The Pea and Shell Game (without the pea)

The fires in San Diego got me thinking last night about the almost 8 years of my life I spent there. It was a liberal at the time.I know this for a fact because I have come to realize that I was doing things that were clearly socialist and collective in nature.

 The reason I’m writing this post is because after finally getting the upper hand on my addiction to booze and drugs and maintaining for the first time in almost 30 years a substantial span of sobriety I went conservative.( I grew up) And now I spend a lot of time reflecting on my lifestyle and how a lot of the things I was doing were socialistic and liberal, and was not even aware of it. My mentality was one of self loathing because of my addictions and I was expecting someone or else to get me out of it. I was all about the freedom to do whatever I wanted with no accountability or concept of where someone else’s rights begin and where mine ended.

In the 70s I was working at a photo club in downtown San Diego that catered to the military mostly. All my jobs that involved high pressure sales were related to selling intangible services or products. The photo club involved selling a service that reminded me last night of the similarities between the methods of the Democrats shooting for the White house and the way we were taught to sell memberships at the club.

Everything in life is basically related to some kind of salesmanship. A waiter can convince you that you want the Lobster and not the grilled cheese sandwich. A preacher can convince you that you need God. It doesnt matter what aspect of life you look at someone is always selling something to somebody one way or another. The tangible products are much easier to sell, ideas and services not so much. Liberalism is more of a hope than an action. It is ideological, it is en-visionary of want and not need and offers more service based proposals than conservatives which work to maintaining whats in place.

Last night as I was thinking about San Diego and the time I spent there. I wanted to see if I could still remember verbatim my old sales pitch from my 4 years at the photo club. When I was done reciting it to myself I said to myself ; Shit ! That’s how the left is trying to sell us their brand of government!

 First, I’ll break down a photo club membership fore you.

For about 300.00 you get.

A huge padded leather photo album that can hold about fifty  8×10 enlargements.

A coupon book with 125 coupons, each good for an 8×10 enlargement of your choice, just mail in a negative from your own photos, a coupon and return postage. No extra charge for cropping , lightening or color adjustments. We also so will process your roll of film for slightly less than retail.

The coupons are good for ten years, the price never goes up.

You are offered monthly payment plans stretching up to a year, about 30.00 a month

( #1 )The first part of the pitch is to convince the customer or point out to them that there is a need for your service.

In the case of the Military we would get them to commit to a number of things which were based on emotional and traditional morals. We would strand up the heart strings so we could pull on them later, It went kind of like this;

“”Being in the service you know that in the next three years you will probably see and do more things than you ever have in your life , right?””    (Of course these wet behind the ears boot camps would agree)    And then we would get another commitment up front and tell/ask them; “”So it would only make sense to take some pictures of your travels so that your family and loved ones could see where you were at, right?”” (once again, they agree) So far you have no pictures because you think it would cost too much right? What would you say if I could give you 125  8×10 glossy photos of your life for only 300.00 ? You know that just one 8×10 can cost up to 40.00 , right?

In the case of the liberals they do the same thing by presenting voters with the same kind of pitch; “” you have a family that you care about ,right?”” And you worry about their future. right?”” And your not making ends meet, right ? The libs feed on the shortages and misery in peoples lives. This pitch is directed by libs at the ones who have little. Much like I would convince the boot camp he is missing something he has to have. I’ve convinced him he has to have it.

( #2 ) Since they have committed to the fact that pictures will be important , you have to now convince him that you can make that importance viable and cost effective for him. And so you explain what the retail outside cost would be as opposed to a membership.

The lib explains to the people that we are all entitled to all kinds of things. And that they can give you these things for almost nothing. They will tell you that corporate America is failing you in providing all these things you supposedly need.

The club will tell you that in ten years an 8×10 will cost way more than it does today. The left will tell you that in ten years no one will able to afford anything, they said that ten years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago.

(#3)The next and last step is to close the deal, this is usually a battle of personal morals and money. The boot camp will moan and groan that he doesn’t take that many pictures, after agreeing he should. So we hit him with his previous commitment that its something he should do. And we explain the logic that if he pays for it, he will be obligated to himself to us it , out of self respect.

The left will convince the people that they pay taxes for these things, and if you elect that candidate they will see to that your taxes go to your entitlements,and out of obligation they(the people)  themselves should take advantage of it.

The boot camps last objection will be the cost. My reply is that it only comes down to $3.00 a day. Think about all the things you piss away $3.00 on everyday that don’t have anything to show for or are anywhere near the value of pictures documenting your life. And then I will ask him ; “If you knew you could spend $3.00 a day on something and you knew it would kill you, would you buy it?”  Nine times out of ten he will say no. At that point I reach over and slap the cigarettes out of his shirt pocket. And say ;”really?”

The left will tell you to rearrange you priorities and live your life according to lesser freedoms and amenities and you can have a better life. They will chastise you for having that Big Mac, that soda, that Hummer. ” Give it all up and we will make you happy!” We will give you free medical, but your donut will taste like shit, and cost more than its worth. We will give you employment, that will go nowhere. We will give you a cooler planet, but your milk will be 8.50 a gallon(it is in Hawaii) if you need food stamps, we’ll give you those too.

