaning and not be a pig stuffing my face and doing that whole retail warfare bullshit.
    Well, its gonna happen this time and I’ve never been so excited about a christmas since I was a little kid.
    My mom doesnt get to sit there and frown on the prersents everyone got everyone, she doesnt get to stand in the kitchen and preach to me how to cook, she doesnt get to sit there in the living room and ark orders at everyone like the whole fuckin night is about her, she doesnt get to anything but accept what we all have decided to do whether she likes it or not.
    I know, this is probably tripping you out but you have no idea what Imyself and everyone has put up with for so long now, and were tired of her shit.
    I tried to do an intervention with her and her drinking last year, offered her help with the same amount of understanding I offer to any addict or alky, and was told that she wished she had drowned me at birth.
    My son, my niece and nephew will get something from mr and my wife and thats it.
    The rest of the holiday will be spent making food and going to parks and under bridges giving people what resembles the real teachings of jesus.
    Now, I’m no religious freak, but Jesus, whether you believe in all the miracles or not was still was a wise man with soome good advice that we shouls all spread around.
    I dont belong to any religion or denomination and actually have a really hard time with the bible and most of the crap in it.
    But christmas was never about buying a whole bunch of shit and acting like pigs.
    its about giving thanks for the birth of one of the better people that walked the face of this earth, ans spreading his prophecy.

    Rambling, sorry.

    Yea, thanksgiving was good, especially with this decision.

  13. Mick, that’s so awesome and I really hope your family comes through for you. If I was there, I would certainly join your amazing quest. I hate the fact that xmas has turned into a must give holiday. I know kids don’t really understand but if they weren’t ungrateful brats and expect presents then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. You’re awesome, Mick.

  14. I think I should give my sis the most credit. She has a big house on the beach, used to be owned by a Bobs Big Boy executive and thats where we always had our christmas.
    She put the whole thing into play and told everyone “Guess what? no gifts this year”
    So, she initiated what I’ve been saying I was gonna do for years.
    Shes known for years I wanted to do something like this and she got the ball rolling cuz its her house that everyone gathers at. No one else has the room.
    Besides that, food alone on the holidays costs us all about a grand.
    Were all gourmets and we get into everything from smoked salmon pate`s to 100.00 bottles of champagne, I do most of the cooking, she does the buying.
    So its not like were just gonna sit around and look at each other.

  15. Although, I sound like a mean old rude, obnoxious person who makes fun of people and call them names, I’m really kind at heart. I guess the two go hand in hand. I’ve always wanted to do something nice like that at the holidays but…it never happens.

    Every year, I have intentions to take $10.00 gifts to my sons elementary school, where they have a residential program, for the kids that live there and are less fortunate, I never do.

  16. So, hats off to you and your family.

  17. Its easier for me than most people cuz I come in contact with addicts and alkies who are usually homeless anyway.
    I know all the bridges they live under, hangouts and shit.
    Whenever I take on a newcomer and sponsor them I usually come in contact with their associates/friends and let em know where the places are they can pick up food and stuff.
    It aint all about them either.
    Its about pre occupying myself with shit thats not about me and keepin busy.
    To much idle time and too much focus on me is a recipe for disaster.
    It helps me to blow smoke up my own ass and feel better about me.
    Once you start expecting payback or thanks from anyone you’re screwed.

    You should just fuckin go to your kids school, do it.
    10.00 a head could be costly especially in your situation right now. Just bake a cake, big pan of mac n cheese or something they can all share.
    Rumage thru the house and find stuff you can give away, whatever.
    Some of these folks kind even begin to look for work.
    No phone, no address, no clothes.
    be there advocate and call places for them, give em a pair of jeans, wash their clothes for em.
    You dont have to let em into your life or your house, but just make an offer.

    Feels great, worth every second.

  18. Some of these folks kind even begin to look for work.
    should say;

    Some of these folks “cant” even begin to look for work.

  19. I would only have to buy one gift. they get plenty of donations. I get there news letter all the time. They give you a list of stuff to buy. Most of the kids there in residential come from bad homes. they were abused sexually and physically so they don’t have much. every little bit helps all the way down to hats and gloves.

  20. Maybe if you know enough people y’all could chip in on a playstation, computer or something they could all use ? They might have that kinda stuff already, I dont know, just an idea.
    How many are there ?

  21. I don’t know. My son hasn’t been in that school for 4 years. I’m sure they have restrictions, though. I don’t know what they are. I’ll have to look for the letter they sent me.

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