whats this shit ?

Saturday morning I got bored and decided to take the AOL news quiz.

The questions were asked pertaining to whats going on in Gaza, what new item is on Starbucks menu etc…

The 9th question was about the reasons Bush gave to go to war. If I’ve seen a blatant bias media attack , this was it.

The question asked;

” Two journalism organizations found that from 2001 to 2003, the Bush administration issued false statements about the security threat posed by Iraq. How many such statements did the study find  ?”

 Answer;  935

” The study by the Center for public integrity and the Fund for independence in journalism said the false statements  “were part of an orchestrated campaign” that ” led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses”

Orchestrated ? Really ?

It amazes me how many people think Bush is this Hick idiot, but at the same time accuse him of masterminding some of the most diabolical schemes in history.

AOL News could of at least threw in a little disclaimer to be fair. But as we all know fairness and honesty in journalism is like finding a 17 year old virgin these days. Something that said  maybe this was just an opinion and that the statements in  question were the subject of bad intelligence would of been a start. It pissed me off, yea, but I’ve grown used to the lib left media lying through omission and selective editing. So I moved to question #10. And low and behold , another piece of bullshit I was supposed to swallow !

The question was asked who is Oliver Stone  going to use to portray George Bush in his up and coming movie about the man ?

This would be Josh Brolin. Anybody who is aware of Mister Brolins political standing knows that he hates Bush. Sheeez, why not just use Chris Rock instead. At least the joke aspect would be out front right away.

And then Oliver Stone is quoted as saying ” it will be a fair and accurate portrait of president Bush” Yea right Olly. After all the other US bashing movies you’ve made you insult our fucking intelligence by running that line of shit in front of us. A good addition would of been to list the administration sliming movies that Olly has already made.

This was not a news article per say. But it was supposedly still was news in the form of a quiz.

AOL may not necessarily be in anyones pocket in particular. I dont think they care, as long its not Bushs.