Loosing Your Balls Will Change Your Voice

I will probably never get any awards for blogging or for beautiful literature. First reason would be  that I have done much more talking than spelling in my life. I know a lot of very impressive words. But it really takes away from the fun when I have to keep looking back and forth at the dictionary. The second reason is that I refuse to conform to todays requirements for political correctness. Its a disease.I wont have any part of it.  The third reason is that I treasure my profanity, it makes me feel better. Its a shortcut to explaining just how much I like or dislike something or someone.  Some may think it’s classless , some will say it shows a lack of imagination and education. Although I do agree that it can get boring real quick like a Chris Rock concert. But when used in place it serves a purpose.

And that purpose would be to defeat the enemy.  This PC crap is going to get us all killed. By the time you figure out how to host your enemy with the proper dialogue , his fist is in your face. I dont mean to say that you shouldn’t be sensitive to other peoples feelings. But that amenity should not be afforded to people that break our laws by sneaking into our country, or are trying to kill us. Since we started calling black people ” African Americans” the PC crap has spread like a plague that will get us all killed. There’s a lot of U.S. citizens from Africa that are not black. This PC crap started as a way to candy coat the truth and make yourself look like some kind of thoughtful  considerate elitest who’s sensitivites rise to a level that no common man could understand. {aka  ACLU} {oh… am I not so abmirable ? I am one step above the rest of the human race because I choose to call a peice of shit a fecal deposit ? } Its just a big lie , all dressed up with a pretty face.

Fuck that shit! I have been in the restaraunt businees most of my life , and am quite capable of distinguishing where certain kinds of language has it’s place. In the dining room I can be very panache , well spoken and charming. But when I get in the kitchen my vocabulary changes because thats where asking for my food nicely has one result, and it comes out cold, and saying ” where the hell is my fucking food !” gets the desired result. { The money is better out front, but I will always have preference to working in the back. You dont have to keep changing your demeanor }

America is not getting the desired result. The desired result would be to reach out and profile and intimidate and shove a Hubble telescope up the ass of anyone that bears a slight resemblance to anyone that means our country harm. In any social circle, profiling is the first step we use to make a determining decision of good or bad. If you go to a mall you will probably profile the smelly dirty guy with the stain in his crotch next to your daughter as a threat. But in todays society you are frowned on for judging that person too quickly. Frown all you want, I will rectify the situation based on my instincts and ask questions later.

Our border agents and TSA enforcement officers should not have to be people pleasers, and should be allowed to put human life first.

Tree huggers and the like would  have us all believe that all humans should be approached in an un-biased un-assuming manner. that would be just oh so nice if there wasn’t 10 million Muslims that wanted everyone else but them dead. You might think I made that number up, think again. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in this world. One out of every ten say they approve of suicide bombings.That is more than 10 million assholes that think innocent lives are worthless. If you want to cut that number in half  just out of some sort of fairness, then be my guest. That still gives you 5 million assholes that want to kill you.

With that in mind the left wing lemmings carrying their PC dictionarys are still hell bent on giving amenities and this elitest verbal consideration even to the enemy. And whats even worse is the push to give the enemy Constitutional rights. They are not even U.S. citizens.

Everytime I hear ” radical Islamist” or “radical Muslim” I start grinding my teeth and start talking back to theTV.   My 12 year old son is “radical”, Evil Kneivel was radical. 

 Listen ! If a Muslim suicide bomber blows up a market, …….then a “Muslim suicide bomber” blew up a market !.He is already a breed apart from the rest and this is made crystal clear by the action he just displayed. But what does the mainly liberal media call him ? A “Muslim extremist”. When I eat a one pound steak , thats extreme. When I play White Zombie at 2 decibals below pain level , thats extreme. These creeps are religious mercenaries, murderers and indiscriminant terroristic  assasins. Plain and simple, they are ” THE ENEMY”.

The lemmings on the left are approaching this war with consideration for the enemy and concern for our countrys image abroad,instead of a hunt and kill attitude.They think that if America shows a display of compassion and fairness to them they will just go away and say “sorry”.  This attitude is being conveyed via the terminology known as “political correctness” that is slowly being indoctrinated into to our society. When Harry Reid can stand in front of millions and call illegal aliens “undocumented Americans” and get away with it, we are in deep shit.   Another recent example should be credited to Nancy Pelosi who thought “pork barrel spending” was too descriptive along the lines of truth. And renamed it ” Legislative spending initiative”. And we keep letting her  say it !   I’m all for free speech.But the speech itself should also enjoy freedom. It should be free from bullshit. {BS could also interpreted as “bias and spin”.} 

At the same time the liberals will have you beleive that if everything had a softer more conciencious title we could have world peace .But at the same time they quite clearly  are at the forefront when it comes to smear, name calling and contempt prior to investigation. This is clearly the double standard that liberals justify by a sense of values common only to those that “make up the rules as they go along”.

