Two Headed Koin

Here goes. I am really pissed. I’ve been thinking about this one for a few days now and I cant stand it any longer. I’ll tell you the meat of the matter once I paint the scenario, keep reading, and have patience. This is a good one.

I try to keep politics at a minimum  on my blog simply because theres plenty of it on the outside and I get to say what I want to say on the subject using other peoples blogs who like to focus mostly on the assholes on the hill.

My blog is usually for whatever little nuances come to mind and things that are of a little more personal nature that relate to our world today. But this one is connected to politics. As much as it involves dignity and personal responsibility , yes, its connected.

I just finished reading Archlights post today  on nutjobs and decided the time was right to put this out there. His little fruit fly visitor who posted useless comments on Archlights post about nutjobs we suspect is the result of Archlight and I going to a leftity left left website called The Seminal. For the last month or two we had been engaging them in debate on some up front issues. I began visiting the Seminal about six months ago and our debates were usually tepid and congenial. Since I have only had a computer for 7 or 8 months. My knowledge of the political world has grown and I started to notice more and more bias and inconsistencies in their posts and the debates from that point started to get more substantial  and heated. It was getting challenging after a while, seeing as I was the only conservative that ever came to their blog. At times it would be 4 or 5 on one.  Around then is when I asked my buddy Archlight if he wouldnt mind paying them a visit so that they could actually have more than one intelligent voice to counter some of their bullshit. And give me a little support. Arguing with moonbats can be very draining on ones patience.

I told Archlight that these guys were lefties but that they were civil and fairly cool. Well within an hour of his first visit we were debating gays as parents and soon we both were being called bigots. See here>

This was embarrassing because I referred Archlight to this place in good faith and told him they were cool.  This was the first time they did this. The second time was in reference to the Larry Craig thing. Jro (the chief editor) posted a story on Craig where the first paragraph flat out said that republicans consider homosexuality a greater crime than adultery or prostitution. It read as follows  “Perhaps it’s because homosexuality is such a greater crime in conservative circles than adultery and prostitution. “See here>

I objected to the wording and structure of the sentence saying it was a lie and disengenuous unless he could prove this to be true. I told him that if he at least put a question mark at the end of the sentence or threw  the word “maybe” in there it would of been a little more digestible. His best answer in the end was that this is how his fifth grade teacher told him how to write. ( If you dont beleive me go read the thread) And that he would not change it. Now, I know its not the end of the world. This kind of shit happens everywhere in the media today. But since the problem was right there in front of me I figured I would try to do something about it. Basically in the end I was told to go fuck myself. This was the second time they lost my trust.

If any of you are wondering why trust seems to be an issue with this moonbat website its because in the beginning my discussions at the Seminal were about music and charities for less fortunates, I stayed away from politics because I knew it be a volatile area to go into and I didnt want that kind of relationship. We pretty much got along and had conversations over the phone once in a while and were buddy buddy. And once I did decide to go political with them they assured me that personal attacks are a no no at their site. Yea right.

I have three strikes rule in my life. I think the three strikes rule in our penal system is ridiculous. What ? Three drug possessions and you get life ? Thats just plain stupid. But I derive my philosophy from Chinese kempo. My instructor /sensei taught me that at first you ward of an attack, secondly if you must , you disable the attacker. Third and last you kill them. And these methods are applied in threes as well. Three times you ward off and three times you disable. Except for the last one of course. Unless your really pissed and you revive your opponent just so you can kill him again. I apply this to a lot things in my life. My kids get three very diplomatic chances before they get popped in the ass. My friends get three chances before I shit can them. And the same goes for my management of employees.

The Seminal hit strike three last week.

They posted a story supporting the SCHIPS in very deceiving manner and left out any mitigating info that would give reason to question the program.  Archlight was the first to respond to this story and later e-mailed me to tell me how much they were pissing him off. So I went to take a look.  My first post on the thread originally was supposed to say;  ” What makes it O.K. to put out a coverage plan with a title that is  deceiving?
If it says its for kids , it should be that.”

When we got towards the tail end of this debate which carried over to another article the next day on the same subject. See here>  Somehow all of a sudden I was being told this by Jro;  ” I’ll make you a deal micky. When Republicans start calling the Patriot Act the 9/11 Overreaction and Freedom Destruction Act, then I’ll start talking about SCHIP as the Adults and Children Socialized Medicine Act.”

I thought only for a second that it was strange for the Patriot act to come up all of a sudden. As a day or two passed it still didnt make sense that this would be his ace in the hole against me because I knew I had never mentioned it before. Out of curiosity I had to check and see if I wasnt going crazy so I went back to the original article to read over my first original post on the first thread and I found this.   MICKY SAYS; “So if the patriot act by its title is deceiving, does that mean its O.K. to put out a coverage plan with a title that is also deceiving?”
If it says its for kids , it should be that.

There is absolutely no way I would say anything like that up front. First of all I support the patriot act. And second, I dont think and never have even passed the thought through my mind that the title “Patriot act”was deceiving. I’m no idiot and there is no way I would put my head on the chopping block like that. Usually when I am accusing someone of something I always make it clear and an exception that I could be wrong. I will not make that exception this time.

The sneaky little motherfucker knew he was loosing this debate as he had lost many others to the wrath of common sense and facts  that I have bestowed upon his lying ass. So I guess he finally couldnt take it anymore and decided since he was the administrator he could just weasel his way in and change my post to give him some ammo that looked legitimate and me look like an an idiot at the same time.

To make matters worse I got a note from Archlight today that said this;  “I don’t know if it’s just a weird coincidence that The Seminal and Firedog lake suddenly get involved with one another and suddenly I start getting traffic from them a couple days later, but either way it makes me a bit suspicious.”

