Danes List

                                             DANES LIST

Don’t lie, you’ll have too much to remember.

Don’t take what isn’t yours, while you’re hiding it someone will take whats yours.

Don’t hate, it makes you tired.

Be nice to your parents, they need all the help they can get.

Do your chores, you’ll have less to do

Learn to help yourself.

Don’t pee into the wind, everyone behind you will get mad.

Don’t talk behind peoples backs, they might pee into the wind.

Don’t tease the dog, and you’ll never loose your homework.

Don’t follow the leader, he doesn’t know where you’re going.

Be nice to people who don’t like you, it makes them look stupid.

Don’t act dumb, people might think you’re not acting.

Do good in school and you’ll only have to empty trash till you’re 18, and you’ll make lots of money.

Share with your parents.

Don’t be mean to people, you’ll have more fun.

Don’t be mean  to animals, their life will be more fun.

Don’t pray for stuff, you wont get it.

Pray for others, you’ll get everything you want.

Don’t lick ice cream off the freezer door when you’re alone.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, some might be turtles.

Don’t talk to strangers, they’re strange for a reason.

Don’t hit people if you’re bigger than them.

Don’t hit people if they’re bigger than you.

Don’t waste food, it grows on trees.

Never stand under a tree when its raining, you’ll still get wet.

If people say you look like your parents, be nice to them.

Don’t eat your boogers, just don’t.

Say something nice to one person everyday, especially yourself.

Take care of your body and you will get old.

Change your underwear every day, you might marry a doctor.

Look at the stars, in the sky.

Don’t eat yellow snow, it could be someones name.

Don’t forget any of this, because I’ll still love you.



  1. It’s amazing how important the small things are. All too often people forget about these sorts of things even though they should be instrumental in everyday life! I think we’re really loosing touch with the basic, small elements in life these days. All of the big things overrun things like this and really, it’s these sorts of things that make life so much better 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, Micky

  2. Who says you need to be a lefty to be all mooshy and sensative?
    Actully I should of mentioned that this originally was for my boy.
    but its interesting to see who thinks it applies to them.

  3. that’s awesome. I hope your boy appreciates this. You’re a good father, man.

  4. Micky I loved this. Funny yet wise. What a nice dad you are!

  5. Thanks harmonie, I just wish I was always as sweet as I appear in this list.

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