Some examples would be “Bush is a liar, a war criminal, an idiot a Nazi, and a terrorist that plotted 911.” As opposed to Zarqawi being a ” Jordanian freedom fighter ” Why is it no surprise that theres no room for political correctness when the Democrats are talking about those in our own goverment that oppose them ? It obviously appears that more decency and sympathy should go to the enemy, rather than the president of the United States of America. Its starting to look a lot like Democrats are becoming the best thing these Islamic Muslim terroristic killers could wish for. And I’ll bet my left nut that everytime the enemy prays , they pray that the Democrats will win in 2008.

Political correctness is a scurge that has permeated into all aspects of this county’s function. Liberals want constitutional rights for Muslims that were caught shooting at our soldiers , because it’s the humane and moral thing to do. I am so fricking tired of hearing these sobbing asshole Democrats always wondering what the moral implications of our actions will have on us and the rest of the world.   

Who cares !? I have just as many morals and values as the next guy. But when you take a shot at me or my country, my morals go right out the window. I wont be out to impress anyone with any morals or politically correct amenities. You’ll be lucky if you make it to Gitmo.

It makes me want to puke when I hear these sanctmonious self righteous assholes want to put the proper label on a sick twisted monster after he just killed 3000 of our people.

I have a dark past that involved running the streets for years in L.A. and San Diego. It involved a lot of violence. And I’m not proud of it , to a certain extent. But it did teach me basic street sense.  And I learned real quick wether or not it was worth it to try and talk my way out of a fight. Usually not . Most guys had there mind made up from the beggining that they were going to kick my ass And no matter what I said or did they would come after me. Diplomacy in conflict has caused me to be stabbed 8 inches deep into my ass, and shot at. We are fighting a war right now and common street sense should be the first order of the day. After we kick the shit out of the enemy , we can talk diplomacy.

I’m just one guy, and I really dont expect to change the world by writting this post. But who know’s ? It’s definatly worth a try.

I’m going to make list of all the stupid PC crap that I’ve heard. And I would encourage you to pay this list forward to any Republican that feels the way I do. And when you hear someone use this dangerous form of speech, use your balls to keep Americas voice strong by correcting the assholes that are trying to hide the truth and color it. Illegal aliens and terrorist dont give a rats ass how verbally compassionate we are willing to be. I’ve never seen one of the above take the U.S. to court because not enough people are calling them “Undocumented labororers” or” Muslim extremists ”

Radical Jihadists;  This is redundant. Are there Jihadists that aren’t radical ? In real english;  The enemy.

Muslim extremist;  The enemy.

Radical Muslim;  The enemy.

Radical Islam; The enemy.

Islamic extremist; The enemy.

Suicide bombers; Why do these guys get a title that describes self ? I dont care if they took there own life.  I dont care if they strapped that bomb to their ass or put in their trunk. They are” homicide” bombers. The homicide of the innocents should have a title deserving of what happened to them.  Suicide should not be the issue at the front.

Coerced interogation;  Torture.   

Insurgents;  Terroristic gang.

Moderate Muslims;  Muslims.

Politically correct;  Oxymoron.

Phased Re-deployment;  Pack it up.

Comprehensive approach;  Will never get done.

Mexican Americans;  Americans. {If you’re an American , lay claim to your citizenship first}

African Americans;  Americans

White supremacist;  White racist,  Nothing supreme really, incestial hick idiots high on crank.

Black separatist;  Black racist, doesn’t play well with others.

Skinhead; Foreskin.

Inmates;  Criminals.

Oral contraceptive;  Blow job.

Global warming;  Sunshine

Climatic change;  Weather

Engineer;  Guy that drives the train.

Gay;  Homosexual.  They are not all happy.

Liberal;  Too much………………………. {of them}

Conservative;  Not enough……………{of them}

Independant;  Bi-polar.

Libertarian;  Rejected bi-polar liberal.

Greenhouse effect;  Atmosphere.

Non binding arbitration;  Masturbation.

Non binding resolution;  Silly string.

Legislative spending initiative;  Pork barrel spending.

Pork barrel spending;  Stealing.

Special interest groups;  Especially interesting groups, like Meerkats and Lemmings.

Feminist;  Female Praying Mantis

Bi-sexual;  Hermaphrodite.

Hearing impaired;  Liberal.

Happy holidays;  Merry Christmas.

Cost effective;  Cheap.

Eco friendly;  Expensive.

Carbon footprint;  Garbage.

Enviromentalist; Fear monger,  Communist

Anything that ends with ” challenged ” is just plain  stupid or  ” intellectually deficiant “


  1. This is a great post. I think you severely underestimate your ability as a writer…

  2. Just let it all out, there is more to be heard in WHAT you say than HOW you say it. Here in England political corerectness rules and it is squeezing the life out of us all. Profanity is always good in the right context, what the fuck, in any context. “Bollocks” is my favourite at the moment, not one of the four letter kind but it just works. As in, “What did you think of Live Earth?” “Bollocks!!”

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