What we need to know.

I was over at Blacktygrrr this morning and linked on to a new website ” Faultline USA”

This is a story that needs to be out. There are some questions that I think Obama should answer, check it out.




  1. I must admit that this has concerned me for some time. It’s troubling that so much of his paternal family is part of the more radical ideologies within Islam.

    What’s even scarier is that the Archbishop of Canterbury recently stated that he foresaw elements of Shari”a law making their way into British courts as precedent.

  2. Just heard about the Archbishop 5 minutes ago.
    You want some more on this check out this link.

    Good stuff.

  3. I will have to read this. Have many friends that want to vote for Obama.

  4. Still.
    Without warning ask your friends if they can tell of one thing that Obama has accomplished while on the hill.
    See how long it takes them to answer.
    Obama is a nice guy, but he’s not qualified.

  5. I have asked and no one has answered. They just laugh.

  6. Case closed

  7. I can tell you what he stands for.



    My boyfriend, who is Republican, says that even McCain is too liberal for HIM. That might get my vote.

    But I do believe Hillary would make a strong, fearless, and capable leader. She is not someone I would mess with. I just happen to hate taxes.

  8. You know Micks, honestly, I ‘m not sure who I would vote for. I like and dislike all three equally.

  9. In all seriousness change is a term that is over rated and loosley defined.
    Obama has aboslutly no foriegn experience with policy or diplomacy.
    Change and hope are euphoric definitions that apply to every candidacy, liberal or con.
    McCain may have some liberals stances. But by standards he is not all that liberal. He’s liberal on immigration, torture and one other position I cant remember off hand.
    The problem with Hillary is mounting distrust. Not just from the latest bullshit you hear , but going as far back as her college days.
    Simply said , she is always making shit up, or omitting it.
    Her and Bills precense has granteed more attention from independant council and investigations than any other president or presidential couple in the history of our country.
    Unfortunatly we must look at the lesser of three evils and go from there.
    McCain undoubtedly has more experience which some view as keeping the same gaurd and not having change.
    If Obama could define what and how he was going to change anything it still wouldnt matter. He doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.
    McCains strong point is security. Without security all other needs are mute and not applicable.
    no president has ever been able single handedly to fix our economy. It is a living breathing entity that goes up and down and is motivated by Americans and the free market. It is self adjusting and fed by the free market that balances itself.
    We need to take personal responsability for our undiciplined spending and careless borrowing be it houses or credit cards. If we coulkd half the country to apply as much dicipline in the market as they do towards the environment we would not be in a recession right now.

  10. Change….you can believe in! Aren’t you convinced??? Why not???? HA!

  11. Obama clinched the nomination. The paramaters will be defined and lines drawn. Obama certainly seems to have the favor of the media right now. I hope the press will at least report on his platform because the only thing most people can say about Barack is that he stands for “change”. If that change consists of Marxist notions like collectivism and wealth redistribution, it’s a change I want no part of.

    Having said that, McCain is miles away from being my ideal candidate. I find it hard to believe that he changed his mind on so many things in such short order. He doesn’t seem sincere, Otherwise, he is not strong in his convictions. Here on the Mainland, we need to secure our borders and come up with an immigration policy that makes sense, and I’m not convinced that McCain will pursue that.

  12. Well yea.
    But I do think McCain will secure our borders to some extent in a better way than Obama
    I believe he rides the same bus with Bush who relly pissed me off when he said
    ” money trumps security”
    Theres an intersting debate on Obamas marxist tendancies going on here if ya wanna chip in.

  13. Yeah, I voted for Bush, but he really rubbed my ass raw this last term. He has made conservatism almost indistinguishable from tax-and-spend liberalism. He has abused the power of his office and the malfeasance is so out in the open that I can’t believe he gets away with it.

  14. I dont mean to sound like anyones daddy. But they’re all hustlers.
    Some dont care what we think, others do the masquerade.
    Ya have to think like a criminal if you’re gonna stand any chance of keeping your sanity when it comes to politics. No matter if you’re a politician or a pundit.
    Securing my house and everything in it comes first.
    Bush has done that.
    Theres a lot of checks and balances that will keep the house from being destroyed from the inside out. But we have little control of what other elements from the outside choose to impose on us. But we can choose how to deal with it.
    All in all I think Bush is a decent man with good intentions. Yea, he plays the game more in this term than the last.
    Scott McClellan even bitched about the transformation Bush went through once the hill got its hooks in him. Although Bush did get quite a hand dealt to him on 911, gotta give the guy some props, his term(s) have been more difficult than for most.
    The cost of the war is definately taking its toll, but I believe the cost outweighs the threat which has only grown in the last 50 years to a head on 911. That threat is not any less than it was a year before his inaugeration, its simply kept at a distance.
    In my opinion, everything else is mute if you arent safe.
    Libs shouldnt be too upset with McCain. Hell, they’ll probably get half of what they want and at least we all wont be riding camels.
    One positive I think is that the sitting congress we have , which has been the second worst ever in our history will quickly be turned over in 2010. That would be portion of some the balance i was refering to.