So I go to the link to Archlights site provided above and see these nasty stupid comments ( remember fruit fly?) that are of no consequence or worth except to notice that they somehow think that replacing a “C” with a “K” is some avant garde form of humor above the heads of us “Konservatives” . So I figured I would title this piece with regards to our moonbat “K” users. I know a hit job when I see one. I have spent a lot of time on the streets hustling in my life and I know how the retaliatory mind works and everything is falling right into place.

Jro has finally decided to do his own form of rebuttal. But instead of being honest and diplomatic with intelligent debate (which is his favorite calling card) he has resorted to lying and launching childish attacks on me and my friend. He even went as far as to leave out the apostrophes in his bogus reproduction of my statement because he mentioned it a few weeks ago ( it was his last weapon) in another debate that I constantly abused them. Since then I have given up on trying to figure the little fuckers out. He knows this and intentionally left them out.

One of my biggest problems in the media arena these days is dishonest and misleading bias reporting. I expect this to come from the mainstream media. You would think that a fledgling little rag like The Seminal would realize that in order to make a go of a business you must first establish your credibility with honesty if you want to get anywhere.

The liberal website that I used to respect and take my business to has decided to take the low road. When they finally got some intelligent and civil debate that actually got in the way of all their moonbat snotty nosed friends that doing nothing all day but pat each other on the back, they got stupid and thought they were dealing with some punk like them that cant wash their own underwear.

I realize that this kind of accusation is hard to prove. But I really dont care. And I know I havent come around the alzheimers corner yet.  I also know myself and what my opinions and thoughts are. Anyone who thinks I’m stupid or senile enough to let something like this slip is dumber that they think I am

They invited me to a coin toss using a two headed “koin”. Well you know what you little shits ?  You can have the quarter. I actually know how to earn one.

Dont spend it all in one place



  1. I have no problem if you decide to take your business elsewhere, but I have never edited or deleted your comments. Just dropping by to clear the air.

  2. You are full of shit. Because I called a guy “asshole” two or three weeks ago and you took that out as well.
    On the contrary your air could clear a room Jro.
    Consider my business gone.
    I would not expect you to apologize or admitt to it now that you have shown your colors.
    If you are willing to lie in your posts , do you really expect me to or anyone to believe you now ?

  3. Good point. I have edited or deleted your posts on occasion, but never without notifying you of the edit. Sorry for the error.

  4. That’s quite a post, micky2.

    What the antisocialist wonders is, what’s prompted the sudden invective on their part? I mean, since they were civil for the first several months?

    Are you representing their side accurately?

    Did they just get fed up because you’re a master debator?

    The antisocialist did visit that site a few times, via your links, and frankly found it convoluted and confusing. What does that have to do with anything? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps everything.

    In any case, it’s all blood under the bridge now, my brother.

  5. I think they’re not used to that kind of heat. There were times when I told them to go fuck themselves for not being forthcoming or at least have less opinion and more substance. They asked me to come back and I said fine. Buy from now on the gloves are coming off. My demeanor went from congenial to combative and very direct. And then I brought in Archlight. That was probably more than they could handle.
    I looked in googles cache and all but a couple reminders of me are gone.
    The way they practice journalism is a constant barage of lying by omission of the truth.
    So trust has been an issue for a while. And they have deleted or changed my comments with notification, but the notification was always after the fact.

    I dont know about master debater. Tenacious might be a better word.

  6. Well done, Micky! These are all things that needed to be said and brought out into the open. If not by us, then who? The point is that these guys get away with murder – both professionally in Washington and at the state government level and at the amateur level like Jro and his buddies. They lie through their teeth, hide behind clever little sayings and slogans and manipulate data (or worse yet, ONLY cite data collected by their buddies) to prove their points, never considering alternate points of view or data.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve suffered a silly little attack at the hands of a moonbat sanitarium. Remember my run-in with Daily Kos? same thing. I pissed them off by confusing them with the facts and they sent a little army over to my blog to leave childish and fruitless little comments and spit their venom at me for being an evil conservative. That’s the name of their game. You’re free to abort your babies on demand but you’re not free to disagree with them on any issue because if you do they’re going to attack you (or censor you)… Anything to try to either shut you down or discredit you. If that means changing the words of your posts or comments to better fit their mudslinging agenda, then so be it.

    I guess all we can do is continue to stand up to them and laugh off their little attacks. You could go crazy trying to figure them out, but that doesn’t accomplish a whole lot. It’s better to simply fight back and try your hardest not to lower yourself to their level.

  7. My comment will not mesh but I’ve got to just say blogs are for everyone to just vent, share, debate, whatever. Once name-calling begins, I don’t think you should give them anymore traffic by posting about them though I’m sure they aren’t exactly being reasonable. But if these WordPress blogs start reading more like a super intelligent myspace, then it can really lose it’s edge. Forget the fruits. They will find someone else to flutter by. My two cents. But then again, if it happened to me, I would probably not only blog it, but find their real identities and then really sting them!

  8. AJJ, You have probably noticed that I can be down right silly at times on certain blogs.
    But my main and actuall purpose for blogging is to root out the liars, the decievers and the mis- informed with agendas and expose them and at the same time let them know that they cant get away with it unoticed. Unfortunatly they get labeled in the process. That label will draw attention to them and their site.The traffic I send them wiil go there to see if what I say is true. Consequently they will get heat from their new patrons and hopefully change their act.
    I want truth in communications and media, thats my mission.
    I am a convicted felon and cant vote. But if I can change one mind it will be equivalent to me placing a vote at the polls.

  9. Ass Tight Ass Ass Worship

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view

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