Here’s the similarities.

The club is attractive in all areas of logic and emotion and cost. How does the cost remain attractive and the same over ten years ? Half or more of the guys I sold memberships to would get a block down the street and dump the whole package in the trash. Alot of others would never use it . Why ? because as much sense as it made in the beginning , after buying the film and the camera, processing the film and then choosing from the negatives, paying 1.50 for each coupon and then the postage and hoping the 8×10 comes out right, not only did it cost way more than I had led them to believe, it was a hassle ! But they are bound by a contract to pay now for something they will never use. So the company still has its revenues. Its like insurance, the ones that don’t use it pay for the ones in ten years that do !

In the case with the left the ones who don’t use the membership are the conservatives. They are also the ones who are paying for the ones that continue to use government entitlement programs. They never bought the program, but they still have to pay the companys/governments revenues.  Because in their case the dotted line they signed on was a thing called a W-2 and that’s how they are paying for a membership they didn’t want and leftists do. And 9 times out of ten any system the government puts together, is a hassle. When is the last time you went to the DMV ? After that do you still want government operating your health care ?

We are constantly being warned of doomsday scenarios by left in order to install fear that drives illogical responses. When I mention this to moonbats the first thing out of their mouth is ;”Bush is trying to scare us all with horror stories about radical Muslim’s and other fear mongering techniques.”
To which I quickly reply; ” Terrorist attacks on America are documented and proven” It is history, which means it happened, that makes it fact.The left on the other hand is trying to scare us with “probabilities” And the other method would be to question our apathy and sympathy.

Gerbal warming is of course the biggest one of these probabilities. All the probable predictions have failed. We did not get a barrage of hurricanes this year as predicted, and history(which is something that really happened) shows that everything happening is part of a cycle thats been in place for thousands of years. Dont forget the 60s and 70s prediction of the ice age that never happened. As a result we have been forced into buying ideas and products that are choking our economy and actually our lungs. Environmentalist has brought us a shit load of unnecessary things to the market place that we all buy out of fear or guilt. Green marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry with its own set of toxin producing methods and run off. These companies are all run by far left and even some right wing companies. We didn’t even get much of a say so on the ethanol issue. That sneaky bitch crept its way into raising all our food costs by 20%.

Always it seems, we are having our heartstrings pulled at. Look at this kid, and tell me you would deny him health care. Even when he turns 30 and makes 83,000.00 a year. The photo club will throw your future kids and your mom in your face. “What kind of guy doesn’t record his life for his kids ? And you know your mom wants to see where you’ve been. Your mom is gonna love this!”

Look at this dung beetle. His ball of shit isnt the right consistency anymore ! And then he wont roll away the turds like he usually does, and then the soil will get its PH thrown out of balance, certain plants will die. And the bug that no one ever heard of before that eat those plants will starve and die, and their little corpses will lie in the sun and rot and bake, further contaminating the soil. The soil will give off unusual amounts of gases into the atmosphere and …., give me a fucking break ! These assholes want us to be so much more like France and the rest of Europe. Then they should also include the nuclear facilities that give France 80% of its electricuty in their selling points. No one in this country has ever been killed by nuclear energy. How many have died in coal mines and on oil rigs ?

The left will always hit you with the usual claims that your future is being ruined.The war is robbing your kids of their future. The right are taking loans out on your kids futures.  The photo club will make you feel guilty for having that Big Mac,or a beer with your buddys, or for going to a titty bar after looking at burkas with feet and eyes for a year. Saying that it holds no future and that you’re a bad guy for wanting instant gratification and fun.

 The bottom line is this. We are being hustled scammed and lied to. Most of those who are on the right a aware of this, I dont mean to tell you anything you dont know. The problem is that we are not doing enough to bring awareness to the rest of the country. We have the mainstream media working against us with reference to the most recent example being the California fires and CNNs latest documentary” Planet in Peril” A week ago CNN also did a special which was some kind of foreplay in connection with Planet in Peril. It was a special that was centered around asking if Al Gore was worthy of the Nobel peace prize