  15. In the last 50 or so years, we’ve seen a new check/balance emerge that was never mentioned in the Constitution: the divided government. Part of why the 90s were so productive and prosperous was that the Executive and Legislature were too busy fighting each other over ideology to get in the way of commerce. I believe the main reason our economy is in such bad condition right now is that we’ve had a President and a Congress who were both willing to spend like Middle Eastern dictators at the Heathrow Duty Free Shops, while boroowing from the Chinese to afford it. So, if McCain wins, I’m not certain I want the Congres to change.
    Of course, there’d be no border security, then…

  16. Obama will spend his ass off. And this congress will be only too happy to oblige him.
    A one party state ? The Dems would abuse that as much as the cons have.
    Illegals are one of our most expensive burdens. Keeping them out would pay for any security measures ten fold. But of course we all know that its not about security for anything other than cheap labor and corporate back scratching and the profits for a few outweigh the cost to the country, financially or socially.
    That shit really pisses me off to no fucking end.
    I’m all about the free market but man, all we need is 19 assholes like the last batch to get in. Ya know, have some motherfuckin jihadist with the bubonic plague take a piss in the Colorado river or something like that.
    I’m more inclined to blame the economy on reckless buying in the housing market compounded with the collateral effects of ethanol.
    Oil, I honestly dont know which one of three to blame, us, opec, or our government.
    I’ve never seen any administration bring down the cost of oil, but that doesnt mean they cant be somewhat responsable for it going up. But then again I wouldnt like to see the threats that Maxine Waters was suggesting take place either.
    Someone out there knows how bad we want our dope and what we will do if dont get it. And we are being played.

  17. ‘The cost of the war is definately taking its toll, but I believe the cost outweighs the threat which has only grown in the last 50 years to a head on 911. That threat is not any less than it was a year before his inaugeration, its simply kept at a distance.
    In my opinion, everything else is mute if you arent safe.’

    What I’d like to know is why it’s been seven years and still no sign of Bin Laden. Is capturing the collective Bogeyman of America not conducive to keeping Americans in line with fear?

    Capturing Bin Laden at this point seems vainglorious. He has already done what he’s set out to do – divide America and keep us in a state of upheaval. We fell right into it. Our troops killed, the cost of gas rising (which many American associate with the war), and now people are swinging the other way and they’re going to vote for Obama merely because it’s not Bush or Bush related.

    “In my opinion, everything else is mute if you arent safe.'”

    I for one am not living my life in a state of paranoia. There is never any guarantee of safety in life. But you’re probably speaking of government priorities.

  18. Its not about keeping anyone in line with fear.
    The threat presents itself in very real terms with or without any projections from our administration.
    Every couple months we get videos from Al Queda, they have uprisings progressing in Africa and the the brunt of them have been mostly chased out of iraq. not to forget the succesful attacks carried out in europe within the last 7 years.
    And lets not forget that even our ally Pakistan has a population of which 60 % have a favorable view of Al Queda on top of the growing radical mas in the north.
    Al Queda like I said has been put at a distance but lets not forget the other threat that has stolen some limelight , Iran.
    Just yesterday it was announced that their nuke ambitions are going full steam ahead. Along with them being a well funded state sponsor of terrism with the likes of Hamas and Hezbolla being the recipients its logical that Osama is not as prevalent a target as he used to be.
    Yea, it would be nice to shove a bomb up his ass, but its not a priority right now.

    You saftey is gauranteed by a much larger margin if you are vigil.
    Last time we let our gaurd down which i believe was a result of Clintons complacency we were presented with 911
    Theres a difference between paranoia and simple awareness.
    Paranoia is usally and over compensating complex.
    There is nothing abstract or condjured about our enemies to warrant paranoia, they have proven their intent and capability numerous times.
    They warrant attention and death.

