I would rather think of everyone as generally smart and nice, and be dissapointed sometimes.

As opposed to thinking they are all idiots and be happy all the time.



  1. It’s good to not take an overly pessimistic view of the world. I agree. We need to be willing to give people the benefit of the doubt instead of just writing them off before even giving them a chance.

    I try hard to live by that.

    Well, most of the time anyway.

  2. I I have a friend who proudly wears the cynic label as a badge of honor and whenever I bitch or complain about people he of course is not able to resist telling me, well, that he told me so.

    I do believe most people are in the world are idiots. But I’ll still give them the benefit of the doubt. Is that ok too?

    I think people are selfish, corrupt, and mean.

  3. I’m the king of cynic sarchasm. I can be mean and selfish also. But I think they’re only defense mechanisms we obtain over time that we think we need.
    I shot dope and drank and ran around and just about defiled the whole world for a couple decades. I discoverd in myself and others like me who have the biggest chips on their shoulders that people DO want to be nice. But they are afraid of getting hustled screwed or hurt.
    I’ve discoverd in 15 years of sobriety that you can be an asshole and still be nice.
    I think America has some of the smartest people in the world, reason being our value system, look at the rest of the world. We Americans cant all be that stupid.
    Let me, if I may, display a little collection from what I think is a truly miserable guy who thinks hes surrounded by idiots.
    JMJ said;
    ” many Americans are so stupid and illiterate, that they can’t even understand such ballot initiatives whatever language they’re in. I’d be more conserned about that then whether or not somebody else speaks my language.”

    Micky said;
    Once again the smartest guy in the world is calling Americans stupid and illiterate as he spells concerned with an ” S ”

    November 15, 2007 at 8:10 am

    (you know, like “I was before it before I was against it” – retarded voters really atethat one up) that has kept any senator from standing a chance since the 60’s.
    Jersey McJones said,
    November 16, 2007 at 7:58 am
    Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t too bright. Again, I stand by my statement.
    November 16, 2007 at 9:30 am
    Hillary is no socialist. You’d really have to be an idiot to think otherwise
    Jersey McJones said,
    November 16, 2007 at 11:28 am
    That is just stupid and ridiculous demagogy.
    I am not going to debate this stupidity further with you. It is copmic-book level childishness.
    I debate this guy almost daily and he is always bitching about how stupid everyone is EXCEPT WHEN THEY SEE IT HIS WAY !

    Trust me, its alot more peaceful to try and understand everyone else rather than trying to get everyone to understand you. You can love em, but that doesnt mean you have to like em.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with being cynical. Lord knows I’m probably second to you when it comes to being a cynical bastard… But the key to being able to be a cynical fuck and still living a happy life is understanding how to not let your cynicism run your life. Many liberals out there just don’t understand that aspect of it, which is why they become bitter shells of human beings who fail to see any good in the world.

  5. Are there any conservative goths ? That would be the perfect example of wallowing in misery.
    Its a lifestyle.

  6. haha, I used to be goth. back before goth was cool, I was dressing in black and wearing eyeliner. I was more libertarian then, so I attribute moving from libertarian to conservative a part of growing up and “normalizing.”

  7. Yea, did ja have all the Cures albums? Morrisey, every day is like Sunday, cloudy and gray.
    Fake scars on your wrist?
    Anyway, I think we get the picture of being miserable and nothing ever being good enough.
    Fucking jersey McJones had the idiocy to tell me he’s a very happy guy. Ooop ! here comes the sky.
    I mentioned the growing up part in an old post about giving up my beads and sandals. https://micky2.wordpress.com/2007/07/02/a-liberals-journey-to-the-right/

  8. Morrissey of The Smiths = much awesomeness.

  9. I like Morrisey still. But after about an hour I feel like pluggin myself.

  10. The Smiths were great. I like newer Morrisey too. However, I was more of a goth rocker… I liked the Sister of Mercy, Bauhaus, Joy Division etc. Not quite so gloomy and feel bad 🙂

  11. My daughters mom turned me on to a lot of music we didnt get in Hawaii at the time. She was a true L.A. woman, to the bone.
    After her and I moved to L.A. I saw the Chili Peppers at the Whiskey. There was only about 100 people in the place. That night changed everything.
    No more Cure and the whole New wave flock of Seagulls Duran Duran thing.
    I went fucking funk rock ! He he, I went a lot of things. She left me shortly thereafter. I guess looking like David Lee Roth instead of Marilyn Manson turned her off. I dont know, it could of been when she had to drive down PCH with me on the windshield in my underwear.

  12. My friend just got me into Sisters of Mercy. Good stuff.

    ‘I dont know, it could of been when she had to drive down PCH with me on the windshield in my underwear.’

    Now that would have been a Kodak moment.

  13. What is Sisters of mercy ?
    Are you in rehab ?
    Yea, the PCH thing really happened. She drove all the way from Whittier to laguna so we could out to dinner and try to patch things up. When she got there I answerd the door drunk in my underwear. She got in the car and tried to storm off. I jumped in front of the car and tried to stop her and hadda jump on the hood to avoid getting run over. She pulled right out on to the PCH and just kept going. I put my fist through the windshield and she stopped a couple blocks later throwing me off the hood. I walked back past the Ferrari dealership and everything in my chonies.

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