I knew ahead of time it was going to piss me off but I watched it anyway out of some sort of defense mechanism.
Only to become very offensive 5 minutes into it.
The base for the first series of points was to question the 9 inconsistencies that were brought up in Al Gores movie.
These shitheads at CNN did mention these questions/inconsistencies but never really answered or approached them with any contradiction or serious debate. As a matter of fact they brought in a moonbat enviromentalist scientist by the name of Peter Schwartz. He co-authored the Pentagon‘s An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security.
All this chicken little bitch did was validate Gores movie even more. And the host (whatever the hell his name was)
didnt even challenge Peter on any of his statements which were supposed to explain why Gores efforts deserved him the Nobel peace prize. Question being”whats peace got to do with it?”
This Olive green jacket wearing snob went on to say that Al deserved the prize because when for example when Haitis deforestation gets out of hand the US will suffer a flood of refugees, along with the Dominican republic which will result in violent rejections of the refugees. Really?
Peter goes on to say with definition and conviction that there “WILL” be more hurricanes this year in the Caribbean and as a result Haiti and the Dominican republic will suffer humanitarian disasters, resulting in violence when people start fighting for food and water.
Since Al Gore is putting a stop to this, he gets the prize.
What a bunch of shit.
That’s like saying if I give the kids in my neighborhood candy they wont break into each others house and steal candy.
So I get a trophy from McGruff for preventing crime.
When none of these kids wanted any candy in the first place.
This jerk Peter even went on to say that climate change does not happen gradually over a period of 100 to 200 years , it happens in no time. WHAT?
Havnt these moonbats been saying that by the year 2040 or so Florida and NY are going to be submerged and that over a period of time storms will get worse ?
Even J-ro at the Seminal asked me if I wanted to wager on the issue 15 years from now.
All of a sudden now its going to happen right away ?
And then they start on the reefs.
They mention that there are some scientist who say its not gerbal warming causing this deterioration of the reefs.
And then they go into a lengthy scientific explanation of how gerbil warming “could” be causing it. The major emphasis being on gerbil warming as a cause and not emphasising at all what might really be the cause.
Any person without a mind of his own would walk away from this seemingly nonobjective presentation being more convinced that the sky is falling rather than asking himself some of the hard questions.
Al Gore has not saved one fucking life yet with this movie or his movement. And yet he gets a Nobel prize as if he already prevented some global catastrophe.
He has not prevented a war, he has not conquered a disease or united anyone or country at odds on the edge of a confrontation.
CNN presents this program as if to question Als worthiness of the prize. But in between the lines is actually giving it to him one more time.

We need to step up to the plate and put some serious effort into stopping this indoctrination of fer into our society. One reason I believe it exists today is to downplay the terror threat as a means to disable conservatives. Since terrorism is a real and viable threat the only thing in the lefts arsenal is a dug up fabricated threat that is no where near as dangerous as the real and credible threat we face from the enemy. And if you notice I dont call them anything but by the name of what they really are.

The California fires are not a result of Gerbil warming or too many of our National gaurd being in Iraq. It.s because of some assclown with a match. But still the media will try everything it can to approach it from an environmental stand point. The only environmental connection the fires have is that the environmentalist themselves are responsible by putting limits on trimming excess shrubs and trees and not allowing controlled burns.

Its like this. The Moonbat > will be driving down the freeway and a gerbil will run out in front of it. Instead of running it over he will slam on his brakes to avoid hitting the gerbil, causing a 200 car pile up behind him. Saving the life of the gerbil will justify the death and misery of 200 people.



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  2. Thanks My Ghillie, I wish I knew how to do the pingback thing, I’d do the same for you.
    But I will put you on my blog roll.

  3. Good writing, micky2, all the way through, but especially at the beginning.

    Nicely done.

  4. Incidentally, I’ve been getting some of these strange pingbacks too, and I don’t think they’re real. I think they’re a design to get you to click on their Google Adsense, or buy some product. Maybe I’m wrong….

  5. That coming from a journalistic giant like yourself is great, thank you.

  6. Micky this is a great post.
    “gerbal warming.” Lol!
    I know what you mean about sales pitches though. I used to telemarket and fund raise (yeah, yeah, I could have been one of those people you hung up on) in the early 90’s, you’ve got me trying to remember one of the many pitches on why the vitamins we sold were better but the two brain cells I have left don’t want to work with me today. Like you, I’m only recently really thinking about politicians and their sales pitches for their own personal gain.

  7. Ha! Funny, I was hit up with that photo scam when I was in Pensacola. It’s interesting to see it from your perspective though. Personally, I told the guy where to stick it and to get the fuck away from me. But I’m a sweetheart like that.

    Ya know, it’s funny Micky, when you first started out you questioned your ability as a writer. This post is awesome though! I’m not sure why you ever doubted yourself.

    That aside, you’re right. It’s shocking how much people are having their feelings and emotions played here. The truth is easy to obfuscate when you hide it behind emotion – especially fear. Combine that with guilt and you have the ability to bend the masses to your will. Al Gore has mastered this ruse, and now that he has the media and Hollywood behind him, who would dare to stand up and tell him to fuck off? I mean, it may be easy to tell Gore off, but what about a horde of Hollywood celebs? Or musicians? Or “respectable” journalists or media outlets? Everybody has their weakness, it’s just a matter of finding and exploiting it.

  8. I was thinking of you when I wrote this. And forgot to ask you if these guys ever hit you up on the sidewalk in some boot camp town. we had one office in Oceanside as well as San Diego. Those were the days when I was about as criminal as I;ve ever been. That story will come one day, and it will be intense.
    The relation is obviously there. Its a simple formula that works. Gyms use it to sell you memberships, insurance policies etc…

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