    Oil is partially the way it is fro a number of reasons working in cocert.
    The first is simply greed . The second is pre emptive pricing due to projected and pressumed middle astern destabalization
    But trust me. One of the main intentions of radical Islam is to cut off our oil supplies.
    And then you have OPEC, and traders who are simply trying to see how far we will bend over.
    You have to look at China and India and other demands also.
    When you do that you will see that the war plays a minor role in gas prices.
    And you can thank both parties for our food prices. Although Carter was the one to usher in ethanol as “Gasohol” a bio fuel , in the late 70s, both parties since then have only been too glad to use subsidies to corn farmers as a way to garner votes.

    People have to eat first.
    And now we have grain and food shortages all over the world on top of a 15% to 25% increase in food prices right here at home.
    We can come up with alternate energy sources, and we already have.
    But we must eat, first and foremost

  19. I have been bad and I have not done my research but I intend to as the time rages closers. However, after Obama flip flopped on oil drilling, which I do not advocate at this time, I may have to vote for McCain or not vote at all.

    Even though I am pro choice, I’m pretty sure McCain in office will not affect abortion rights.

  20. We need the oil, no matter what or how quick alternaties evolve.
    In case all hell breaks loose, example Russia or middle east we need some security in energy.
    Even Pickens with his huge alternative plan says we should drill.
    What pisses me off to no fucking end is that Pelosi wont even allow the vote.
    That is almost treasonous.
    In America we vote. Voices should be heard. She goes directly against the core fabric of what established our country.
    By the time we get all alternatives in place and functioning efficiently in our transportation and grids what oil we do need will be much less. That is the oil we should be drilling for now so we can be totally independant within 15 to 20 years.
    Much of our aooliaces, factories and machinery that pumps our economy will still be up and running for at least 10 to 20 years before it expires.
    Companies and car owners do not want to take the loss of converting right away and tossing perfectly good autos and machinery.
    Think about it. All our cargo be it palnes, trains od boats requires oil to be delivered.
    All our aircraft, trains etc.
    Personal autos (I just bought one) are going to be on the road for at least 5 to 10 years.
    I’m gonna drive that car till it blows up no matter how fast they come out with hydrogen or electric..
    Anyway, its like this, we need to do everything.
    The bigest threat really is the middle east becoming so unstabel that the 30% they do send us will be interupted.
    An additional rise in cost of that magnitude ontop of what we pay now would be catastrophic to our economy. And thats if we can even get ahold of a supply.
    The rest comes from Venezuela and Mexico and Hugo Chavez is not to be trusted either.
    We need to cover our ass’s in all depts.

    There, thats just me.
    Take care

  21. Man, we should have made like the Chinese, gone over to Africa, and worked out a deal for their oil! Oh, and not impose some stupid religious shit on them either.

  22. What we should do is get some of that oil from Itaq that everyone says we went to war for.

    Did you know that right now we are paying for the whole rebuilding effort out of taxpayer dollars ? Yea, we should kick in a fair amout for the stuff we blew up. but all the new hospitals, schools and new infrastructure is ciming out of our pockets.
    And revenues from Iraqi oil are disappearing into offshore accounts.

    Check it out.


    WASHINGTON – Iraq is not spending much of its own money, despite soaring oil revenues that are pushing the country toward a massive budget surplus, U.S. auditors told Congress on Tuesday.

    The expected surplus comes as the U.S. continues to invest billions of dollars in rebuilding Iraq and faces a financial squeeze domestically because of record oil prices.

    “The Iraqis have a budget surplus,” said U.S. Comptroller General David Walker. “We have a huge budget deficit. … One of the questions is who should be paying.”

    And all these other sources should put to rest the notion that we did it for oil porare presently taking it from them.


  23. Fuck, I cant see what I’m typing on my own blog and they changed the option to edit comments, so sorry bout the typos

  24. We really need to get with the program is all I can say.
    My grandfather said this war should have been completely financed by oil companies.
    Maybe they should pay for rebuilding. But then, this link just sort of quashed the notion it was for oil.

  25. Yea, Now you can tell the moonbats that always scream “blood for oil” to shut up and go away.
    Iraqs revenues arent even at 1/2 capacity yet.
    That really is that countrys only natural resource. It will be the staple foudation for thier economy. As it was wioth Saddam but this time the money will spent on the people.

  26. As I said before, we need to get with the program! Are we so worried about our image at this point that we won’t take a good cut?!? Take it, damn it, take it!

  27. yea well, we certainly are entitle to some of it.
    But we have to keep Iraq strong and stable. Its gonna be our little proxy on the war with radical Islam.
    We’re almost done building an embassy there thats about as big as a college campus.
    We aint goin nowhere.

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